Quantum Project Anlotron 2

City. Calgary, Alberta, Canada – 2008

Ezgifcom gif maker 61In this gif file you can see what things look like when the ball lightning is electrically excited in the Anlotron 2 generator. A powerful 125 megawatt pulse from a capacitor bank made of 5 powerful General Atomix capacitors – USA is introduced into the working chamber with a ball lightning. This is done by means of 2 tungsten electrodes touching the periphery of the lightning.

We must immediately announce that the measured OVER UNITY at this time increases incredibly more than 8 times – as written on the left. It is eight times the normal operation of the generator, measured repeatedly and over a long period of operation. With minus 15 degrees cold outside the Calgary workroom, we were forced to open doors and windows to cool the small workshop we worked in.
A huge turbine blew air out of the generator – a 25-meter jet …..

In the picture below you can see in working version Anlotron 2. The waveguide of a 100KWt microwave generator irradiates a huge quartz bell from above, vertically downwards. A powerful air turbine sucks air into the background from the main chamber, and a small 1KWt turbine rotates a part of the exhaust air.


This gif depicts the working principle of the Anlotron2. A microwave current creates lightning in a quartz bell and an air turbine, sucking the air above, which is produced by contact with the core of the quantum object.

Not shown in the animation is an auxiliary small turbine that supplies incoming air to the lightning core in the center of the quartz bell. Also not shown are 2 tungsten electrodes touching the lightning for additional electrical impact on the lightning. Of course, both facts are important.

Control measurements of different operating modes and correct distribution of air flows, in accordance with the power of the microwaves at 915 MHz, temperature control, computer records for further analysis – weeks in a row.д.


 Electrical attacks of ball lightning by discharging a powerful capacitor bank. The method of this process is visually demonstrated below. LC1202-L (right) is an intelligent remote-controlled pulse high-voltage rectifier up to 10KV DC.

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El udari anlotron 2

Ezgifcom gif maker 67To make the powerful 125 MWt electrical pulses possible, a special power plant was developed.

Of course, there were also measuring equipment for alpha, beta and gamma radiation, built-in probes for measuring high voltage, automation, Rogovski belt for testing various currents of great value, etc., protections and control circuits for remote control, control discharge of the capacitor bank, etc.

Throughout the operation, the air outlet is monitored as an output energy with its temperature. In fact, this is the equivalent of energy output. After repeated measurements, it was found that the flow of the air turbine, which literally sucks air out of the working chamber – corresponds exactly to the factory plate of the turbine. We do not report the exact value because we do not consider it so significant. After all, it is an ordinary air turbine for woodworking machines.

Of course, this flow is constant and unchanged over time, which facilitates measurements. When you know its value and the temperature of the exhaust air – it is quite simple to calculate what energy is needed to change the inlet air temperature in the generator to that of the outlet.


All generators in the Anlotron series touch us with new quantum phenomena, creating unusual objects. It is obvious that a new type of energy with insufficiently studied origin is being achieved. They touch us to an unknown reality, the perception of which requires intellectual and other efforts of human consciousness.

Although the term “ball lightning” is used here, it is understandable that this artificially created unusual object does not necessarily have to be identified with the naturally occurring ball lightning. That is why we can temporarily accept Dr. Chukanov’s proposal, to talk about a “quantum material macro-object”.

It is clear that new concepts will still be needed, because whether we like it or not, we are touching a NEW PARADIGM in the field of science and technology.

The nucleus of a quantum material macro-object can hardly be “cooled”. On the contrary, it strives to maintain its temperature as a constant at any fixed microwave irradiation power.

The nucleus of the quantum material macro-object develops several thousand degrees, but does not melt the quartz bell – apparently because of the electronic levels around the nucleus, completely subject to the Pauli principle.


Kiril Chukanov

Kiril Chukanov

Bulgarian scientist and innovator in the field of quantum energy with Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees. Founder of General Energy International and Chukanov Quantum Energy, LLC. Author of three books and holder of two patents in the field of quantum energy.