Free Quantum Energy from Ball Lightning

Dr. Kirill Chukanov reveals to us a new era in Energetics that is still struggling to become a reality. It is about a completely unknown field, described only in his books and articles, which we will publish separately on the website in order to create the primary elements in human consciousness in its encounter with quantum energy and information objects. All this is a huge basis for the creation of numerous patents and utility models, the realization of which will change human civilization beyond recognition. Let’s give credit to Dr. Kirill Chukanov – the discoverer of Free Quantum Energy from Globular Lightning.

  For those who are inquisitive it is best to read Dr. Kirill Chukanov’s books first. Let us briefly introduce some of them:

Ball lightning

The Ball Lightning
(Great Hopes and Fears)

The ball lightning phenomenon still remains one of the most mysterious enigmas in the field of plasma science and electromagnetism. Despite the tremendous advances of our contemporaries in the microworld and the structure of elementary particles, atomic nuclei, the origin, evolution and structure of the universe – the natural phenomenon of ball lightning, which literally appears before our eyes in a thunderstorm or in an electrical appliance in our houses, still baffles us.
But why hasn’t this interesting phenomenon attracted the serious attention of physicists?

But why did this interesting phenomenon not attract the serious attention of physicists?

First, because no one expected to realize any great benefit to mankind from an understanding of the nature of ball lightning. The common belief is that the energy of ball lightning is negligible and comes from an external source.
Second, to reproduce the natural phenomenon under sufficiently controlled conditions requires a clear understanding of exactly what the natural phenomenon is.
So far, modern scientists are not clear about the nature of ball lightning. Observations, not experiments, remain the only source of information, and these observations are based on statistical analyzes of reported ball lightning tracks from members of the general public. To reveal the nature of ball lightning requires active experimentation and new ideas. Here are some excerpts from a report presented at the First International Ball Lightning Symposium at WASEDA University in Tokyo (1989):

  • Ball lightning “is a phenomenon of a qualitatively new nature, similar to the radioactivity discovered at the end of the last century, which may prove to be a new precise source of energy in the future.”
  • The most common view is that ball lightning is “a new and unknown form of stable plasma or ionized gas.”
  • If a scientific study of the phenomenon is done, the participants hope that “the results may turn out to be quite surprising and may lead to an unexpected twist in future energy production.”
  • Such a field of inquiry may be “new, unprecedented, fantastic.”


  • Introduction
  • Tunguska meteorite
  • The polar dawns – natural quantum accelerators of free energy
  • What is ball lightning?
  • The history of ball lightning research
  • Ball lightning – a source of free quantum energy
    Ball lightning – A theoretical model
  • Computing and Technology
  • Quantum Photon Bomb – Design, Calculations, Explosion Technology
Kiril chukanov
Kiril Chukanov

Dr. Kirill Chukanov is an important scientific author in the field of quantum science, with a specialization in free energy from ball lightning.


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Volume 1 1

General Quantum Mechanics
Volume I

It is dedicated to the last human generations on earth, those who will create the final image of our civilization and perish in the fire of the Apocalypse.

In this book you will learn about the fundamental laws of world harmony, symmetry in the world of elementary particles, symmetry at the levels of chemical elements and compounds, quantum limits of the world, quantum biology, quantum sociology.


General Quantum Mechanics
Volume II

In this book you will read about Quantum Cosmology (Proton Electron Matter, Size and Age of the Universe, How Much the Universe Weighs, Speed Recession, Electron Space – Continuum), Quantum Chronology (Quantum Nature of Time, Quantum Wave of Human Civilization, Quantum Wave in Individual Life, Some Features of Time, The World Constant “d”), Quantum Energy (Quantum Limits of the World, Theoretical Evaluation of Quantum Energy), Stars and Elementary Particles (The Source of Solar Energy, Apsidal Motion of the Double Star Hercules, Recent Discoveries in Elementary Particles), Quantum Medicine (Theoretical Problems, Experiments, Some Practical Applications), The Quantum Nature of God

Volume 3

General Quantum Mechanics
Volume III

The Revealed Secrets of the Primordial Substance

This book is the naturally expanded second volume of General Quantum Mechanics. It was written in 2005.

  • Chapter I – The Problem of the Primary Substance of the World
  • Chapter II – The Microworld – Structure, Stability, Interactions
    • The electron and electronic matter
    • Quantum limits of “electron matter”.
    • Proton – structure, stability, dimensions
    • Atom – structure, stability, parameters
    • Atoms of “proton matter”.
    • Mu meson – structure, energy, dimensions
    • Quarks
    • Photon, Neutrino
  • Chapter III – Critique of the Standard Model
  • Chapter IV – Energy, gravity – some basic answers
  • Chapter V – Globular lightning – structure, energy
  • Chapter VI – Universe – symmetries, structure, parameters
    • The universe of “electronic matter”.
    • Universe of “proton matter”
  • Chapter VII – Relic motion, relic background radiation
  • Chapter VIII – Contactless Quantum Medicine
  • Chapter IX – The Mystery of Time
    • What is Time?
    • The Quantum Wave in Human Civilization
    • The quantum wave of individual life
    • Some features of time
    • World constant “d”
  • Chapter X – Recovering the Quantum Limits of the World
  • Chapter XI – World fundamental constants. The purposefulness of life
Volume 4

General Quantum Mechanics
Volume IV


“The universe – it’s simple!”

Great theories never come to life in their final crystalline form. The first published versions of these theories are always imperfect, incomplete, contaminated by the viruses of human conservatism and delusion. It takes years of additional hard work to cure them of their inherent defects. The same is happening now with general quantum mechanics – the current version of GQM is, I hope, the definitive version of GQM cosmology.

    • Chapter I – The world constant “a0,p” and its role in building the universe
      • Electron-proton dualism
      • Minimum quantum velocity Vmin
      • Important cosmological formula
      • Stability of the Universe
      • The energy balance of the Universe
      • Momentum of motion
      • Other applications of the world constant “a0,p”
      • Dark matter and dark energy
    • Chapter II – The world constant ”a0,e” and its role in the Universe
      • Milky Way Galaxy (MWG) Flattening
      • “Milky Way Galaxy – Large Magellanic Cloud System”.
      • Other applications of the world constant “a0,e”
      • Solar system
      • The mystery of Mercury’s precession
    • Chapter III – The true nature of gravity
      • The Cosmic-Material Continuum
        Bending of light in the vicinity of a massive cosmic body
    • Chapter IV – Cosmological Redshift. The curved, not the “accelerated” universe
    • Chapter V – The fundamental symmetries of the world
      • The operation of the law of conservation of momentum of motion.
      • Rotation
      • The balance of forces
      • The balance of energy
    • Chapter VI – Quantum Limits
      • Квантова граница Rh, p
      • Квантова граница Rc
      • Квантова граница Rd
      • Квантова граница Rp,v
      • Квантова граница Rg,p
      • Най-ниска квантова граница Rmin, p
      • Квантова граница rg
      • Квантова граница RH
      • Квантова граница R ламбда е
      • Мега космически образувания
      • Квазарите
    • Глава VIII – Източниците на енергия във Вселената
      • Енергията на звездите
      • Брауновото движение
      • Квантова Свободна Енергия от Кълбовидна мълния
      • Енергията на връзката
      • Енергията на гравитацията
      • Свободната енергия поради влиянието на квантовите граници на света
      • Световни константи – безплатни енергийни източници
      • Енергийният баланс на Вселената
Volume 5

General Quantum Mechanics
Volume V

“God Reveals the Secrets of Gravity and More”

  • Chapter I – The Nature of Gravity
    • The Cosmic-Material Continuum
    • Bending of light in the vicinity of a massive cosmic body
  • Chapter II – Gravity vs. Inertia
  • A single proton material body
    • Two material bodies located in deep space
    • Motion of a material body located away from a significant gravitational attractor
    • Movement of a body straight forward/backward
    • Some applications of the constant ”b”
  • Chapter III – Universal Antigravity
  • Chapter IV – Proton matter 2-D material manifold
  • Chapter V – Some Quantum Effects Affecting the Dynamics of Cosmic Bodies
    • The Mystery of Mercury’s Precession
    • The unsolved mystery of the Pioneer 10,11 and Voyager I, II space probes
    • The world constant ”a0,e” and its role in the Universe
    • The flattening of the Milky Way galaxy
    • “Milky Way Galaxy – Large Magellanic Cloud System”
    • The Solar System
    • Galactic Clusters
  • Chapter VI – Quantum Unity of Matter
  • Chapter VII – Human Civilization
  • Chapter VIII – Some Strange Quantum Times
  • Chapter IX – Some unsolved problems with elementary particles
  • Chapter X – The Beginning and the End of the World

A great revolution even in one individual will help to bring about a change in the destiny of a society and, moreover, will permit a change in the destiny of mankind.

Daisaku Ikeda – Buddhist Leader

The divine design

General Quantum Mechanics
Volume VI


    • Materialism and Realism
    • Dialectics in materialism
    • Basic philosophical categories
      • “Reality” as a philosophical category of everything
      • Space and time
      • Quality and quantity
      • Life
      • Human consciousness – human soul
    • The unity of the world
    • The elementality and inexhaustibility of the inanimate universe and the living observer
    • Philosophical principles
      • The principle of the unity of opposites and contradiction
      • Dialectical principle “Negation of negation”
      • The principle of universal relation and development
      • The principle of causation
      • The principle of the unity of the individual and the common
      • The principle of rational economy
      • The hexagonal symmetry of the world
    • The flow of time around a diverging material body
    • The expansion of space and time of the planets in the solar system
    • The expansion of space and time around heavy cosmic bodies
    • Space and time around a rapidly rotating body.(Chukanov’s law of universal antigravity)
    • More about time
    • The electron and objects of electronic matter
    • The universe of living matter
    • Proton and proton/electron matter objects
    • Parametric quantities of the universe
    • Other world constants
Velikoto bedstvie

The Great Tribulation


With boundless love and hope I dedicate this little book to the young generation of my countrymen – born and unborn. To them I wish to come out safe and sound and with purified souls from the hell of the Great Calamity. To the future generation of Bulgarians who will resurrect our country from the ashes of Islam and build a new Great Bulgaria. The author “We can present the evolution of human civilization as one of the most horrifying pictures, without any exaggeration, reflecting only accurately the misfortunes inflicted on virtue, on innocence, on peoples and states and their best exemplars. Thus we come to a profound suffering which nothing can console. In order to make it bearable, or to extricate ourselves from its embrace, we say to ourselves: it has always been so, nothing can be changed, it is fate. And fleeing from the sorrow of these sad reflections, we retire into our daily affairs, our interests, our selfishness, which on the calm shore enjoys a temporary security, far from the vague contours of future ruin.” Hegel

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