Sofia 2019 – 2020 GOLDEN AGE


The project is an exceptional merit of the famous construction company ARTEX. In 1918 the owners of the company decided to supply electricity from a quantum generator, no less famous skyscraper “GOLDEN CENTURY” – located in Lozenets in Sofia. As it is known so far, the construction, despite reaching the 18th floor, has been frozen.

Dr. Kiril Chukanov accepted the challenge and the project started in early 2019. The option was chosen. the core of ball lightning – a 2-D material formation, destroys the space under its 2-D surface.
Many and different assistance to the project was provided by:
Eng. Georgi Georgiev – supervised the construction of the Heavy Machinery Plant in Radomir and many other sites of strategic importance for Bulgaria
Eng. Emil Nikolov – co-owner in the plant “AK Electric” AD Radomir.
Engineer Marin Beloev – Consortium KZU HOLDING GROUP
Kiril chukanov
Kiril Chukanov

Dr. Kirill Chukanov is an important scientific author in the field of quantum science, with a specialization in free energy from ball lightning.


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Arteks project machine

From April 5, 2019, when Hristo Nikolov published his interview with Dr. Kiril Chukanov in the newspaper “24 Chasa” until today, more than 200,000 times it has been read from the website of the publication. You can read it here again. It says that 1 kilowatt hour will cost 2 cents. We can imagine the monstrous skepticism of a number of energy experts. This has always been the case when the new tries to make its way. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to work despite the hoard of problems you have to go through. However, the ultimate goal is worth this fight!

Dr. Kiril Chukanov accepts this challenge as something natural. The first question that arises before him is which of the technologies he developed to build the quantum generator. The possibilities are the following:

Kiril2 1
  1. The nucleus of a spherical lightning with a constant very high quantum temperature (hundreds of thousands of oC and more).
  2. Spherical lightning – a giant macroatom, generating a huge “wild” electric current due to the quantum principle of Pauli.
  3. The core of ball lightning – a 2D material formation that destroys the space beneath its 2D surface. 
  4. Spherical lightning, generating macro-nuclear energy. 

 Spherical lightning helps to create a huge pressure (impossible to create such in modern technological methods) on liquids, transforming them into a state of matter unknown to modern official science – “super dense very hot plasma”, which can generate very powerful flux of exceptional energy photons (also powerful lasers) and many others.

 He chose what was financially available in Bulgarian conditions: Spherical lightning “2D object, destroying space at the place of its appearance” and creating a huge pressure on the environment and producing free kinetic energy with a very large OVER UNITY.

Camera artex e1703774170243To destroy the space in a certain area you need a special working chamber that is able to withstand enormous pressure and a huge vacuum during operation. Therefore, by the methods of water cutting and followed by special welds, the camera was made, which see the photo below.

It consists of a central cylinder of sufficient thickness, reinforced with thick solid rings that provide stability in the horizontal direction. This cylinder is tightened at both ends by rings by means of 36 pcs. 12 mm studs located at 10 degrees on the periphery of the camera.

The working chamber is made entirely of stainless tough steel. This is necessary because an electrolyte – ordinary sea water – is placed in it later. Sea water is an aggressive environment for ordinary iron and this is unacceptable for the long process of work.

Another main element in the chamber is the central copper electrode insulated from the metal housing. When you apply a powerful electrical impulse with a pre-charged capacitor bank with a voltage of more than 2700 volts, a quantum object is created in the volume of the chamber – a ball lightning.

Enormous pressure occurs when our familiar world is visited by a quantum object that cuts out part of space like scissors. The electrolyte is compressed to values ​​unthinkable by conventional methods, and the chamber, like a water cannon, shoots seawater up into a water turbine.

In fact, let’s explain in more detail:

Another main element in the chamber is the central copper electrode insulated from the metal housing. When you apply a powerful electrical impulse with a pre-charged capacitor bank with a voltage of more than 2700 volts, a quantum object is created in the volume of the chamber – a ball lightning.

The “ball lightning” object is a quantum object that under certain conditions violates conservation laws based on Newton’s laws of motion. Namely: the law of conservation of energy and the law of conservation of momentum / momentum. Both laws are severely violated in our Arteks I generator.

The energy from the capacitors (which is calculated by a known formula) passes through a switch and part of it is spent there in the form of heat, the rest of the energy enters through the electrode into the liquid electrolyte – actually water – and decomposes water molecules into ions – hydrogen and oxygen. . One part is returned to the capacitors. Hydrogen ions form the nucleus of the ball lightning, which exists for 2-3 milliseconds. Then k.m. decomposes and passes back into the water. In other words: there is a cycle of energy – nothing is gained as energy, but only lost. If we consider the efficiency of this cycle, then it is obviously less than one. As with all standard energy processes.

Ezgifcom gif maker 13Spherical lightning, however, is a quantum object that has special quantum properties. In this case, we mostly use the quantum property “destruction of the space occupied by the core of km.” This is a violation of the law of conservation of energy – the liquid electrolyte is pressed with great force against the walls of the vessel and creates a huge energy that is kinetic. This energy has NO PRIMARY SOURCE to compare to calculate the efficiency factor! You can only talk about extra free energy! At low energies and low voltages in the capacitors this extra free energy is less. The higher the input power and the voltage from the capacitors, the greater the effect of this extra free energy. That is, the percentage of this free extra energy related to the input energy / power increases exponentially with the increase of the input power and voltage. For this reason, we work with 8 powerful capacitors, charged to 16-17 kilovolts.

Ezgifcom gif maker 10The water turbine can drive a classic three-phase synchronous generator. For the needs of the Golden Age, a generator with a capacity between 1 and 2 megawatts is needed. A variant with two or more quantum generators, which will drive the electric generator on a common shaft, is also quite possible.

Ezgifcom gif maker 24
Ezgifcom gif maker 24
Artex1 2

In the last two photos you see the real generator with the experimental vane turbine. To the left of the turbine you see the powerful capacitor bank of 8 high energy capacitors in parallel. Each of them has a capacity of 165 microfarads and an operating voltage of 22,000 volts. The discharge current that these capacitors can withstand is 150,000 amps. When they are in parallel – respectively 1,200,000 amps. To activate this battery, a charger rectifier circuit and automation for controlling the entire generator in different modes were created.

Img 20200311 092151
So: first we charge the capacitor bank. If we assume an operating voltage of 17Kv at a capacity of 1320 microfarads – the battery accumulates for example 190 Kj. When switching to the camera, even if there are no losses – these 190 Kj would raise the temperature of 10 liters of sea water by a negligible fraction of a degree.

The principle is shown in the diagram on the right. We have made similar attempts in Canada (Calgary) – Alberta. We worked on the same principle in the city of Varna. Then Dr. Chukanov made a 3m15cm long water cannon in the city of Tianjin in China. You will see additional information in other sections of this site. It is a matter of solid experience. Exceptional information is given by the experiment in China, filmed by a fast video camera of a famous Chinese television.

To get an idea of ​​what such kinetic lightning looks like in free space, take a look at the following six photos taken in the laboratories of Calgary, Canada. When discharging such a capacitor bank, a volumetric discharge is formed within 2-3 milliseconds. Lightning appears almost silently in our familiar world, but then comes an implosion that leads to a rapid collapse and a great roar, completely equivalent to an artillery cannon. These are lightning bolts received in the air as one electrode is the salt water of the electrolyte itself.

Kinetic variant
2 1
3 1
4 1
5 1

TurbinaIn the quantum generator for the Golden Age skyscraper, lightning is made in an aquatic environment – natural sea water. When you take away part of the space, the exact word is the destruction of part of the space, the electrolyte is abruptly pressed against the walls of the working chamber, as the water passes to a state unknown to science. In principle, the water is incompressible, but here it still shrinks ….. !!! The contents of the 10 liter chamber rushes upwards and forms an incredible geyser that falls into the blades of a water turbine.

This is where the huge surprise came from. The water column literally ripped off the first shovel he came across. Incredible tensile forces acted and stretched the support stud of the experimental water turbine to rupture. And the capacitor bank was charged only to 12 Kv.

Img 20200312 134147

When calculating the energy required to cause such a breakdown, a value much faster than 10 times the electricity collected in the capacitors is quickly established. – 

 OVER UNITY>>10 !!!!


The conclusion that immediately became necessary is that the classic water turbine is UNSUITABLE in this case. Thus, Dr. Chukanov turned to the so-called TESLA TURBINE.

Ezgifcom gif maker 12

This turbine divides the water flow between the 40 disks, there is friction between the disks and the water – the kinetic energy is given to the disks and in a spiral way the flows come out through special holes. Obviously this type of turbine is unique and very suitable for the case. large loads, an impressive number of revolutions can be reached, etc.

The construction work was immediately organized between several companies: “Remotherm” Ltd., “Techno-Yota 2001” Ltd, Consortium KZU HOLDING GROUP.


At that moment, the Pavid 19 pandemic occurred and ARTEX, worried about the events, decided to stop funding the project.


The Tesla turbine remained virtually virtual at this stage. Work on the project continued for several more months without funding from ARTEX. A number of other experiments were performed related to the generated generator and unexpectedly opportunities arose for:

Desalination of sea water
Quantum ship engine
and others.

With the latest possible finances, Dr. Chukanov experimented with very strong niodium magnets (above left) in order to obtain a powerful electrical secondary pulse.

And above on the right you can see a picture of a combination between the camera of the ARTEX generator and the camera of Helius 1 – the first experimental generator in Bulgaria. An attempt was made here to improve the switching of the capacitor bank to the electrolyte in the combined chamber.

In this chamber a number of experiments were made on the idea of a marine engine, without a marine propeller. Seawater is used as an electrolyte and in a suitable sector under the ship, following all the principles of water dynamics, a continuous series of lightning bolts is released to propel the ship forward while it hangs on the surface of the water in the sea.

Ezgifcom gif maker 15
Img 20200617 151721

If the generator made in Boyana, Sofia is installed according to this scheme on the left, when lightning appears in the working chamber and the pressure rises to 100 atmospheres, for example, and it affects suitable filters for desalination of water – something classic in such activity – after water filters will be salt-free.

Ezgifcom gif maker 14 1

This is a known process in such systems, which, however, work with powerful compressors to develop a pressure of, for example, 82 atmospheres, as filters are produced. However, these powerful compressors would consume e.g. 100 times more electricity to produce the same flow rate as the one shown in the quantum generator circuit. On top of that, when the lightning leaves, a new portion of desalination water will be automatically sucked in through the vacuum created.

Of course, on the same principle, a wastewater treatment plant can be built and even significantly support the extraction of sea salt, etc.


  • The quantum generator for the “Golden Age” skyscraper – ARTEX I – reaches a significant amount of FREE ENERGY, which can be converted into electricity or mechanical movement.
  • After starting the generator, from a certain moment onwards, the received electricity will be COMPLETELY ENOUGH so that the process can be looped and the need for external power supply is eliminated.
  • With each cycle of the process, with each successive lightning, … the so-called MACRO-NUCLEAR ENERGY begins to acquire significance. This is a huge stream of ultraviolet rays, which will be dissipated with each impact in the form of heat in the working electrolyte – ordinary sea water. It will need cooling and this secondary energy can heat water for the needs of the Golden Age skyscraper. For this purpose, a cooling water jacket must be installed in the body of the working chamber.
  • It is quite possible to get electricity with a linear generator, even combined – linear rotary generator – see this gif
Ezgifcom gif maker 16
  • And at this point we have to announce that there is more energy to master here. Let’s give a little more explanation. When lightning occurs and the pressure in the chamber rises sharply, we use only part of this energy – mostly the force that acts vertically upwards.
Ezgifcom gif maker 17
  • Let’s put a strong enough elastic membrane and when the pressure increases, it will push a permanent magnet upwards. Yes, but a similar recoil force acts down to the foundation of the generator – obviously we have to master this force with a second membrane at the bottom of the chamber. However, when the time of the explosion has expired – comes IMPLOSION – a huge vacuum and then ….?
Ezgifcom gif maker 18

Let’s put two more forces – following the vacuum. The forces become 4. The following scheme becomes possible:

Ezgifcom gif maker 20

We reach the DIVINE QUANTUM CROSS from the gif below:

Ezgifcom gif maker 19

I leave to your imagination what follows from this. Accounts for FREE QUANTUM ENERGY are no longer needed – it becomes huge and let the strong ones in math do it. And yet look at the gifs below.

Ezgifcom gif maker 21
Ezgifcom gif maker 22

This project is currently frozen for better times. For now, only this memorial plaque remains. It was placed at the home of

Dr. Kiril Chukanov in Boyana district, 13 Dreneto Str.

Img 20200519 104334