The Origin of Matter

Is the matter still a mystery?

Everything starts in the ocean of energy our world is floating in. In ancient times people believed that our world was flat and floating in the ocean surrounded by water. Believe it or not, in every fairytale there is a truth to some extent. Let’s look where the truth resides. 

From a quantum physics perspective, the world looks like a leaf in the ocean of quantum energy surrounded by the boundaries limited by the origin of the matter. On the left our world is limited by the distance between the main structural atomic particles, on the right by the speed of light, on the bottom by the properties of our base structural material particles, protons and electrons and on the top by the gravity and ability to form the largest objects that exist in the universe. Those large objects cannot sustain bigger sizes than they are currently occurring due the structural forces in them. Above the size of their present existence, they just collapse back into the ocean of energy.

We have discovered a “quantum realm of existence of discrete matter”. See Figure 1. Discrete matter is matter made up of individual particles that exist for a long time and may convert in between. That is why they exist stable in our three-dimensional world of individual things. These are the material objects that surround us, and we see them, measure them, grasp them as the three-dimensional material reality with our senses. Outside of this world quantum two-dimensional material objects, such as ball lightning appear (bottom of the chart). They are very ephemeral objects – appearing for a short time and disappearing, almost material ghost objects, in our normal three-dimensional world. In our three-dimensional world, these quantum two-dimensional objects are not stable.

There are limits in which the ordered world exists and those limits are defined by the smallest and largest stable objects in the universe. The curve of Rkp defines the bottom boundary limitation imposed by the speed of light and the energy in rest, the Rc defines the maximum proton energy limitation imposed by the quantization by the speed of light and the Rd on the left defines the minimum proton energy limitation imposed by the distance in between them. In between those quantum limits the ordered world exists and understanding those limits is essential for understanding the mechanics of the present three-dimensional world. 

The electrons are formed on the left of the Rke boundary and are not part of the atomic nuclei, e.g. The protons are formed on the left of the Rkp boundary, in between both boundaries only protons exist. The matter starts forming out at a point in R-E space such as point 3 in figure 1, the matter will spontaneously move to the right in Figure 1, from point 3 to the boundary Rk,p e.g. at point 2, in a form of a gas and to accomplish this move will gain energy. 

The gas, as it exists within the ordered world, is at a point in R-E space, such as point 4, at which the atoms or molecules of the gas have their electrons and their behavior conform to the accepted principles of physics. As commonly known, the atoms and/or molecules of the gas may be caused to ionize, in which some of the atomic nuclei are left free of electrons, but these electrons are initially above the Rk,e boundary because the spatial distance R between them is too great. As will be explained below, that the spatial distance between the electron-free ions may be caused to be decreased, such that the electron-free nuclei find themselves below the boundary Rk,p, during which time they spontaneously move to that boundary and in the process generate energy (shown at figure 1 as ΔE).

After a short existence, they jump right to the quantum boundary of the stable existence zone of matter, see Figure 1. This jump is accompanied by a gain of energy “ΔE”. The jump takes place right at the quantum boundary Rkp, because there the quantum gain delta R (violation of the law of conservation of energy) is minimal. And this happens because there is a quantum principle of minimum effect in nature. For example, a water drop with a small weight (negligible influence of gravity) always assumes a spherical shape because for this shape the surface energy of the drop is minimal.

How is matter created?

In cosmological models of the Big Bang, the lepton epoch was the period in the evolution of the early universe in which the leptons dominated the mass of the Universe. It started roughly 1 second after the Big Bang, after the majority of hadrons and anti-hadrons annihilated each other at the end of the hadron epoch. 

Well this assumption is true to some extent including in the timing of the events. It is very important to understand that there is no time perspective in the inanimate three-dimensional world and those processes are simultaneously and continuously occurring in our known world. The Big Bang as initially explained in astrophysics never happened in reality. Let’s try to explain the creation of matter in a different perspective. 

Let’s go back to the area isolated between the boundaries Rkp and Rke. This area is an important factory creating the matter in our known world. Below the quantum boundary Rke leptons are formed and while moving on the right side of the boundary the proton matter is formed. The matter is continuously ongoing through its creation where the Big Bang is not a source event, but a supercritical state of existence that continuously is emanating leptons and hadrons while surfacing the boundary Rke. Beyond that boundary a nucleus is formed. 

Under high energy discharge conditions an exception occurs and a giant macro atom is generated in the form of ball lightning. It is important to understand that the laws of physics are true within the boundary of the ordered world existence. In the belt between Rke and Rkp there is a different quantum organization with its own laws, as well as below the Rke boundary. For that area of existence the modified Clapeyron-Chukanov gas-plasma law is in force. To keep the equilibrium of the universe mass the low energy particles return back to the super critical belt we will discuss below.

What is Super Dense Plasma?

When we are talking about the existence of matter outside of the ordered world, we should not expect the existence to be in the form of any of the 3 aggregate states: gas, liquid and solid. Very often the plasma is considered as the 4th state of the matter. Although it is only a state of the ordered world. 

Every gas or liquid changes properties while its triple point is manipulated. The water phase diagram shows the phase behavior with changes in temperature and pressure. The curve between the critical point and the triple point shows the water boiling point with changes in pressure. It also shows the saturation pressure with changes in temperature. The quantum point is the new state of matter where the quantum borders are in play.

The water triple point is 0oC at 1 atmosphere (1 Bar). At this point the water resides in its 3 states. Left of that point is solid, above that point is liquid and below that point is a gas. Water is not a compensable liquid and compared to the gasses it requires a lot of energy to change the normal state.

The critical point of water is at 374oC and 221 bars, beyond which the water behaves as in all 3 states. The state on the left is still liquid, the state below is still gas phase but the state above the critical point is called supercritical fluid (SCF). Due to the higher energy transfer ability of water in that stage the new nuclear science is looking into this stage to improve efficiencies of the nuclear fusion plants from 33% to 44%. 

Although if we continue further to compress the water, another state of the matter can be achieved, we called that state “super dense plasma”. The SDP point is calculated at a distance between molecules 100,000 times the molecule size of water. Water molecule size Rw is 0.275 nm or Rw= 2.75e-8 cm. If the R is 100,000xRw the T = 5,000C. 

SDP is not easy to achieve with conventional science and has never been achieved beside its existence as a natural phenomenon. Such natural phenomena exist in the core of the stars and the planets. A novel science and technology is necessary to produce a technological way for establishing the conditions necessary to support the 5th state of the matter.

The scientists from Chukanov Energy consortium have explored and harvested a natural phenomenon known as ball lightning created in a controlled environment to be able to manipulate the known state of the matter and modulate its 5th aggregate state.


As we explained, the existence of the matter in its 4 aggregate states is possible only within the quantum boundaries in the ordered world. The creation of matter is possible through the electron-proton belt explained in the quantum theory of everything in the Chukanov Quantum books. Discussion about the 5th state of matter shows that achieving it through current technological advantages is not possible unless well controlled quantum phenomenon is used in the process. 


George Stantchev

George Stantchev

Bulgarian scientist and innovator with Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees in Physics and Business. Founder and executive director of Chukanov Quantum Energy, Ltd. Author of multiple patents and papers in the field of quantum energy.