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Doctor, eng. Kiril Borisov Chukanov, scientist and experimenter, in his challenging and promising work – “FINAL QUANTUM REVELATION – GENERAL THEORY OF WORLD ORGANIZATION”, has theoretically developed and experimentally proved the phenomenon of ball lightning. It proves the enormous potential of ball lightning as a source of inexhaustible energy, which, when artificially obtained and controlled, can replace all traditionally used energy sources – solid, liquid gaseous fuels, as well as environmentally hazardous to human health, from radiation during use. of atomic energy. In addition, this energy cannot cause any pollution of the environment, one of the biggest problems of our society.

From the long-term researches and experiments of Dr. Eng. Chukanov in the USA, Canada, China and in Bulgaria, in cooperation and joint work with Eng. Evgeni Beev, from the obtained results prove that the ball lightning and the release of quantum energy can be implemented and applied in various fields of industry, and replace all natural sources of fuels and energy. Existing machines, installations, units, power plants using natural fuels can be used by replacing their combustion devices with new quantum generators using ball lightning and quantum energy.

The ingenious ideas, discoveries, experiments and developments of the great experimenter, scientist and discoverer Nikola Tesla are known, who set a new technological period in the development of mankind. Dr. Eng. Kiril Chukanov, in his scientific and experimental developments justifies the huge potential of ball lightning, and with the joint work of Eng. Evgeni Beev, prove the possibility of widespread implementation of this new energy source in various fields of industry, life and economy. . These developments and laboratory experiments conducted in several countries – USA, Canada, China and the Republic of Bulgaria prove the possibilities of ball lightning and the use of released quantum energy. The ideas, the experiments of Nikola Tesla, continued by Dr. Eng. Kiril Chukanov and Eng. Evgeni Beev, give us the opportunity for wide application of quantum, cheap, assimilated and safe and most importantly non-polluting, clean energy in all areas of the industry, where they use natural fuel.

The discovery and receipt of “Brown Gas” by the Bulgarian Iliya Velkov is an equally important and applicable source of energy. The possibilities of “Brown Gas” are wide and can be used as a heat source, as a gas for incineration of various harmful wastes without residue and release of environmental pollutants, as well as in mechanical engineering in performing certain operations.

Based on these experiments and developments, they could find application and be implemented in the following areas:

Replacement of conventional natural fuel sources of various types of industrial heating and heat treatment furnaces, as well as in various metallurgical processes in the production of metals and metal alloys, with free energy generators.

Replacement of the conventional natural fuel sources of the Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants, with generators for free energy of the existing power plants. This will lead to complete cleaning of harmful emissions, elimination of expensive natural fuels and easy maintenance, as well as a significant reduction in the cost of electricity produced.

Replacement of the conventional natural fuels of the gas turbines, with the quantum generators for obtaining heat and kinetic energy. The existing developments of the gas turbines, the utilizers combined with steam boilers for industrial and domestic needs will be used. This type of power plants are convenient for operation and covering the peak loads of energy systems, but are not efficient, as about 50% of the electricity received goes to power air compressors, as well as the emission of harmful emissions, although less . The idea is to design and develop a new combustion chamber based on the use of ball lightning as a heat source. At the next stage, the development of a new type of free energy generator will be undertaken, providing heat and pressure and failure of the compressors.

The development of small, medium and large quantum generators for heat and pressure production is forthcoming, the heavy and expensive central heating systems will be eliminated. Every household, apartment block or complex, production plant, hospital and other establishments will be able to be heated and serviced with small quantum heating generators that will use a negligible amount of electricity, the processes will be programmed and automated, and very important and necessary. will be completely environmentally friendly. This is not science fiction, but a very close reality. In order to reach this reality, the reconstruction of the existing thermal and nuclear power plants must first begin, replacing the existing fuel systems and installations with quantum fuel systems and installations. An individual project will be made for each operating power plant, in order to maximize the use of existing facilities and installations to operate until the end of its warranty period.

Nikola Tesla’s idea of ​​free transmission of electricity, and use both safely and free of charge around the globe, is fantastic, but gradually and gradually it is possible.

Application in transport – road, air, rail, water. In the near future, it is possible to develop a new quantum pressure generator for water transport, using the reactive power of the generator for propulsion, combined with a Tesla turbine to meet the domestic needs of the water vehicle – electricity and heat. A simple battery will be needed for the initial launch, and which will be charged by its own quantum generator.

In road transport, Brown Gas can be used both as a fuel mixer to reduce fuel consumption and to clean engines of residual scale. The results are very promising.

The application of quantum and brown gas generators will be the subject of additional developments, tests to obtain the optimal effect for solving the fuel source, and its replacement with conventional natural sources, and to achieve complete elimination of harmful emissions.

The application of quantum high-pressure generators can find application in industry, replacing expensive high-pressure machines, such as in installations for the treatment of polluted and seawater and the production of clean water for irrigation, industrial and drinking needs.

What new productions will have to be organized in Bulgaria for the implementation of this concept –

Production of various vessels and quartz products, as one of the main components in the production of quantum generators.

Production of high-power capacitors with sample data 150 000 A 35KV 160 microfarads.

Production of various elements and electrical appliances needed for the production of new quantum combustion devices. Here we can cooperate with leading companies that have a developed production structure for such items.

Production of magnetrons with different capacities in cooperation with leading manufacturers.

A research and experimental center will have to be built in Bulgaria.

The preparation and drafting of new regulations for production, legalization of new products, as well as all conditions for safe and secure operation will have to be organized.

Creation of new specialties in secondary technical schools and technical universities.

Compiled by Eng. Rashkov


Kiril Chukanov

Kiril Chukanov

Bulgarian scientist and innovator in the field of quantum energy with Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees. Founder of General Energy International and Chukanov Quantum Energy, LLC. Author of three books and holder of two patents in the field of quantum energy.