Quantum Project Anlotron 3

City. Calgary, Alberta, Canada – 2008


Anlotron 3 is shown in the picture above. An air turbine sucks air from the working chamber of the quantum generator, through an air-to-air heat exchanger. The aim is for maximum heat dissipation to be registered in the heat exchanger. The generator has a built-in system for electrical excitation (in the photo look at the incoming red cables on the left and right) – ending with 2 tungsten electrodes on the periphery of the lightning. The difference from Anlotron 2 is the lack of an additional supply turbine for intake air. The principle is shown in the animation below:


 In the video below you see the generator in action. Electric pulses are clearly visible in which lightning literally erupts so that the heat wave is felt more than 10 meters from the generator. Of course, photon radiation also suggests this point.

One of the possibilities for using this generator is shown in the animation below. The hot air drives a Stirling engine – operating on the principle of thermal expansion and contraction of the working gas. Its efficiency reaches 40-45%. It in turn drives a standard three-phase generator.

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Kiril Chukanov

Kiril Chukanov

Bulgarian scientist and innovator in the field of quantum energy with Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees. Founder of General Energy International and Chukanov Quantum Energy, LLC. Author of three books and holder of two patents in the field of quantum energy.