Angel I

Salt Lake City – USA – 2012

We know about the huge interest in this generator. It was made by Dr. Chukanov himself in his personal laboratory at his house in Salt Lake City – USA.

A great example of how you can make a small quantum reactor from a 3.2 KWt restaurant microwave. With it you can make warm air and heat 1-2-3 rooms, for example.

This microwave oven works with 4 Panasonic 2M244-M1 magnetrons. They are located two at the bottom and two at the top in the working chamber and each has a power of 1 KWt. The manufacturer guarantees 3200W microwave power in the work area. The magnetrons are powered according to the classic scheme – in fact, see the schematic diagram of the whole stove below.

But let’s talk about what’s in the Angel 1 quantum generator:

  1. Microwave camera
  2. Vacuum pump
  3. Air turbine
  4. Air turbine
  5. Fan
  6. Quartz chamber
  7. Copper spirally wound tube – heat exchanger
  8. M1, M2, M3, M4 – 2M244-M1 Panasonic magnetrons

As you can see we have several air currents. These are T1, T2, T3. All three streams are subordinate to the input streams T0. T1 exits the heat exchanger with a spirally wound copper tube, T2 – is obtained by suction by means of turbine 4 through the periphery of the rotating ball lightning in the quartz chamber. T3 is discharged from the fan 5 by sucking in the total volume of the heat exchanger.

After precise measurements (by the known method of heating water by microwave), the exact value of the incoming microwave power Pmw = 3.05 KWt was established – this power is the base for creating microwave lightning.

Of course, the input electric power is higher – and when you measure it at the input of the microwave oven you will measure exactly Pin = 5.09 KWt. (let’s remind – 4 magnetrons of 1 KWt + electronics for timers, indicators + energy for cooling the magnetrons, etc.) In short, with the help of Pin = 5.09 KWt we get microwave power Pmw = 3.05 KWt. Or from 100% input energy from the mains 60% microwave power is obtained.

By measuring the energy of the warm air streams using a flowmeter, the three outputs were measured as follows:

P1out = 2,38 KWt

P1out = 8,00 KWt

P3out = 4,50 KWt

Everyone is excited about the so-called OVER UNITY (O.U.) of ball lightning:

O.U.(B.L.)= (P1out+P2out+P3out)/Pmw = (2,38+8,00+4,50)/3,05=4,9 times

However, when calculating the OVER UNITY of the system, we must also take into account the consumption of electricity for air turbines, fans, solenoid valves, indicators, etc.
One turbine has an electrical consumption of 0.5KWt, the second is 1.1KWt and the fan from position 5 – 0.15KWt. Or in total the following electricity enters the system:


Total system output power:

Pout = 12.38KWt (ball lightning) + 1.75KWt (heat) = 14.13KWt

O.U. (system) = 14.13KWt / 6.8KWt = 2.08 times

After this message, SAMSUNG specialists arrived and measured over unity more than 4 times with precise equipment ….

Zab. 1.75 KWt is the additional flow from the cooling of the magnetrons, their heating and other technological heat.

Total system output power:

The ignition of the generator is carried out through a vacuum by means of a vacuum pump. When switching solenoid valves, communication with said pump is provided. When a vacuum is reached from the residual air, plasma is generated, which begins to heat the quartz chamber. There is a complete ionization and the possibility of a smooth influx of additional air to ionize additional air at a higher pressure and by gradually increasing to 1 atmosphere occurs the quantum object ball lightning.

Then air circulation begins and especially the flow T2 passes through the periphery of the lightning and entraining begins rotation, which leads to even better contact between the air and the nucleus of the quantum object. Therefore, this flow takes energy from the core and heats up to hundreds of degrees.

The quantum object draws additional energy from the quantum world and makes us rethink the law of conservation of energy. Obviously our familiar reality is a subsystem of quantum reality …..


Kiril Chukanov

Kiril Chukanov

Bulgarian scientist and innovator in the field of quantum energy with Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees. Founder of General Energy International and Chukanov Quantum Energy, LLC. Author of three books and holder of two patents in the field of quantum energy.