Is God Compatible With Science

We present to you an article by the Bulgarian inventor Dr. Kiril Chukanov, from the month of August this year, which, when it appeared in English, caused great interest in different parts of the world. Especially for Bulgarian readers, the inventor translated it into his native language and made it available to us.
First of all, we also want to announce that his latest book has already been published on the website of Chukanov Quantum Energy, LLC.
It is quite up-to-date and in its introduction you will read:

The World Great Social/Economic Revolution has already started – in Copenhagen! In 10-12 years the old system of Capitalism will be destroyed! In 10-12 years the old Fundamental Mathematical Lifeless ― «Einstein-Micro-Quantum Mechanics Science» and Darwin-like Biological Science will be destroyed! Totally!

Who is Dr. Kiril Chukanov?

Dr. Kiril Chukanov was born and raised in Bulgaria. 1963 graduated from the Higher Institute of Construction and Architecture in Sofia. 1965-1969 in St. Petersburg – engineering construction institute, Master’s Degree in technology. 1977 – in Moscow, he became a Doctor of Thermodynamics. 1969-1988 – During different periods of time he worked in different positions: production manager, research scientist, university lecturer From 1988 to today, Kiril Chukanov has been working intensively on the study of Quantum Energy. In 1988 he wrote a book in which he described the recent collapse of the socialist system, for which he was fired, arrested and almost imprisoned. A few months after the fall of the Berlin Wall, he heads to the West.

In 1990, Dr. Kiril Chukanov was invited by MPI, a small company based in California, USA, where he continued his research and achieved the first US patent for Quantum Energy.
Between 1990 and 1992 Dr. Kiril Chukanov worked on his Quantum Free Energy project in Silicon Valley at Genmark Automation. His work was supported by the owner of the company – Genko Genov (Genko Genov died in an accident in 1998)
For a short period of time (1992-1993) Dr. Kiril Chukanov worked on the problem of Cold Nuclear Fusion at the University of Utah.
In 1993, Dr. Kiril Chukanov founded the company “General Energy International” based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Later in 1996, he founded another scientific research company – “Chukanov Quantum Energy, LLC” – which still exists today.
In February 2006, Kiril Chukanov moved to Canada, where he lives until now, to work on the creation of commercial prototypes of Quantum Free Energy Generators.
In the USA, Dr. Kiril Chukanov published three books: Final Quantum Revelation (General Quantum Mechanics Part – I, 1994), General Quantum Mechanics Part – II (2001), and General Quantum Mechanics Part – III (2005). The next 3 books have been published in Canada – IV, V and the newly released VI).
The intellectual rights of Dr. Kiril Chukanov on Quantum Energy are protected by two patents.
Kiril Chukanov is the father of Miss Utah 2009 and the fourth most beautiful woman in the USA Laura Chukanov. His wife and faithful collaborator is Mrs. Angelina Chukanov, well known to the readers of Their younger son, a high school student, lives with them.
Below the article we have included a video where you can learn more about Dr. Chukanov’s Quantum Generator.

In the photo kiril, laura and angelina chukanovi (las vegas, miss usa 2009 contest)
In the photo Kiril, Laura and Angelina Chukanovi (Las Vegas, Miss USA 2009 contest)
Kiril chukanov
Kiril Chukanov

Dr. Kirill Chukanov is an important scientific author in the field of quantum science, with a specialization in free energy from ball lightning.


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I dedicate it to the young generation of Bulgarians and to those of my cohorts who are ready to break with the outdated and antiquated dogmas of official science and accept the Eternal Science, graciously given to us by God.

The translation from English to Bulgarian of this strategic scientific article took me a lot of time and effort at a time when I am very busy with my project “Quantum Free Energy”. I do not regret. I respect and love the people who gave birth to me, looked after me and studied me. Regardless of the fact that I have lived far from Bulgaria for a long time and am a citizen of other countries, I still feel Bulgarian!

In the last two decades, the problem of the existence of a Universal Universal Being (God) who is the Creator of the world and its supreme leader has re-emerged (after a long period of total atheism) and is becoming an unstoppable (for traditional science) research task in the Fundamental Science. Some brave open-minded scientists are beginning to ask themselves, “Is there a God in the heavens, and if so, how does God combine with science?”

The writer M.Felix (lived in the second century AD) wrote: “If you enter a house and see that everything there is well-kept, arranged with taste and decorative, you would believe that it is the work of some skilled craftsman- host, and that he himself is much more intelligent than these fine things. So it is in the home of our world-universe, where we see providence, order, and Law in the heavens and on Earth. We believe that there is an Author and Sustainer of the Universe – far more beautiful than the stars themselves and the various parts of the whole world.”

The famous English physicist and mathematician Stephen Hawking – although a staunch atheist – also puts his finger on the problem, stating that the laws of physics are only a system of rules and equations; he asks what (or Who) it is that breathes fire-life into these equations and brings into existence the universe they describe.

The foundations of modern official science were laid by men like Kepler, Galileo and Newton who believed in the existence of God and saw themselves as discoverers of His divine laws.

Science and God continued to exist in human knowledge of the world throughout the twentieth century and into the present day. The great mathematician and physicist of the last century, Herman Weyl, said in a lecture given in 1931: “Many people think that modern science is very far from God. I think just the opposite – in our investigations of the physical world we have penetrated so far that we find the perfect harmony of the world, which is in full accordance with the existence of a supreme universal intelligence.’

One belief system (associated with atheistic official science) holds that the universe is as it should be according to existing physical laws, that humanity is an accidental by-product of inanimate nature, and that no higher intelligence is responsible for existence of the universe and is unable to influence it.

Another system (the “intelligent designer of the world” system, as well as all major religions) holds that the universe came into existence in advance – a meaningful, information-filled creation by a Supreme Creator who had the emergence of humans in mind when he composed the design of the universe.

“Supernatural” hypotheses explaining the creation of the universe by some Higher Intelligent Mind or by some external Intelligent Super-Civilization cannot be taken seriously because, frankly, they are not scientific theories. They do not explain the mechanism of Creation and there is no way to prove them.

The Christian religion basically says, “God did it, only God knows how He did it.” Like all other religious beliefs, the Christian religion requires blind faith in things that cannot be proven. All major religions are very old, primitive and based on the claims of men described thousands of years ago – with no evidence of their veracity other than the “evidence” of the “holy” scriptures themselves.

In the age of spaceflight and computers, it seems very strange that hundreds of millions, even billions, of religious people (many of them well educated) believe in such primitive children’s stories. Fortunately, things are improving especially among the young generation of people. For decades I have asked the question of faith in God to hundreds of young people from Christian countries. I respect the religious beliefs of Muslims and other religious groups, but if you ask a Muslim a question like that, you may get something in your face – they are very sensitive about their religious beliefs and should not be offended. In 90% of cases the answer was something like this: “I believe in the existence of a Supreme Intelligent Mind, …, Universal Love, …, which/who governs the world and ourselves, …, but I do not believe in the primitive dogmas of the Church and in Jesus Christ,…, and I do not practice the Christian religion, although I was baptized by my parents in the Christian religion.” My friendly advice to all non-religious people is: “do not offend the religious feelings of believers, let them alone, let them believe what they want That is their right.”

Modern fundamental science is totally atheistic. The atheistic scientific view is inextricably linked to the philosophy of materialistic determinism. Their (atheist scientists’) view – even when they say it is not their view – is that they believe in the sequential, casual chain of events: all events in the universe are caused by earlier events that are caused by other earlier events,…, in an unbreakable chain of causality (causality) leading back to the very first causality – the Big Bang, which is the only exception to the rule; the only event that is not caused by an earlier event (because there is nothing “earlier”); something that is caused by some mysterious “fluctuations of the physical vacuum” that (the vacuum) exists outside of time (???) or in some “indefinite, virtual time”. Such a statement is utter confusion of thought; only in the confused consciousness of mentally ill people and in that of fools can such thoughts-ideas appear.

There is no doubt that understanding the Beginning of the World is the Achilles heel of modern fundamental physical science. Where the hell did that Big Bang come from? It couldn’t have been caused by some prior phenomenon, because there was no “before” the hell of it. The Big Bang Beginning stands as the only exception to the rule of Causality, which materialist philosophers hold to be the absolute truth of all other events in the history of the universe. The creation of the universe itself discredits this basic philosophical view. And atheistic scientists try to fill this gap in materialist philosophy with anything but God! When it becomes absolutely clear that the Cause of the Big Bang The Beginning must be something outside our “space-time”, they insist that the Big Bang was implemented by this external “Something” belonging to some wider structure of matter (the Multiverse). If, however, the external Cause of the Beginning has its own “earlier to later” time course, then the atheistic requirement of Causality is preserved, but the problem of “What caused THAT external time course” remains, only which is transferred to another structural level of matter (the Multiverse). Obviously, it is logical to believe that the First Cause of the existence of our Universe is not Something existing outside our “time-space”, but is Something eternal, not created by Nothing and by Nobody and belonging to our limited “time-space”. Below in this article I will explain how this is done.

The words of J.B.S. Haldane – a famous twentieth-century biologist – is a good illustration of such a scientific philosophy: “My scientific approach and understanding of things in the universe are atheistic. Thus, when I set up an experiment, I assume that neither God nor angel or devil will interfere in the course of the experiment.” The best popular description of the modern fashion for scientific thinking can be found, in my opinion, in Carl Sagan’s book The Cosmos. The main elements of this thinking are:

  • Inanimate matter is primary and basic; living matter is an accidental product (optional) in the evolution of non-living matter: some random, happy combination of organic molecules realized in the primordial world ocean.
  • The evolution, parameters and forms of animals and plants are absolutely random and could be different in other conditions; they obey the laws of nature valid for inanimate matter; they depend on environmental conditions and the contingencies of natural selection.
  • Life is a cosmic phenomenon (optional) and can appear and exist anywhere in the universe where there are favorable conditions for it; extraterrestrial intelligent living beings could be very different from us due to different genetic codes; they could have very different (than our human) shapes and sizes, be made of other chemical elements, and so on.
  • The human brain is something like a super-complex electronic-biological apparatus that could (at a more advanced stage in the evolution of our civilization) be reproduced artificially; human thoughts are a mechanical, chemical, biological, and electrical product of the brain. Human thought can be transferred (transmitted) to another human brain using a material medium at a speed limited by the speed of light: by speech, written-visually, by images or facial expressions, or by means of some mysterious (unknown and undiscovered by science also) biofield. In principle, it is not possible to realize instantaneous telepathic contact between two brains located in different distant points of time-space.
  • Human life span can be greatly extended by artificial methods. Human civilization can exist for millions and billions of years and be spread across space.
  • And other.

All modern scientific ideas listed above are absolutely wrong! They encourage scientists to go in wrong directions in their research, and the result of this false activity is a huge waste of resources (money and human skilled labor). These words are especially true for the world’s most heavily funded scientific organization – NASA (NASA).

But it is not so easy to throw God out of the theoretical apparatus of fundamental science—in particular, from the so-called theories of Everything. A Theory of Everything is a comprehensive theory of the world that explains the world in all its aspects. But how can one understand the quintessence of the world without God – the highest form of the Prime Substance? How can one ignore something that stands at the very foundation of the world and expect to build a “working” Unified Theory of Everything?

God is located at the very top of the Great Circle of Prime Substance (see General Quantum Mechanics – III, Chapter I, Figure I-1, posted in God controls and influences the world through the means of His universal, supreme, and omnipresent Mind (Spirit). God is the highest form of the Primal Substance. God is present in all the forms and individual images of the Prime Substance. God is not the creator of the world, therefore, He is not the creator of natural laws and order in the universe. The world is eternal and perishable at the same time: it exists in time-limited quantum cycles that repeat themselves forever. Outside of these endlessly repeating cycles, there is no time, no world at all. None of these quantum closed loops is “previous”, “present” or “next”, because no time exists outside of this Single Quantum Loop. Therefore, all quantum cycles are identical in their smallest details.

The dialectical coexistence and interaction between inanimate and living nature determines the reality (existence) and stability of the world in which we live. There is no Universe without life on Earth! A fundamental theory, the author of which claims to be the Theory of Everything, must necessarily incorporate (include) in its theoretical apparatus Life on Planet Earth and God!!! Without Life and God in it, any candidate theory – Theory of Everything is a dead theory – mathematics unable to explain the quintessence of the world.

One of the most essential vices of modern official science is its absolute atheism. Conventional scientists reject as absolute nonsense the idea of a divine Creation of the Holy-Universe and its control by some Intelligent Super-Mind or God. These “correct” scientists claim that there is no place for God in the world. Everything has its natural reason for being; The universe was born as a result of the great explosion of the primordial super-condensed material grain that existed before the Big Bang, then developed according to the natural laws of non-living matter (these laws were accidentally created during the Big Bang and could be different from existing today). Some more cautious scientists are willing to give way a little from the atheistic positions of official science, accepting as possible the existence of a Universal Super-Intelligence which has business only with the human soul, but which is neither the Creator of the world nor its Supreme Trustee. Or a Super-Mind that controls some outer structural levels of matter that are generally inaccessible to the human race.

Modern physical science knows and deals in its theoretical models with only one side of the coin “Reality” in the world. Material objects are seen as individuals that interact with each other as separate objects in space-time independent of each other (this is the famous Einstein Principle of Separation); they obey unconditionally (without any violations) the laws of nature, they interact with the help of material mediators (material particles or material fields); the transfer of information, energy, action or material substance is limited by the speed of light. All this basic knowledge of the world lies in the foundations of all modern Unified World Theories, which literally flood the editorial offices of scientific journals, books and personal websites of candidate Einsteinians. The real world, however, is very different from what these false science prophets are trying to convince us of.

Apart from their individual image (which is relatively well described by modern science), the objects in the world are members of higher quantum structural levels-quantum objects (in the hierarchy of Prime Substance). Our planet, for example, is part of the quantum object Solar System. The term “part” is not quite right in the above sentence, but I’m having a hard time choosing the right words. Quantum objects have no parts, they are structureless and componentless. Our planet is the Solar System itself when its collective quantum image is in play. That is, our planet is a two-faced Janus. Even more: it is a multifaceted object when viewed as an integral part of higher quantum objects (the Milky Way galaxy, the super-galactic cluster Coma, the entire Universe). Earth’s quantum connections are strongest with closer structural quantum objects – with the Sun, for example. In addition to the usual way of transferring energy (directly via solar radiation), the Sun can transfer significant amounts of energy to Earth in a quantum non-contact manner. Quantum energy transfer from the Sun is the primary source of Earth’s internal energy. Scientists incorrectly consider the decay of radioactive elements in the Earth’s body as the only source of its inexhaustible internal heat. Not only does the Earth receive quantum energy from the Sun through this second channel of interaction; at certain catastrophic (quantum nodes of the Quantum Wave of Life) moments in the evolution of Life, our planet may receive (with the active assistance of God) from the Sun ferocious activity, expressed in massive volcanic and tectonic activity, powerful hurricanes, tsunamis, catastrophic floods (like the Great Flood described in the Bible), and other terrible natural disasters. If “necessary,” God could cause the Sun to explode as a supernova or transfer massive amounts of energy to Earth, turning it into a fiery inferno of molten lava. Fortunately for us, God is keeping us safe (for now) from such devastating natural disasters. Unlike the soulless laws of nature, which seek to please only themselves.

Quantum interactions between material objects have a probabilistic character, not a causal-deterministic one (one cause can cause an initial phenomenon with one hundred percent probability), as is the case with the operation of natural laws. God can control (and change) the probability of occurrence of the various options-outcome events, without disturbing the operation of natural laws. This second, very essential side in the behavior of inanimate and living nature cannot be described by mathematical equations. Here is the kingdom of God and his omnipresent and omnipotent power over the world.

At the central point 4 of the Great Circle of the Primordial Substance, a very important event occurs – the Primordial Substance “splits” into its two main forms: non-living and living substance. This splitting is not the result of the evolution of the Primal Substance in time, but is the result of the evolution of its quality. Non-living and living matter have existed in parallel since the very beginning of the cycle of the universe. Due to the fact that animals and plants are built from the same basic material as inanimate objects (atoms, molecules), living things also obey the laws of nature that apply to inanimate nature. On the other hand, living beings also obey their own specific biological and spiritual laws, which are valid only for living nature. Biological interactions between the elements of a living organism are not the result of some physical, chemical, or electrical processes, as is mistakenly believed by modern scientists. At point 5 of the Great Circle, a completely new form of Primary Substance appears – what I call the Biological Energizer (something like a biological soul of a living organism). This new form of Prime Substance represents something qualitatively different from matter and energy. The quantity of this substance cannot be measured in kilograms, centimeters or calories, as is the case with matter and energy. Nor can it be “seen” or registered by the sense organs of the human organism, since these organs are suited to register only material objects. The Biological Energizer (the Biological Soul, in other words) has no color and no smell! It contacts the elements of the living organism in a quantum way (instantly and without material intermediaries) and monitors the correct and stable functioning of the organism in time-space. On the other hand, the Biological Soul of the organism is connected inextricably, quantumly, with the biological souls of all individual representatives of the given species of living being, and also with the representatives (weaker quantum connection) of other species of living beings. The collective quantum object of the Species controls the life of its individual representatives-images in a quantum way: evolution in time, spatial and other physical parameters of the body, their qualities, stability of the organism, …, and if this is necessary for the global evolution of Life – it can destroy the living body “without much thought”, simply by command from God.

At the main quantum level 6 (Figure I-1, GQM-III) another qualitative change of the Primal Substance occurs: the Human Spiritual Energizer or simply speaking the Human Spiritual Soul (Human Consciousness) appears. Like the Biological Soul of the organism, so the Human Spiritual Soul is not a material substance that can be measured in measures valid for matter, nor can it be registered by the material sense organs of the human organism. Souls are invisible, odorless, soundless, tasteless, and intangible to the touch. Kind of like the neutrino in the particle world. And yet we know that they exist, judging by the fact that we think, move, give signals from our souls to the elements of our body, and they obey these signals-commands … For the people around us, we also understand when they are alive (possess a living biological and spiritual soul) and when they “dropped the ball”.

Each higher quantum level of the Prime Substance can control the lower levels in its own specific way. Thus, the human consciousness (soul) can activate the elements of the human body (biological form of the Primary Substance) in its quantum non-contact way, without using some primitive means for this level, such as: physical, chemical, electrical, biological. How can you explain in a standard way (by a physical process, by a mechanical process, by a chemical process, or by an electrical process) the mechanism of transferring a desire that arose in consciousness—to move the left thumb of the left hand, for example—to the finger that fulfill this desire? Is it possible to construct a theoretical model of this process using the tools of mathematics, physics, chemistry, electronics and conventional biology? No, this is impossible, because this process has nothing to do with those processes typical of the more primitive forms of the Primary Substance, and cannot be described by the means of mathematics, which is only suited to describe phenomena of the material world.

Modern science considers as an independent reality only objects belonging to the material world. And aren’t the biological and spiritual souls also a reality? Atheist scientists simply solve the question: human consciousness (they do not suspect the existence of the biological soul at all) is a “higher function” of the brain that has become aware. How are we to understand this? “Well, understand it however you want – the scientists answer – one day we will understand it and give you a clearer answer”. And in this sphere of scientific knowledge, modern atheistic science “exhales like a flat car tire”. Based on its faulty philosophical foundations, conventional science is unable to explain in principle the quantum interactions-processes at the level of living matter and human consciousness.

The collective quantum entity of Human Civilization (representing the Spiritual Energizer of Civilization) controls the spiritual behavior of all human beings in its own specific quantum way. And finally, at the seventh (last) quantum level of the Great Circle, the highest form of the Primal Substance appears – God, the Universal Super-Intelligence in the Universe!!! God is One, He cannot be multiplied into many gods, for His quantum place in the Great Circle of the Primal Substance is at the very border of that Circle.

Can God contact and activate the individual human consciousness (soul)? Yes, it can, because God stands at the highest level of the Primal Substance, and His possibilities of influencing the lower quantum levels are incomparably more developed than those of the human soul, for example. But such an interaction is unlikely, just as it is unlikely that the human soul will “pay attention” to the “requests for help” of a particular living cell in the human organism.

God is real, God exists, God takes the most active part in the evolution of Life, God controls both basic forms of Primal Substance (inanimate and living substance) in His own specific quantum way, God does not violate natural laws without good reason. The surface of our planet is the eternal residence of God. We humans feel the presence of God in our inner consciousness (intuition), we are familiar (now that God’s latest revelations have been printed in General Quantum Mechanics) of His inner nature and His role in the world. But we cannot in principle grasp His external nature using the means of our sense organs and consciousness. We “see” God only “from within”, like living human cells (they are a biological, lower than consciousness, form of the Prime Substance) that “see and appreciate” us from within. We humans do not possess adequate sensory organs to “see” and understand His Spirit (Reason); we do not have at our disposal the necessary standards to “measure” God and compare Him to us; the external image of God remains forever hidden from us. Alas, although He is an inhabitant of the same planet we live on, God is “invisible” to our sense organs and human consciousness. God is a Spirit (Spirit, Mind) of a different and much higher quality than that of our consciousness (our soul). God’s abilities to influence inanimate and living nature are incomparably greater than those of our human consciousness.

At the last quantum level 7 of the Great Circle, the Spirit of God undergoes a qualitative leap from the most complex to the simplest: God is transformed into the lowest form of the Primal Substance – energy. God is in the energy of microparticles, in the energy of the atomic nucleus and the atom, in the energy of wind and falling water, in the hidden energy of chemical fuels…; God is in all material bodies in inanimate and animate nature; God is in our human souls! In such a closed quantum circuit (the Great Circle of Primal Substance) there is no external First Cause for the existence of the universe, no external Creator exists – everything is inside this circle, all forms of the Primal Substance are equal to each other and exist in parallel during the whole cycle of the universe.

The imprint of God’s “step” on the earth’s surface can be well seen in the action of the famous Anthropic Principle, the reality of which is denied by many leading modern scientists. This disputed principle is not a “natural” principle valid for the entire Universe, nor is it derived from some other more basic natural principle or natural law. The Anthropic Principle “works” only in earthly conditions. Why?

Our planet Earth, and the Life on it, are a very good example of God’s intervention in the affairs of non-living and living nature. And this should not surprise us since we know that God dwells on the surface of the Earth and that He is the highest form of Life. Contrary to the normal operation of all natural laws, our planet is incredibly hospitable to Life! This is not at all true of all other celestial bodies in the universe – they are extremely hostile to Life. The claim of “A perfectly balanced combination of the world’s constants”, “The protective role of Jupiter” and “Earth’s incredible luck in avoiding life-catastrophic cosmic and terrestrial disasters over the past 4.4 billion years” is known in scientific circles as the Anthropic Principle. Modern scientists – ardent supporters of atheism – are not at all inclined to accept the reality of this “heretical” principle for their science, but they cannot ignore it completely. These scientists see the Anthropic Principle as a scientific last resort when trying to solve the mystery of “the incredible hospitality of the Universe and the Earth to Life on our planet”. Some scientists see two possible ways to eliminate this unwanted and dangerous principle for the dogmas of modern science. The first line of reasoning is that the discovery of a fundamental law that requires the magnitudes of the world’s constants to be exactly as we now observe them will invalidate this “anti-scientific” principle as a reality. The second line of reasoning is that if the magnitudes of the world’s constants and the form of the laws of nature were different from those that exist in our version of the Universe, then Life would be impossible under those conditions and no one would be around to reason about it. issue.

The Anthropic Principle is completely real, it cannot be avoided or circumvented if we want to explain what is happening to Life on Earth. The problem is how we understand this principle and how to clearly explain its quintessence. There is currently no scientific consensus on this issue. Some scientists even believe that such a problem does not exist at all – purely and simply the Anthropic Principle was invented by some insufficiently educated scientists who are unable to explain the problems of Life. They say: “Since our planet is one of the trillions of planets in the universe, it is not surprising that one of them (ours) has favorable parameters and ecological conditions for the emergence and stable maintenance of Life.” The same is true of our Universe: our Universe is one of trillions of bubble universes of the Multiverse that is conducive to Life. And the problem is solved in this simple way!

Okay, but why does our planet have the “Unbelievable chance of avoiding significant cosmic or terrestrial cataclysms (for the entire period of existence of the universe – 4.4 billion years)” that could destroy Life on Earth? The probability of this happening is practically zero under the existing laws of nature. It’s like expecting a monkey to type Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night into a computer. Why are the magnitudes of the parameters of Earth’s nature so finely maintained as to ensure the safe and stable existence of Life over such a long period of time – 4.4 billion years? A very slight deviation from these parameters – and the Earth becomes unfit for Life. Who is this invisible “demon” that deals with this fine-tuning?

Such a super-intelligent and super-capable “demon” really exists, and it is God Himself! God is precisely doing His work of sustaining Life on Earth using quantum means of influencing inanimate and animate nature. And this He does without breaking the laws of nature.

The Standard Model is one of the icons of modern physics. According to this model, interactions between material micro-particles are carried out with the help of material fields: elementary particles in weak and nuclear interactions exchange virtual quarks and bosons, in electromagnetic interactions elementary particles exchange virtual photons, and all material particles possessing their mass exchange virtual gravitons. This is what Official Science thinks now. The aforementioned (and there are others) virtual particles are the elementary building blocks of these material fields. The speed of these interactions is limited by the speed of light – the maximum speed in the universe. Planck’s constant limits the time of these interactions, the energy, and other parameters of the process. In quantum mechanics, “virtual” particles are considered as phantom particles, which in principle cannot be detected (detected, measured) during their ephemeral period of existence. Thus, they are pure and simple “imaginary” particles. With mathematics, this is possible – the scientist can imagine anything and describe it with “working, logical” mathematical equations. And that’s it – the imaginary acquires the status of reality in the circles of the world scientific community. And lay people, intimidated by the complexity of mathematical models they do not understand, allow themselves to be bullied by these scientific charlatans.

Resonances, other ephemeral particles, are material particles that exist on the border between Reality and Non-Being. The moment of their birth coincides with the moment of their death (decay). It is a bit of a stretch to consider resonances as real particles; they appear at the nodes of the Quantum Chain of mass-energies of elementary particles (see General Quantum Mechanics I, Part Two, Chapter Six) and disappear immediately from Being. Although not quite real, resonances reflect some perfectly real symmetries in the world of elementary particles, which is much better than the status of absolutely unreal virtual particles.

By the mid-1980s, experiments performed on single protons convincingly showed that the proton had no definite intrinsic spin prior to measurement. The results of these experiments also showed that the proton does not exist independently: when not observed by the living experimenter, the proton simply does not exist!!! How then can we claim that material fields are reality, since their constituent elements (virtual particles) are in principle unobservable by the living experimenter? The philosophy of the world, which is solidly supported by observations in the micro-world, teaches us that anything beyond measurement/observation is unreal, non-existent! The hypothesis of exchange of virtual particles in all fundamental interactions is a FALSE HYPOTHESIS! The whole Standard Model – the pride of modern official physics – is also false.

As I have explained in previous posts on General Quantum Mechanics, the elementary building block of Protonic Matter – the proton – is actually unique in the entire universe. The quantum laws of the world and the world’s symmetries multiply it in countless images at the various structural levels of Proton Matter. Therefore, it is natural to expect a spontaneous correlation between the different images of the proton, regardless of their location in “space-time”. From the point of view of materialism (the philosophy of modern physics) a situation such as this, where a proton is in inseparable instantaneous connection with other protons in the universe (no matter how great the distance between the protons) can only be explained by the presence of a material intermediary that is capable of traveling at super-light speeds. Observational and theoretical views, however, deny the existence of such exotic superluminal material managers.

Yet such managers exist, but they are not material objects. This manager, this spontaneous instantaneous correlation between the elements of the universe, is a manifestation of world unity and harmony! There is, at the very foundation of the world, a single Material Object (the Single Proton and its partner the Single Electron), which is represented in various images at all structural levels of matter. All these images of him are in a quantum instantaneous (unlimited by the speed of light) relationship with each other.

Modern fundamental science is a phenomenological-mathematical science: it describes the observed natural phenomena in mathematical formulas, without particularly caring to know their deep nature. If she can explain them, she does so by mathematical means; if it is not possible to give a satisfactory explanation of some phenomena, science prefers to obscure things or call them artifacts or “religious” prejudices. As it happens with the problem of Creation, with the problem of spontaneous correlation between material objects located at huge distances from each other, with the problem of Life, with the problem of the human soul, and many other “inconvenient” phenomena for science.

How can modern official science logically explain the decay of unstable atomic nuclei, for example? Observations show that unstable atomic nuclei can decay into other atomic nuclei or elementary particles in various ways with a certain stable probability. The question is: when an atomic nucleus decides to decay, how does it know how the other atomic nuclei of the batch of atomic nuclei in question have decayed before it?; what is this thing (or who) that keeps decay statistics and tells individual atomic nuclei how to decay? Conventional physics answers something like this: “Well, we don’t know what happens when an atomic nucleus decides to decay in a certain way, but we can calculate using the equations of quantum mechanics the probability of that decay. Such is the world of quantum reality.” Bang bang!

Okay, but these things don’t just happen in the microcosm where their quantum mechanics works (pishman work). When we throw a die (the die is a macro-object) many times, we find that the probability of each of the six numbers appearing is always the same – 1/6. It seems logical, and no stupid questions are needed as to why this happens. As it seems logical that when we throw a rock straight up, it always lands on the ground (or on our stupid head) and does not fly off into space. And yet there were smart people like Newton who asked themselves why this happens. Let’s go back to the dice: who is this hidden “demon” that counts the number of occurrences of individual numbers on the dice and gives him instructions on how to play next? The same is true for all phenomena having a probabilistic outcome. Unable to provide a logical answer to how these phenomena work, conventional science prefers to remain silent on this issue. Atheist scientists created the Theory of Probability, a purely mathematical theory which, like Newton’s formula for the force of gravitational attraction, only calculates without explaining. The correct answer to this problem is: the unity of the universe, the world symmetries and the spontaneous quantum correlation between material objects and phenomena is this invisible “demon” that controls the outcome of phenomena with a probabilistic outcome! This is the mechanism of these processes, and no exchange “virtual devils” are needed!

God can also intervene in phenomena with a probabilistic outcome. Normally, God does not roll dice in his dealings with inanimate nature, but it is possible that he sometimes intervenes in the game and rolls ten sixes in a row. God, however, does not concern himself with such small things and prefers to leave them under the control of natural laws (including quantum laws). Life on Earth is God’s main field of action: He intervenes in the affairs of inanimate and living nature in order to create stable conditions for Life on Earth and for the timely transition from one type of living beings to the next (in evolution) more progressive type living creatures. If need be, God can completely shake the Earth in order to completely exterminate the previous dominant animal (also plant) species and impose on the stage of Life the next dominant animal (and plant) species.

I believe that some naturally gifted people can intervene in the affairs of living and non-living nature in a quantum non-contact manner. An example of this is telekinesis: moving objects (from people) in space using unexplained mechanisms by science. Some people can heal diseases in the human body from a distance, non-contact, quantum. Baba Vanga could penetrate time and space in a quantum way, learning secrets of past, present and future events.

Early in life, there is one thing people learn about natural laws: the laws of nature are self-enforcing and self-protecting, and when they are disobeyed by something or someone, they punish the wrongdoer. And the slightest attempt to ignore the operation of a given natural law, knowingly or not, exposes the offender (individual or group of people) to the punishment that the law imposes.

Man-made laws do not require absolute punishment for breaking them. We often witness such violations going unpunished unless the offender is arrested, tried, and sent to prison for punishment. This rarely happens in Bulgaria: there are laws, but no one punishes their violation.

Natural laws, however, do not tolerate their transgressor with impunity – a factor not required in man-made laws. Many people ignore human laws when it is convenient for them to do so. This is what is happening now in the Free Market system: arrogant, greedy mobsters like Michael Madoff illegally preying on naive investors. Not to mention Bulgaria, where the native mobsters first robbed the state during the transition from socialism to the free market system, and subsequently robbed European funds as well. And this went absolutely unpunished!

Because there are different beliefs about Who (or What) created the universe and the laws in it, people do not pay attention to the fact that it is Creation along with its natural laws, world constants, philosophical and physical principles that govern life on Earth, and in especially the social life of Human Civilization. One cannot just violate the Law of Quantum Evolution of Life and Human Civilization. The penalties for such violations are severe!

Using money as a means of solving the problems arising in the course of the evolution of Civilization never leads to stable long-lasting solutions; on the contrary, things get even worse in the longer term. Giving huge sums of money to the big American financial corporations will not save the US economy from total collapse, as evidenced by the ever-increasing negative economic results. Certainly, inconsistent with the Law of the Evolution of Human Civilization, artificially created human methods and approaches to solve the current severe recession will bring much suffering to the American people. The punishment of this natural law will be severe if the current American government does not realize in time and take measures for a more painless transition from the Free Market System to the new socio-economic system.

Correct results in science are achieved only when the behavior and actions of the researcher correspond to the requirements of natural laws – this is a guarantee of success in any scientific work. It is the same in politics.

In order to formulate the above philosophical reasoning more clearly, I will present here a few typical examples. The General Scientific Dogma that exists now, and is generally accepted as the ultimate truth for the world, is actually a “man-made scientific law”. This artificial human law is based on several true and several false fundamental assumptions, such as: materialistic-deterministic classical philosophy, micro-quantum mechanics with its principles and equations, Einstein’s theories of relativity, his famous separation principle, and his idea of a Unified Field Theory, Standard Model, Big Bang Cosmology, Inflationary Cosmology, and other minor ones. Of the above basic elements of the General Scientific Dogma, only micro-quantum mechanics is a consistently correct theory. The rest is scientific garbage, which should sooner rather than later be thrown into the landfill of failed and unproven scientific theories. To strictly follow this outdated and largely false Scientific Dogma is to conflict with the natural laws of the universe. And for that, as we already know, they get beaten in the face. This harsh response of nature is especially evident in NASA’s program to discover life on the planet Mars. For most of the last century, Mars was seen as the most suitable planet in the solar system (other than Earth, of course) for life to exist. Dozens of expensive American expeditions (in addition to several unsuccessful Russian expeditions) have not produced solid evidence of the existence of primitive living organisms existing now or in the past on the red planet. There is not even solid evidence of liquid water on Mars now; just some intriguing hints of once-existing lakes and rivers that dried up millions of years ago. This is the big reason why scientists are increasingly setting their sights and hopes on discovering primitive life on Europa – one of Jupiter’s large moons – a world that literally floats in water. In February of this year, NASA and the European Space Agency agreed to shift their focus from Mars to Europa and other massive Jupiter moons. If things go as planned, NASA will launch a 4-tonne space probe to explore Europa in 2020, and the European Space Agency will launch a similar probe in the direction of Ganymede, another giant moon of Jupiter. These probes will reach their targets around 2026. Surely the $4 billion hunt for extraterrestrial life will be NASA’s next big failure.

As explained by me in the published volumes of General Quantum Mechanics, our planet is the only place in the universe where life can exist! Here is the permanent residence of the Living Watcher and of God. And this is a Basic Law of Nature! God will punish anyone or any space mission that dares to violate this natural law. The penalty for NASA and the American people will be a colossal waste of money and human skill, vain hopes and bitter disappointments, and a loss of prestige for the entire agency and its leading scientists.

Conventional quantum mechanics (it’s actually micro-quantum mechanics), Einstein’s theories and principles, the idea of creating a Unified Field Theory, the Standard Model, all cosmological theories, Darwin’s theory of species, and others, are seen as the Holy of Holies of Fundamental Science . Expressing disbelief in the truth of these basic theories is seen as sacrilege, or attempted scientific suicide, in official science circles. Do these theories really contain the ultimate truths about the world? My firm answer is: No, absolutely not, these are flawed theories that only benefit their authors and those who make a career out of them.

In quantum mechanics, an object can exist in many states at the same time – a statement that is obviously devoid of any common sense. The description of the world given by quantum mechanics seems completely opposite to what we observe in the real world around us (at least this is certainly true of the macro-world in which we move and directly observe). Quantum mechanics is a dead science: it contains very complex mathematics (often incomprehensible even to the world’s leading scientists), but it contains no life in itself. And precisely in the area he describes, the influence of the living observer is particularly great. One thing is the evolution of the quantum system, which is described very precisely by the Schrödinger equation; another thing is that only the measurement/observation “decides” the magnitudes of the output parameters. The Schrödinger equation calculates the probabilities of some output events and their parameters; it does not provide a single answer for the outcome of any quantum process. Maybe so, maybe so, maybe so. Schrödinger’s equation should describe the world in a completely deterministic way, but this equation does not. Even its famous author (Erwin Schrödinger) was skeptical about the practical application of this quantum equation. He wrote something like this: “Well, if you believe what my equation says, then you must believe that this cat is alive and dead at the same time. This situation is clearly not right, because such a thing cannot happen in the world. Therefore my equation cannot be correct for a cat. Some other factor must enter into my equation.” Only a genius like Schrödinger could reason in this original way. Ordinary physicists, however, are for the most part not geniuses; they unconditionally and mindlessly accept the quantum equations as the only true theoretical tools with the help of which all the secrets of the micro-world can be discovered; they are convinced that they have a tight grip on the tail of Schrödinger’s quantum cat and that they can kill and resurrect it (with their quantum equations) whenever they choose.

The mysterious factor that must be introduced into Schrödinger’s equation to make it alive and properly working cannot unfortunately be clothed in mathematical garb. This factor is the living observer, whose quantum dialectic cooperation with the inanimate object (which is measured – observed) determines the magnitudes of the parameters of the inanimate material object. Outside measurement/observation, outside the dialectical cooperation between the living observer and the inanimate object of observation, there is no determinate time, no object of observation at all. The Schrödinger equation tells us what happens to the quantum system in the time interval between two successive measurements. The equation tells you roughly the following: “If you know the state in which the quantum system resides now, then you can calculate what will happen to that system in, say, five seconds.” Can such a statement be believed? Of course not. Does it make sense to calculate the state of a quantum system that is outside the process of measurement (and therefore outside the process of determination-existence) and play yourself crazy thinking that the results obtained from this calculation reflect something real?

Micro-particles (elementary particles, atomic nuclei, atoms,…) are located at the very edge (or very close to it) of the material world. Here, the determining, stabilizing role of the Living Observer feels extremely weak. The measurement standards of the Living Observer are very coarse (too large) to precisely measure such small parameter values. The initial results of the measurements are extremely inaccurate, there are large deviations in the values for different measurements; in other words, the output values of the parameters have a probabilistic statistical character. In addition to these difficulties, the magnitudes of the output parameters are limited by the values of the world constants, and also depend on how these quantities are measured (quality of the measuring instruments, measurement methods used, measurement capabilities of the living experimenter). That is why quantum equations work more successfully in the micro-world than deterministic equations describing the macro-world and which give an unambiguous answer for the outcome of processes.

In the micro-world, it is impossible to predict an exact output before the measurement is made. This fact is not due to a lack of sufficient information, but due to the indeterminate nature of the micro-world, which only measurement (performed by a living observer-experimenter) makes definite (that is, the values of the parameters assume a definite numerical value). In other words, the measurement/observation by a living observer makes the microparticle real, existing. And I repeat again: this is so because the micro-objects exist on the border of the Real World, and here the determining influence of the Living Observer is practically zero. To claim (as the “greatest scientist of the 20th century” A.Einstein did) that there is a reality in the micro-world beyond measurement/observation is absolute stupidity or ignorance.

The old classical claim that the atom is a mini-planetary system with the heavy nucleus at its center and the electrons revolving around it like planets has long been abandoned by physicists as false. Schrödinger’s equation calculates the probability that the electron is in some region around the atomic nucleus – the idea of the electron rotating around the nucleus has long been buried. But the new, Schrödinger’s statement about the electron is also false – it is pure mathematics without real coverage. When not observed by the living observer, the electron is everywhere (around the nucleus) and nowhere. The electron is where you look for it, not where Mr. Schrödinger’s equation calculates it should be (with some probability, of course). Around the atomic nucleus, which is a two-dimensional quantum object (something like a balloon), no deterministic space can exist in relation to the nucleus itself; therefore, there cannot exist any deterministic points and regions around the atomic nucleus where the electrons are more likely to reside (according to the Schrödinger equation). My observations of artificially created ball lightning (quantum object – giant macro-atom) confirm this new claim. These observations are described in my books.

Does God intervene in the affairs of the micro-world? Every individual image of the Primal Substance – be it energy, be it an inanimate material object, be it a living being, be it a human soul, be it the spirit of all human civilization – contains God within itself! God is Omnipresent and Omnipotent; Its potential possibilities for influencing objects in nature are enormous (it is difficult to assess them from our human positions); God’s interactions with objects in the world are quantum (instantaneous, without material intermediaries). God can affect the micro-world, but He does not because it is not His business. God intervenes in the affairs of the macro- and mega-world only when this is necessary for the stable development of Life on Earth, and also at the major nodes of the Quantum Wave of Life when the old dominant species of living beings must be replaced with the new (more progressive) dominant look. God can cause (quantumally) the forces of nature to run wild to such an extent that he completely exterminates one species of living thing and replaces it with another. God can “sterilize” a species of living being and render it incapable of reproduction; God may send a deadly disease to exterminate the representatives of the doomed species of living beings; God can completely wipe out Life on Earth (at the end of the world only) by channeling (quantum-wise) massive amounts of energy from the Sun into the Earth’s core and melting it into lava! God balances (quantumally) very finely the values of the Earth’s parameters to keep it habitable; God is protecting Earth from cosmic catastrophes that could destroy Life on Earth! This is God’s main work, not some unnecessary trifles such as interfering in the affairs of the micro-world, helping gamblers in casinos (gamblers also pray to God for good luck), or solving the personal problems of the people.

Another “missing” factor in the Schrödinger equation (and in all other quantum equations) is the “quantum unity of the world” – a factor unknown to modern physics, and therefore neglected by it in the theoretical description of the micro-world. Each object of the Primal Substance represents a contradictory dialectical unity of the individual and the general. As an individuality, the object interacts with objects in the world in a normal (only known to science) way: with the help of a material intermediary, with a speed limited by the speed of light. As an integral part of a given quantum object (that is, its generalized, collective image), the individual object under consideration is in instantaneous (unlimited by the speed of light) quantum contact with the generalized collective quantum object, and therefore with its integral part-objects. The individual inseparable elements-objects of the quantum generalized object can exchange (quantum way) information, energy, matter, action. This quantum exchange-interaction can take place without violating the laws of nature, as it usually does.

In interactions between micro-particles (decay or formation of new particles when particles collide), world symmetries (at the micro-world level) play a determining role in the outcome of these reactions-interactions. Of course, natural laws are also carefully observed. This is the “hidden, missing demon” that must be incorporated into the equations of quantum mechanics.

God also represents a “hidden, missing” factor in the interactions between individual objects in nature, but this is an absolutely unpredictable factor (for us humans), therefore this factor-God cannot in any way be included in the equations of physics or in the theoretical models of biology. As I mentioned above, God can quantumly cause (when his plan for Life requires it) a chain of natural disasters on Earth (catastrophic floods, very active volcanic and tectonic activity, severe droughts, global cooling or warming, other ), without violating the laws of nature.

As I mentioned before, when we roll a die many times in a row, we expect the six digits of the die to appear with equal probability – 1/6. And this happens to any normally made die, at any time and at any place in space. How can one logically explain the reasonable behavior of this “dumb”, “brainless” dice? This is not even some clever monkey who could learn the rules of the game and apply them correctly; the die is an inanimate object after all. How does the die “remember” how many times individual numbers came up on previous rolls and how does it determine which numbers to come up on subsequent rolls? My question seems obtuse and trivial, at least that’s how it seems to the general public and conventional scientists. For a deep thinker, however, this is not a stupid question at all! From the standpoint of modern physics, the answer could be: it happens because there is some hidden to our eyes and mind exchange of mysterious virtual particles or information fields. Go and prove them practically these unobservable fields of information. Stupid! It is most logical to believe that Something (or Someone) is behind this sane behavior of the dumb mindless die. God doesn’t play dice with nature – that’s what Einstein said, and he’s right in this case. The real “hidden” intelligent factor that controls the game of the dice is the Oneness of the World and the World Symmetries. Being present in all the individual objects of the Prime Substance, God communicates reason to each of them. So after all, God makes all objects in the world sentient!!!

Dear conventional scientists, it is very ugly and arrogant of you to ask what mechanism is behind the actions of a Supreme Intelligence or God (including the Creation of the world, the management of the world by this Supreme Intelligence), when the mechanisms you propose are absolutely wrong! Get your house in order first, then criticize your neighbors.

Paul Dirac, who laid the foundations of quantum mechanics, was also skeptical about the universality of the equations of quantum mechanics. When asked, “What is the answer to the problem of measurement,” he replied, “Quantum mechanics is a provisional theory. Do I need to look for an answer in quantum mechanics?”.

Despite its incompleteness, quantum mechanics has solid experimental support. Therefore, we cannot lightly toss it to the dustbin of failed theories. Quantum mechanics is the only modern theory that does useful work, if only in the micro-world. In contrast, String Theory has no absolute experimental proof behind it. The idea of 11-dimensional space and the existence of a huge number of bubble universes seems very fantastic, and in principle cannot be proven practically. I would not like to discuss in this article the other fundamental theories of modern physics, because they cannot in any case claim to be “ultimate truths” in science. These are false theories.

We live in a non-quantum environment, respectively our mentality is also non-quantum. Therefore, non-quantum are our questions and answers about Creation, the evolution of the universe, the End of the Universe, the origin of Life, the nature of human consciousness, the origin of world constants and natural laws, and other important problems in our world. The Quantum Reality, the existence of which modern scientists do not even suspect, is very different from the non-quantum reality, which we know relatively well. When we ask the question: “Why in our Universe the world constants have the values we observe, and why the natural laws and fundamental principles are as we observe them”, then we unconsciously accept the existence of a Creator (be it an external Intelligent Designer – some super-civilization from the Multiverse; either God; or simply the blind forces of inanimate nature). We (not I!) think that this Creator made his choice of the variant of the universe on the basis of some rules hidden from us, or simply that he chose the variant that he liked best. Both opposing ideological groups (religions and modern atheistic science) ask the wrong question: “What/Who is this external factor that created the universe, and by what means did it create it? Why did this Creator choose this version of the universe?”. And many other wrong, irrelevant, questions.

Our Universe is a dual unity of individual objects and of common collective quantum objects. Quantum means: elemental, without internal composition and structure, without definite points and areas in it, without definite beginning and end in time and space. As explained in my books, a quantum material object can only be a two-dimensional manifold in space, and only a three-dimensional manifold in time. The quantum image of our universe is a two-dimensional sphere-manifold in space and a three-dimensional manifold in time. The three dimensions of time are: the closed quantum circle of the individual, the closed quantum circle of Human Civilization, and the closed quantum circle of Life-All Universe.

The quantum image of our universe is a closed manifold with no definite beginning and no definite end. All real things and events are contained in this closed world, including the First Cause of the existence of the universe, if one can speak of a First Cause at all in a world where everything is both primary and derivative in relation to the other elements of the world. So is God Himself – He is the first cause of the existence of all the basic forms of the Primal Substance (in the qualitative jump from the most complex to the simplest in the Great Circle of the Primal Substance – at quantum level 7), and at the same time He is a product – a derivative of the qualitative changes of the various forms of the Primary Substance. In such a closed quantum world, there is no need for a Creator and a First Cause for the existence of the world-universe. The magnitudes of the parameters in this closed world are limited in value and strictly defined due to the quantum dialectical co-existence and interaction between the Living Observer and non-living nature. The values of world constants and the form of natural laws do not require external explanation and justification, because they are not created by anything and by anyone outside the time-space of our Universe. The laws of nature, the parameters of the universe, and the forms of the universe are suitable for Life on Earth, they are beautiful and symmetrical. They just do a good job!

The excellent physical order existing in our Universe, and the precisely maintained parameters of the Earth providing excellent conditions for the stable and safe existence of Life, inevitably lead us to the conclusion that there exists some Supreme Super-Intelligent and Super-Capable Mind (much, much more intelligent and more capable than us humans) who designed and created the universe and then went on to control things throughout the universe, and Life on Earth in particular. God is the highest form of the Primal Substance in the universe. God must be this Great Designer of the universe and its Supreme Leader. No, it’s not Him. If we assume that God designed the universe and then created it according to that divine design, then this means that God is primordial with respect to the universe, that He existed before Creation (outside of our time-space). This, however, contradicts the idea of a quantum universe closed in time and space. So God is not the Designer and Creator of the World. As explained above, only such a model of the world-universe is alive, working and explaining all aspects of the world! All other non-quantum “open” theoretical models of the universe are unable to answer all these questions that the scientist asks himself when he sets out to clarify the essence of the world.

From dialectic we know that every real object (of the Primal Substance), or process, represents the “unity and struggle of opposites”. The individual image of the universe (a universe composed of individual, separated in space and time, material objects) and the general collective quantum image of the universe (closed in time-space quantum manifold) are two opposites, “fighting each other” and coexisting in one whole . Another pair of “combating” and coexisting opposites are the inanimate and animate form of the Prime Substance. The dialectical coexistence of opposites and their eternal struggle require the existence of a “frame” (as is the case with paintings), within the limits of which this unity of opposites exists. Time-Space is this framework; they in turn represent another pair of opposites. In the framework of “space-time”, real things have a double image.

The time of the universe is also two-faced. First, it is a quantum object (4.4 billion years in size): a closed circle without parts (smaller time-intervals), without beginning and without end. Second, the Time of the Universe is differentiated (this is its second, individual image) into smaller time-intervals and has a certain forward-directed “arrow of time”. Although internally the sequence of events is absolutely determined by the Quantum Wave of the Evolution of Life, the Beginning and the End of this sequence are “blurred” (undefined, “black boxes”) because nothing real existed before the Beginning and nothing real exists after the End. The Beginning and End of the Universe lies between Reality and Non-Being! As are the resonances of elementary particles: they are there and they are not!

The universe appeared in the “blurred” indeterminate Beginning in a completely ready form (energy, elementary particles, atoms, molecules, …, rocks, mountains, planets, stars, galaxies, and Life in its simplest form), evolved according to the Law of Quantum A wave of Life (only living nature), and finally (after 4.4 billion years) God liquidates Life on Earth, the Universe disappears into the “blurred” indefinite End!!! In a closed quantum circuit-manifold, the Beginning and the End coincide! Life ends with Death, Death gives birth to Life! The king is dead, long live the king – say the French. After burning in the fire, the Phoenix bird rises from the ashes! So is the universe!

The “Outer” for a closed quantum circuit is the “Inner” for that quantum circuit! The external reason for the existence of the universe is found within itself. And this cause was never created by Nothing and by Nobody and can never disappear! And therefore the universe was never created and will never disappear: it exists in cycles lasting 4.4 billion years; and these cycles are exactly the same in their smallest details; and there is no “previous”, “current” or “next-future” cycle, there is only one cycle!

Imagine that the chronology of the universe is recorded on film, which is mounted on a circular drum whose full rotation on its axis takes 4.4 billion years. Outside the drum is absolute emptiness: no space, no time. Everything real-existing is on the drum. On the reel there is a stationary mark – the eye of the Living Watcher, watching the film of the universe. The viewer-observer is alive (exists) and can observe the film only between the indefinite beginning and the indefinite end of the filmstrip; there Time begins and ends; The beginning and the end of the film strip represent “black boxes” – the live viewer cannot see what is happening there, because nothing is happening there. The living viewer “wakes up” immediately after the indefinite beginning of the film and sees the stones, the mountains, the oceans, the sun, the stars at night, … primitive bacteria-prokaryotes in the oceans; the filmstrip rotates and reveals before the eyes of the living viewer pictures of the evolution of Life on Earth: new and more perfect forms of living nature appear, develop and flourish, and then die; stars and galaxies are the same; …; at the end of the film, shots of the civilized man appear in them; Man reaches his peak – heyday in the 21st century after the New Era and begins to degenerate, natural disasters help to destroy Life on Earth; flash – and end – the living watcher is dead! The tape spins continuously because there is no one “outside” to start or stop it. The living observer wakes up and the film continues to show the same pictures! It was only a play of the imagination in order to better understand the essence of the universe.

As a quantum object, the universe possesses an external indivisible (quantum) image. The values of the main parameters of this quantum image are as follows: spatial size – 0.652*10^28 centimeters, time size – 4.4 billion years, mass – 5.6*10^55 grams, total kinetic energy (potential gravitational energy has the same value, but with reversed sign) – 5.02*10^76 ergs, the values of all world constants, natural laws and fundamental principles,…, some biological and spiritual parameters that cannot be estimated with the metric system of non-living matter and energy…, and finally – God as her opposite partner. These external qualities of the universe-quantum maximum object are stuck like labels on its body, they are quantum quantities and therefore cannot be divided into parts, they are eternal, never created by anyone, and can never be altered or destroyed .

From the standpoint of modern science, and also from the standpoint of the major world religions, all the questions and answers (sometimes they seem very logical) to the questions about the Creation, the Creator, the nature of natural laws, the values of the world’s constants, the First Cause of the existence of the world, the Purpose of the universe, and others, simply lose meaning in light of the explanations given above. Because: there was no external First Cause for the creation of the Universe, there was no Designer of the Universe, there was no Creator and Creation of the Universe, there was no discussion and selection of the values of world constants and the form of natural laws, there was no deterministic Beginning and deterministic End of the Universe, etc. What remains for us scientists (and all non-professional smart people) is to try to unravel the principles of the world’s symmetries and why the existing natural laws and values of the world’s constants are as we observe them; to try to understand the essence of God and his possibilities of impact on inanimate and animate nature; to understand our place and role in this world. But asking ourselves questions like “Why do we have this version of the universe and not another?” just doesn’t make any sense. This variant universe exists, it’s doing a good job, nothing can change, this variant is forever… – and that’s it – case closed!

The Quantum Wave of Life Evolution is the most basic natural law controlling the life of all living organisms on Earth (animals and plants), including the evolution of Human Civilization. It is a living (time-evolving) law of nature, not a forever frozen law like the Law of Gravity. It is a natural law of continuous change and upward evolution of Life. The qualities of the One Living Observer in the Universe (the Living Nature of Earth) evolve over time, from their simplest forms at the beginning of the cycle (prokaryotes and blue-green algae) to their most complex forms – those of Civilized Man (at the end of cycle of the universe).

The main qualities defining the current state of the species “Civilized Man” are manifested in the collective ethics, morals of historical classes and historical socio-economic systems, including their culture, art, religion, tools and technologies for mastering and subordinating their environment to their ends. , weapons, energy sources, and more. I call this arsenal of qualities “Life Intensity” – this is the vertical axis of the Quantum Wave of Life graph. Individual human beings are but obedient executors of the world’s symmetries, particularly those determined by the Quantum Wave of Life. Although apparently free in their personal actions, as a class (their collective quantum image) people are “obliged” to comply with the requirements of world symmetries and the Quantum Wave of Life: the general and the necessary are realized through the specific and the accidental. The “technical means” used by God are the passions, needs, desires, personal interests of individuals, which God skillfully channels.

In its evolution, each social class and each socio-economic order (system) has periods of progress and flourishing when its concepts fully correspond to the qualities of the Living Observer in the momentary state of his evolution. These are the happiest and most effective periods in the life of the class/system, periods of relative stability and victory. But the Living Observer does not stand frozen in one place, he develops and perfects his qualities and performances in Time, while the concepts of social classes and socio-economic systems do not change in Time. Over time, a disharmony occurs, out of resonance with the already altered state of the evolving Living Observer. The social class/system loses its incentives for an active life; he has already achieved his lofty goals, and his interest in life has evaporated. Such a “worn out” social class/system continues to vegetate for some time, gradually degenerates, and comes into conflict with the next in evolution, more progressive social class/system. The outcome of this conflict is always in favor of the more progressive class/system: the old class/system dies, the new class/system becomes the dominant class/system during the next quantum period in the evolution of Life. The evolution of Life never rests, and no one goes backwards. As Georgi Dimitrov once said: “The wheel of history turns forward and will turn until the complete victory of communism!?”. I would slightly modify the words of Georgi Dimitrov: “… until the end of the world, and then it will spin again”. The decline of the departing social class/system, system, is expressed in its inability to actively control politics and the economy, the corruption in its circles reaches enormous proportions, its culture and morals are no longer positive.

Accepting as a proven fact the revolutionary jumps from one type of social class/system to the next more progressive one, we are also obliged to take into account the fact that between these revolutionary transitions there are long periods of social lull, of smooth quiet evolution (very often unnoticed by the political and economic leaders, and by scientists too), of temporary prosperity and social peace. Example: after the time of the quantum catastrophe on the Quantum Wave of Life graph, – the period 1929-1945, the time of the Great Depression and the Second World War – when the outdated system of classical capitalism was replaced by the Free Market system, there followed a long period of relatively stable and efficient economic development of our civilization. During this happy period, the standard of living of the common citizen rose significantly. The temporary economic stability and prosperity of this system created in the human mind the false illusion of perpetuity of the Free Market System. Former US President George W. Bush firmly believed in the perpetuity of this system and his policy was to avoid reforming this already decaying system at all costs. Now we feel this disastrous policy of his on our backs. Despite the heroic efforts of the new US President Obama to bring about radical changes to the System, Washington is desperately resisting such changes, and politicians there seem to be still governed by Reaganism, an ultra-conservative ideology that says that government intervention in the economy is always a bad thing, but letting private business do its own thing with its own funds is always a good thing. The results of this policy have been very tragic for the common working American people. First, even before the current severe recession (caused by the unwise policies of another Reaganite, George W. Bush), tax cuts on high incomes and deregulation of the economy were expected to bring prosperity to the entire American nation. But that didn’t happen! Only wealthy Americans benefited from this ultra-conservative policy. The real income of the richest (0.01% of the US population) Americans grew sevenfold between 1980 and 2007 (the year the current recession began). During the same period, the real income of the average American grew by only 22%—a third of the increase in their income over the previous 27 years. The current recession is the worst recession since the Great Depression.

The debate surrounding President Obama’s proposed new public (with government participation) health care system is becoming increasingly fierce. The rich are urging older Americans (the mainstay of conservatives) to take to the streets and squares of the US to protest the proposed overhaul of the inhumane existing health care system. Republican congressmen and senators, supported by many Democrats, are fighting hard in Congress and the Senate to preserve the huge profits of insurance companies. These politicians do not care about the fate of 50 million uninsured Americans; what they care about is the huge sums of money the insurance companies put in their pockets to buy their conscience. Corruption on such a massive scale is typical of a dying dominant class and socio-political system.

There is much to be said for the financial disaster of the past two years. Efforts to implement state control and regulation over the activities of banks and large financial corporations are already losing strength. Opponents of reform argue that more government regulation will lead to a significant reduction in financial innovation – and they are saying this just months after we witnessed the “miracles” of this innovation that brought the US to the brink of financial collapse. This collapse was prevented by huge cash injections for the wealthiest financial corporations in the US – money coming from the pockets of the average American citizen. The robbed finance their robbers! What a paradox, what a tragedy! Now, the late summer of 2009, we are witnessing how these financial parasites “respect” their creditors – ordinary Americans. After several months of greed restraint, the boards of directors of the financial giants saved from collapse are again starting to drop “golden parachutes” on the heads of their managers and officials. The average annual salary of the average employee in these financial giants is about one million dollars. At the same time, the average working American is floundering for $40k a year, if he has the opportunity to flounder at all with this high unemployment (almost 10% unemployed in the US). What accounts for this drastic difference in the incomes of these two categories of workers? It is due to the brutal robbery of the average American, and the law that allows it to happen. Big Capital is incompatible with social justice and true democracy! That’s the truth!

Big Capital, Big Oil, the governments of the most developed countries in the world and stubborn conservatism are not able to stop the progress of Civilization and prevent the transition from the outdated, worn out and no longer working effectively free market system to the new socio-economic system. I do not venture to speculate on the merits of this new system, but it will certainly be a much fairer and much more humane system than the free market system. One thing is certain: the state will increasingly intervene in the affairs of the economy and social relations. Fear not – this will not be Bolshevik communism or “developed, humane socialism”. God does not use his old tools and methods.

The scientific study carried out a few years ago at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, called “The Limits to Growth”, drew the attention of scientists and politicians to some critical problems in the development of Civilization, and above all to the problem of exhaustibility of natural resources. Fossil fuels and raw materials have been taming themselves for hundreds of millions of years (and billions of years) in the bowels of the Earth, and here comes the civilized man on the scene of Life and quickly sees the cost. In just some 150 years, more than half of these vital raw materials for Civilization have already been irretrievably used. Most of these raw materials cannot be recycled for second-hand use. The model developed by MIT scientists assumes an exponential growth of human population, consumption of food and raw materials, pollution of the environment as a result of human activity,… – and all this, combined with a drastic reduction of natural resources, will lead to a disastrous destroying the entire system sometime in the second half of the 21st century. This conclusion about the time of the end of the System (Human Civilization and of Life in general) coincides with the time of the End of the World predicted (calculated, more precisely) by the Quantum Wave of Life. The end of Civilization and the end of the world will occur somewhere around the year 2068 – just 60 years from now!

Earth’s human population has doubled in the last 46 years. There are now nearly 7 billion human beings living on Earth. The question is: can dwindling natural resources sustain the stable and comfortable (by our current measures) existence of Civilization as the human population continues to grow exponentially? Difficult question!

US citizens are literally eating oil and swallowing natural gas. Oil and gas are needed to drive our cars and heat our homes, to produce electricity, to produce artificial fertilizers and pesticides, to produce food (petroleum for irrigation, for powering machinery, for cultivation, for harvesting, for transport, for producing food products in factories, and others). It is estimated that just feeding the average American uses about 1500 liters of oil per year (several times more oil is used to drive his personal car). The lesson is simple: without oil, we starve, we freeze, we don’t move enough. Oil production has already peaked and is beginning to decline in at least 54 OPEC countries (out of a total of 65 member countries of the organization). Optimistic information about large oil reserves coming from the oil-producing countries, especially from Saudi Arabia, is unreliable and highly doubtful. Most oil experts believe that peak oil production has already passed. As oil production declines and its price rises, the price of food will also rise and become a deficit. Famine awaits us in the coming years. But it is not only US citizens who consume the Earth’s natural resources like predators. Other major developing nations, such as China and India, will soon surpass the US in oil and metals consumption.

Each new mouth puts additional strain on natural resources. While oil is the most threatened natural resource of recent scarcity, others are close to it – including metals, phosphates, soils, and water. The exponential growth of the human population on Earth can lead to an alarming rate of depletion of natural resources. The problem of pollution of the natural environment is also becoming a very serious problem – climate change is a proven fact. If the global warming of the planet (caused by human activity) continues at the current rate, then in just three to four decades the Earth may become unfit for life.

Are we able to turn things back and save Life and Human Civilization from imminent doom? Are we able to end the predatory exploitation of natural resources, preserve the natural environment at a level suitable for sustaining Life, and stop the growth of the human population according to the exponential law (this law has been working for 6,000 years now)? This is hardly possible (even if the knife rests on the bone) with our selfish consumer mentality (after us – a flood!), and because a small modification of this exponential law (who will work to support a huge old generation?) may lead to the destabilization and imminent collapse of Civilization.

We humans cannot stop the evolution of Life and Civilization and prevent the inevitable end of the universe. God will do this final work in the history of Life by sending various catastrophic calamities such as: deadly diseases, general sterility of men and women, mental and physical degeneration of the human race, destruction of animals and plants, severe droughts, catastrophic floods, active volcanic activity, and other natural disasters. There will be no human beings on Earth after the year 2068, there will be no Universe at all after that year!

In one of the books of the New Testament, the Apocalypse of Saint John, the apostle John (inspired by God or retelling what he heard from Jesus Christ) describes the terrifying pictures of the end of the world: “…all kinds of catastrophes, terror, despair, …, will precede the end of the world. The sun will go out after days of sorrow, and the moon will give no more light, all the stars will fall from the sky and the heavenly powers will disappear…”.

People, do not expect from God only love, compassion, help. God is bound (by the eternal laws of nature) to follow and fulfill the requirements of the Great Quantum Wave of Life. In the moments of catastrophes of this wave, God shows no mercy to the living beings who are condemned to leave the stage of Life: He exterminates them in huge numbers or destroys them completely, giving a “green light” to the new, more progressive types of living beings. At the End of the World, God will completely destroy Life on Earth, and with it the Universe itself! In his revelations given to the biblical prophets, God describes in simple terms how the End of the World will occur and how Life and the Universe will start anew. Of course, the Judeo-Christian description of the End and the Beginning of the World is quite primitive, reflecting the state of human knowledge two or three millennia ago.

"In the End, God will destroy the world with fire, the whole universe will be melted with burning heat, after which God will create new heavens and a new earth"

“There will be a last generation of people who will live at the time when the End of the World will occur.”

I am not a religious person, but I believe (I have felt it myself) in the process of revelations coming from God and transmitted quantumly to his chosen prophets. One of God’s final messages to the American nation (and to all other nations of the world) reads:
“Americans, stop wasting unnecessary money, effort and time on expensive scientific research that will not give you an answer about the nature of the world, how it was created, how it works, and how it will end.

Instead, redirect this huge money and significant human effort to the top specialists to solve the most pressing problems in your country and in the world, which is highly dependent on you, the leading nation. Namely: the most painless possible transition from the Free Market system to the next socio-economic system, which is much more efficient and fair than the capitalist system. The new system is not Marxist-Leninist communism or socialism.

President Obama is my choice for political leader on Earth now; obey it, uphold it, protect it. Obama will lead the American people, and as a consequence all the nations of the world, to the establishment of the new socio-economic order in the world. Mass opposition to these great socio-economic changes will bring great suffering to the American people. I will not tolerate with impunity attempts by conservatives to boycott the implementation of these great reforms!

Prepare for the harsh times of the coming Great Tribulation that precedes the End of the World. The Great Tribulation is already knocking at your back door, swine flu is one of its signs.
The end of the world is its beginning! You are both mortal and eternal. Life will never cease permanently because no one created it and no one can destroy it.

The original cause and meaning of Life and the Universe is found within the Universe itself. They are eternal and not created by anyone. There are no parallel worlds-universes! Our world is unique! Life on Earth is Unique!

The Absolute Truth of the world in which we live together has been revealed by Me in the revelations given to My last scientific prophets. This Eternal Truth is described in general terms in the book General Quantum Mechanics. Everything else is false, not emanating from Me!

People, you enjoy the best standard of living in human history. You are one of the last human generations on Earth before the End of the World occurs. To you I reveal all the truth about the world. Quantum Free Energy is my final energy gift to humanity, it is inexhaustible and safe energy that will ease your suffering during the Great Tribulation. Help each other, love each other, support each other, support the weak, respect each other,…, because you are equal twin images of the collective quantum image of the human race! To insult and injure another is to do violence to oneself.

I am at the very top of the pyramid of Primal Substance, but I cannot change the eternal World Order. The World and the Order in it were never created and will never be changed or destroyed! Our world is beautiful, harmonious, and wonderfully adapted for Life; he is what he is; there is no logical and reasonable answer to the questions: “Why are the values of the world’s constants and the form of natural laws the way we observe them?”; Why do we exist and what is the purpose of this existence?; and the like.” There is a divine design of the world, but there is no Divine Designer. The world exists the way it is, it’s eternal, we can’t change it, …, and that’s it – case closed!

My permanent eternal residence is on the surface of the Earth. I am among you and in you. I have not given anyone the right to be My ambassador among people and to speak on My behalf, if they do not have My special consent for this! The Pope is not My representative or My spokesman! I don’t need religions and temples. I do not need to be honored and praised! I care only for the stable existence and proper evolution of Life on Earth; except on Earth, there is no Life anywhere else in the Universe! I strictly monitor the observance of the World Order and do not unnecessarily violate the laws of nature. I intervene in the affairs of nature only on a large scale (mostly on planet Earth), creating favorable conditions for a timely transition from one dominant species of living beings to the next evolutionary dominant species of living beings.

I am not jealous of people: in the quantum nodes of the evolution of Human Civilization I reveal important information (necessary for the security and proper development of Civilization) to people chosen by me – these are my prophets. My prophets are representatives of all human professions and walks of life.

God for you humans is not only Universal Love, Universal Compassion, Universal Protection; God is Universal Necessity, Universal Regulator and Sustainer of World Order!!!’