Ball Lightning – The Great Hopes and the Great Fears

Ball lightning the great hopes and the great fears

I. General The phenomenon of ball lightning still remains one of the greatest mysteries in the field of the plasma science and electromagnetism. Despite enormous contemporary advancements into the micro-world – the structure of elementary particles, nuclei, atoms, and the origin, evolution, and structure of the universe, the natural phenomenon of ball lightning, which literally appears […]

8. Quantum Energy: Dr. Kiril Chukanov’s Quantum Leap – March 12, 2001 🌟

8 2001 march12 quantumenergy

Embark on a transformative journey with Dr. Kiril Chukanov’s groundbreaking experiments featured in the video about the Quantum Energy, recorded on March 12, 2001. Delving into the heart of his private laboratory, the video captures Dr. Chukanov conducting revolutionary tests on ball lightings, unveiling the secrets of his generators for free quantum energy. This exclusive […]

7. Sandy


Embark on a captivating journey with Dr. Kiril Chukanov in “7. Sandy,” where he conducts groundbreaking tests on generators for free quantum energy. The video seamlessly blends scientific marvels in his laboratory with a personal moment with his wife near a sandy hotel, offering an exclusive glimpse into Dr. Chukanov’s revolutionary work. Follow our social […]

6. Groundbreaking Experiments – September 11, 1996 🌟

6 1996 septmapuvca

Step into the transformative world of Dr. Kiril Chukanov’s pioneering experiments on September 11, 1996, as showcased in the video Groundbreaking Experiments – September 11, 1996 . This exclusive footage provides a rare glimpse into Dr. Chukanov’s laboratory, where he pushes the boundaries of scientific understanding by harnessing free quantum energy from captivating ball lightings. […]

5 VyordanComp

5 vyordancomp

Dive into the behind-the-scenes journey with Dr. K. Chukanov in our latest video, VyordanComp. Witness the meticulous assembly of groundbreaking generators and explore Dr. Chukanov’s private lab, the epicenter of quantum innovation. Gain insights into the craftsmanship and precision behind these scientific marvels, pushing the boundaries of quantum energy research. Welcome to the Quantum Lab […]

4 1994 Feb GEI Bldsequipm

4 1994 feb gei bldsequipm

Step back to February 1994 with Dr. K. Chukanov in our latest video, 1994 Feb GEI Bldsequipm. Explore the birth of a revolutionary era inside General Energy International, Inc. Uncover the secrets of quantum energy production as Dr. Chukanov introduces the “Quantum Boundaries of the World. In a 15-minute journey, delve into the heart of […]

3. Quantum Discovery on SLC NewsKSL (Sept 9, 1993)

Quantum discovery featured on slc newsksl

Step back to September 9, 1993, with Breaking News on Quantum Discovery. Witness SLC NewsKSL’s exclusive coverage of Dr. K. Chukanov’s groundbreaking quantum discovery. Delve into the science, explore its impact on energy’s future, and hear from Dr. Chukanov himself. Subscribe for more untold stories from the forefront of quantum energy. Welcome to the Quantum […]

2. 3rd Automation Symposium on Ball Lightning (1992)”

2. 3rd automation symposium

Step back to July 30, 1992, with 3rd Automation Symposium on Ball Lightning. Dive into the collaborative wonders at the Genmark Automation show as Dr. Kiril Chukanov and Mr. Genko Genov present groundbreaking insights into ball lightning. Witness cutting-edge developments and shared visions pushing the boundaries of scientific exploration. Subscribe for more on the unfolding […]

1. Ball Lightning

1 balllightning

Explore the Genmark Automation Show in 1. Ball Lightning. Witness Dr. K. Chukanov’s groundbreaking invention reshaping quantum energy. Delve into his biography, uncover the motivations, challenges, and triumphs behind this quantum breakthrough. Learn the mysteries of quantum ball lightning and its potential as a sustainable energy source. Subscribe for updates on the unfolding saga of […]

The Origin of Matter


Is the matter still a mystery? Everything starts in the ocean of energy our world is floating in. In ancient times people believed that our world was flat and floating in the ocean surrounded by water. Believe it or not, in every fairytale there is a truth to some extent. Let’s look where the truth […]