Kiril B. Chukanov

Dr. Kiril Chukanov was born and raised in Bulgaria. In 1963, Kiril Chukanov graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture and Civil Engineering degree from the Sofia Architectural College, located in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. He then studied civil engineering from 1963-1965 at the Engineering Institute in Sofia. In 1965, Kiril Chukanov went to the Engineering Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia, where he received his Master’s degree in Technology in 1969. Dr. Chukanov continued his education in Moscow, Russia, where he received his Ph.D. in thermodynamics in 1977. In the period 1969-1988, Dr. Chukanov worked in various positions – production manager, research assistant, professor at university. From 1988 to the present day, Dr. K. Chukhanov has been a professor at the University of Warsaw. Chukanov works exclusively in the field of quantum energy. In 1988-1990 in Bulgaria he funded his work in the field of quantum energy mainly through the state organization NISA (which no longer exists). During this period he received technical assistance from various persons to whom he is very grateful. In 1990, Dr. Chukanov was invited to a small company MPI based in California, USA, where he continued his research and obtained his first US patent on quantum energy. Between 1990 and 1992, Dr. Chukanov worked on his quantum free energy project at Genmark Automation in Silicon Valley. His work was supported by Genko Genov, the owner of this company (Genko Genov died in an accident in 1998).


Kiril Chukanov


Dr. Chukanov is not “implanted” in the USA and “managed” by some secret person (outside the USA) as some, apparently mentally affected people, claim. Dr. Kirill Chukanov is not affiliated with or controlled by any persons or organizations “inside” or “outside” the United States. For a short period of time (1992-1993), Dr. Kirill Chukanov worked on the problem of cold nuclear fusion at the University of Utah. In 1993, Dr. Kirill Chukanov founded General Energy International, a company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Later, in 1996, Dr. Chukanov founded another research company, Chukanov Quantum Energy, LLS, which exists today.

In the USA, Dr. Kirill Chukanov published three books, “Final Quantum Revelation” (General Quantum Mechanics – Part I, 1994), “General Quantum Mechanics – Part II” (2001) and “General Quantum Mechanics – Part III” (2005). His intellectual rights on quantum energy are protected by two patents. In early 2006, Dr. Chukanov moved to Canada to work on technology prototypes of quantum free energy generators. He was funded by a Calgary-based businessman. After two years of hard work, Dr. Chukanov creates such prototypes. Unfortunately, his investor is out of money and the project stops for two years. Would-be investors from Vancouver, British Columbia, propose the creation of a public company to raise funds for the creation of a commercial quantum free energy prototype. Despite many positive tests of the technology prototypes (performed by independent experts), the company was rejected as public by the Canadian Stock Exchange. Reason: wrong Chukanov website. Factual: discrimination against Dr. Kirill Chukanov and quantum free energy by this government body, the Canadian polluted oil industry and Canadian official science.

In Canada, Dr. Kirill Chukanov produced the last three volumes of General Quantum Mechanics and wrote several strategic scientific papers. New US patents are being filed. Rejected by official Canada, Dr. Chukanov was forced to return to his home country, the USA, in August 2010. Here, in his private laboratory in Salt Lake City, Dr. Kirill Chukanov is working to create the first fuel-free quantum free energy generator in the history of human civilization. His funds are very limited, his family has no work. Chukanov’s only hope is in God!

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