Quantum Dragon – China

Stepping on Chinese soil, we encountered a lively interest in quantum energy. The project went to a small private company (Tianjin Weikang Medical Supplies Co., Ltd.). Of course, communication was difficult at first. We had to make some animations to discuss the problems and introduce the substance.

Initially, we focused on the property of spherical lightning to have a constant quantum temperature of its nucleus. We asked for a professional microwave generator for $ 32,000 – Chinese production and we were immediately denied. We had to look for a cheaper option for a microwave source. We headed to a small microwave company in Tianjin.

We set a condition for a minimum of 5KWt of microwave energy. This company did not have enough experience and despite the 8 magnetrons, placed 4 at the top and bottom in the microwave chamber – the power reached was only 3.2 kW. With our help, the company eliminated basic design errors and we even reached 6.1 KWt. The installation of the elements in the generator was perfect, but the cable connections were disgusting – we had to completely redo it after we received not one but two generators. In the end, we actually lit lightning in both at the same time.

The owners of the company began to realize the seriousness of the project, but gave a very short deadline for its completion. They even intervened in the fact that the Chinese Communist Party wants an end result within three months. This, of course, was impossible. In the photo below you can see how the Chinese stretched a banner urging us to make the quantum prototype in 90 days.

 Later, the hosts realized that it takes more time and money to pursue a real result. Suddenly they decided to buy a serious microwave generator for 10KWt and $ 32,000. Someone upstairs apparently ordered everything to be bought to advance the project.

WY10S-01 microwave generator

Technical parameters

Power supply: 3 phases 380V ± 10% 50Hz;
Ambient temperature: ≤0 to 35 degrees C; Relative humidity: ≤85%; Working area: non-flammable, explosive gases, corrosive gas, less dust;
China mw2. Microwave frequency: 2450MHz;

3. Microwave power: 0 to 10 KW;

4. Control of the returned energy;

5. Size of microwave generators: 810mm600mm 1650mm (length,
width and height);

6. Control method: manual, automatic (optional);
7. Magnetron cooling mode: air cooling and
water cooling;

8. Remote control;
9. Perfect protection system;

10. Microwave leaks in accordance with national standards.

Main characteristics

The device can have a power of 10KW microwave energy. Perfect protection system, wide range of power regulation, very high conversion efficiency.

For the first time in the history of quantum energy, the possibility of testing ball lightning under pressure appeared. An old dream of Dr. Chukanov. And all events suddenly moved in that direction. Orders began for various quartz chambers and, of course, a special metal container.

With the help of local Chinese engineers, a structure was developed that could work under pressure. You need to imagine a quartz chamber that will hold air pumped to 8 atmospheres. Of course, quartz can’t stand this and will shatter. Therefore, the pressure inside and around the chamber is equalized to the mentioned 8 atmospheres. All this is done in the name of many more air particles to come into contact with the hot core of the future ball lightning.

But here comes another problem – the air in the quartz chamber must move as it is under pressure and when heated to give a certain contour this temperature to an air-to-water heat exchanger. And this turned out to be not an easy task for the turbine, which has to rotate this air along the heat-dissipating circuit. The turbine propellers meet a huge resistance and the electric motor requires too much power.
But all this did not prevent this experiment:

At 8 atmospheres of air pressure in the quartz chamber, the ball lightning not only did not go out – but developed nearly 100,000 degrees Celsius. Exceptional brightness, intense ultraviolet radiation …. The fact was confirmed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences by measuring with the necessary spectral equipment.

In the video above you can see how the system provides 220 degrees of air flow at the inlet of the heat exchanger – quite enough to measure the energy at the outlet of the system.

The thermal version of the Quantum Dragon was moving forward …. But imagine 8 atmospheres in a serious metal container – in the center of the container a quartz chamber that conducts process air in a separate circuit – again with a pressure of 8 atmospheres – and all this heated to a terrible temperature. Reaching this state can only be done with careful actions of the operator ….. Leaving it is also dangerous if you do not follow a certain sequence of actions ……

Something terrible happens: In one of the shutdowns of these 2 circuits – one is inadvertently forgotten. The quartz chamber heated to high degrees turns out to be under pressure on its own and bursts into thousands of pieces, which are driven into the body of Dr. Kiril Chukanov …… A difficult 7-hour surgical operation for Chukanov follows – piece by piece of quartz is removed pieces of Cyril’s body – miraculously no one caught his eye …. The picture is unpleasant! A long recovery follows.

Dr. Kiril Chukanov realizes that this is a very difficult technology to achieve. Fearing that after this incident the enthusiasm of the Chinese may decline – he decided to quickly change the technology in another direction. And he dresses the Quantum Dragon in Kinetic “clothes.” Preparations for an experiment begin – a continuation of the project from Varna.

Img 20150516 160337

In this camera he decided to show the Chinese team the lightning received by the discharge of a high-voltage powerful capacitor. Lightning in the air. Immediately start assembling a high-voltage powerful rectifier, buying a capacitor, building a switch and everything you need for that. We talk about this with the following photos:

Experiments begin initially in the air. It leads to a unique recording of an experiment by Chinese television with a fast camera.

After watching the video footage from the movie above, please take a look at the 14 stills below. For now, we will leave them without comment – but they carry a lot of information.

Img 20150516 160337 1We will return to these shots in another article on the site. There you will see processes identical to the manifestations of our sun. And now let’s go back to this picture.

Dr. Chukanov puts this camera at the heart of a serious kinetic experiment. Its natural extension turns into a 3-meter cannon ….

Img 20150831 083101 2With this tool, Dr. Chukanov wants to test his second dream, from his own theory: Cutting space in a pre-tense environment. According to quantum theory, ball lightning is not interested in whether the medium is pre-pressurized in a certain pre-closed volume – a thick-walled chamber, such as this cannon. With its appearance it cuts the space like scissors and progressively increases the pressure in the said chamber – in progression a giant free energy is obtained with all the consequences of this.

No one in Gao’s company from Tian Jin realizes that a MONSTER EXPERIMENT is being prepared !!!

As will be understood later, the FORCES ABOVE do not allow dangerous consequences to occur.

Dr. Chukanov’s visa expires again and he must return to Sofia according to Chinese law. At this moment he does not know that he may never see China again …….


Kiril Chukanov

Kiril Chukanov

Bulgarian scientist and innovator in the field of quantum energy with Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees. Founder of General Energy International and Chukanov Quantum Energy, LLC. Author of three books and holder of two patents in the field of quantum energy.