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At the beginning of June 2013, the construction of a small experimental quantum generator in the city of Varna started. This happened on the territory of Europack Bulgaria – a small company for the production of paper bags for bread, etc. (one of the companies of MONTIS GROUP).

The main initiator of the project is Filip Filipov – a famous astrologer in Varna (pictured right). The idea is with little money and in a short time to reach a significant breakthrough in new energy sources – quantum generators.

In a short time, a small laboratory was equipped with basic instruments and measuring equipment. The electrical installation was reinforced.

And the work on the generator began. Two powerful capacitors were delivered from the USA – such are manufactured only for special purposes and by companies related to NASA, state military projects and others. such as General Atomics for example.

In this small chamber, but with a sufficient cross-section in thickness, shocks of the order of 14 kilojoules will be concentrated, charged as an electric charge in the capacitors. A central electrode isolated from the housing is placed in the center of the chamber.

The chamber is filled with sea salt water and the air is completely removed. At the top of the chamber was a flexible silicone rubber membrane pressed by a metal ring.

Зand the needs of the project a special high-voltage rectifier with the necessary automation and protections was developed. The charge of the capacitors could reach 16,000 volts DC. The discharge current can reach 100,000 amps. Classic scheme:

Kinetic variant 1

Unique experiments were performed in Varna. For example, in a transparent plastic plexiglass cylinder all phases of the eruption of ball lightning under water were successfully filmed, various processes were detected visually – for example passing through a ball cloud of steam, before the powerful ultraviolet and light radiation of energy photons, the kinetic effect.

In this experiment, without looking for this effect – we saw a whole constellation of small ball lightning.
With this experiment, which was called a “quantum cannon”, we fired a 5 kg cylindrical cannonball at a height of more than 15 meters. According to the known laws of physics, when you measure the initial velocity of this cannonball and its weight – you can easily determine what energy is needed for this to happen.

Of course, with certain parameters, this production can easily become a weapon and even this short film can become a reality.


Here it became clear the method we later used in the Artex project: namely, the production of a powerful geyser with energy many times greater than that used to charge the capacitors.

Later, a new metal cylindrical chamber was developed, which was ground from the inside and prepared to work together with a cylindrical piston sealed with rings for good sealing. The piston will take on this little geyser and will be harnessed to work.

After many attempts, it was decided to focus the project on creating a linear electric quantum generator, similar to the animation on the left. The ball lightning will compress the electrolyte to the walls of the working chamber and then in the opposite direction the water of the electrolyte will stretch to a brown gas state, after which the process is repeated indefinitely.

Immediately a company was found in Varna ready to help with work and to prepare a working chamber with two horizontal pistons and everything necessary for the executive part.

At the time, this meant about 6 months of work on the design, construction and first tests. If successful, things went to a giant business for Bulgaria. However, the owners of MONTIS GROUP decided that this was an unjustified financial effort for them and decided not to take any more risks. At the same time, the pressure from China for a project there, with better funding, was growing with each passing day. And very soon we were talking about the Chinese project: THE QUANTUM DRAGON.


The quantum experiment “Greater Bulgaria” in the city of Varna provides a significant amount of information about FREE ENERGY, which can be converted into electricity or mechanical motion.

For the first time, a very clear video was shot about the appearance of ball lightning under water – in this case in an electrolytic environment. Careful analysis showed that the phenomenon lasted for about 2 milliseconds and then began an oscillating attenuation process – respectively second and third lightning – accompanied by the respective second and third kinetic impact. The reason for this is the presence of a series choke in the discharge circuit – the energy fluctuates between the electric field of the capacitor bank and the magnetic field of the protective choke connected in series in the discharge circuit. Due to the inclusion of the quantum electrons of the ball lightning in the process, contrary to the laws of OM, about 4 times the output electric power is obtained. However, a much higher value is obtained for the free energy, manifested in this case as KINETIC. The whole process was filmed with the so-called ROGOVSKI BELT and recorded on the flash memory of an electronic oscilloscope.

With each cycle of the process, with each successive lightning, … the so-called MACRO-NUCLEAR ENERGY begins to acquire significance. This is a huge stream of ultraviolet rays, which will be dissipated with each impact in the form of heat in the working electrolyte – ordinary sea water. It will need cooling and this secondary energy can heat water for the needs of the future user. For this purpose, a cooling water jacket must be installed in the body of the working chamber.
It is quite possible to get electricity with a linear generator, even combined – linear rotary generator – see this gif:

Ezgifcom gif maker 16 1


Kiril Chukanov

Kiril Chukanov

Bulgarian scientist and innovator in the field of quantum energy with Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees. Founder of General Energy International and Chukanov Quantum Energy, LLC. Author of three books and holder of two patents in the field of quantum energy.