Why Do We Need to Replace the Natural Energy Resources?

 These are words of Joe Biden, already the elected US President but posted while his candidate campaign, and this is about US sanctions,that Europe should use natural gas from Russia, and stop Russian influence, and use American shale gas and strengthen American influence.


For decades, humanity has been working to replace fossil natural energy resources with other energy sources. Fossil energy sources are not unlimited and they will run out sooner or later; they destroy the earth, pollute the environment by releasing harmful emissions, and some are radioactive with fatal consequences. It is not insignificant that their application requires long and expensive processes for extraction and transportation, complex and expensive farms for their preparation for use. Another major problem for society is that most are in private hands and in some of the largest financial structures, used for political purposes with the concentration of huge financial resources and affect the division of society.

Renewable energy sources have also shown a number of shortcomings. They depend on nature and are not permanent, which hinders consumption, do not have enough capacity to solve regional problems and are not completely harmless to the environment.

Nuclear energy was discovered more than 100 years ago, and its wide application was found in the last 60-70 years of the last century. It currently satisfies less than 50% of electricity consumption. The atomic bombs over Hiroshima in Japan, the Chernobyl and Fukushima accidents, have shown that despite the protective equipment used during operation, accidents are possible and the consequences are really tragic for people. Preservence of nuclear fuel storage is a global problem at the moment and is dangerous to some extent.

Fusion is another possible source of energy. Currently, the energy society relies on it as a future energy source. The construction of the thermonuclear reactor in Cadarache, southern France, is expected to be completed by the end of 2025 and testing will begin. It is assumed that only after 10-15 years it will be possible to say about its application and use. We cannot now draw precise conclusions about advantages and disadvantages. But in all the energy sources mentioned so far, the problems are large investments, expensive energy, complex power transmission systems, pollution, harmful emissions, radiation, the huge monopolization of this business and its use for political purposes. So far, 20 billion euros have been set aside for this project, for the construction of the reactor and the tests with it. For now, there are still unknown factors.

There are other natural sources of energy as an opportunity to be used and applied in our lives. The different types of lightning, the tides of the seas and oceans, improving the use of solar and wind energy and much more.

            All these sources are natural, created by nature, they maintain the balance and existence of flora and fauna, climate and are a guarantee for our survival and existence. And most importantly, they are not inexhaustible.

The only right solution to get out of this dangerous and fatal situation, threatening our existence on the planet Earth, is to make ARTIFICIAL ENERGY SOURCES INDEPENDENT OF NATURE. Artificial, by developing methods and facilities that imitate certain natural sources or phenomena, or by discovering and developing new technological artificial energy sources.

Artificially producing ball lightning as a source of energy would be a suitable source. The phenomenon of ball lightning in nature has long led scientists to build various theories about its appearance, its properties and capabilities and how it can be applied in our economic and everyday life. The production and attempts to obtain ball lightning in the laboratory began in 1904 by Nikola Tesla in Colorado Springs, USA. Later in the 1950s, Soviet academician Pyotr Kapitsa received a ball of lightning. The list is long, ball lightning has been obtained, but its capabilities, properties and qualities are not fully and definitively clarified. It is difficult to explain on this site the reasons why this energy source has not yet found application.

Many years of research, experiments and measurements in the United States, Canada, Russia, China, Bulgaria, by Dr. Eng. Kiril Chukanov and Eng. Evgeni Beev, worked in these countries, we can say with FULL RESPONSIBILITY that we can immediately proceed to specific prototypes of quantum energy generators for specific objects and for specific purposes.

This site collects and shows the theoretical and practical developments for the natural phenomenon of ball lightning and its capabilities, both the two Bulgarian researchers and others engaged in this field.

For artificial energy sources, it should be known that the main indicator by which its efficiency should be determined is not K.P.D. (efficiency), is not a “perpetual motion machine”, as some would compare it, but OVER UNITY (ratio between input and output). This ratio must be greater than one in order to have an environmental and economic effect. The first indicators showed a ratio between 1.8 to 5.0 and 8.0, which is acceptable but still insufficient for mass application.

The latest measurements of the prototypes produced in our country in Bulgaria, theoretically show a possible ratio in large limits, tending to infinity.

The energy from these “artificial energy sources” can be obtained and excited in different ways, it can be managed and controlled, it is safe; does not emit any harmful emissions or radiation. Only in the area of ​​its appearance it emits ultraviolet radiation, which remains there and can be isolated. The other important advantage is that this energy is constant, and no matter how much we take it away from the “source”, it retains its parameters. If we have to receive heat with certain degrees, we can receive them, maintain them, regulate them, control them. It is the same when we want to get kinetic energy. These types of energy can be converted into electricity either through existing facilities or through newly constructed ones. With proper handling, the energy that can be obtained in the form of heat reaching tens of thousands of degrees Celsius; or thousands of atmospheres pressure at the kinetic variant. This “artificial energy source” can be called “PLASMOSPHERE”. This heat or pressure, we can direct them to any active user. The replacement of the fuel farms of the Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants, of the gas turbine units, is the most important task at the moment. This is a problem not only for Bulgaria and Europe, this is the most important problem for the whole World. In parallel, it is possible to proceed to the construction and testing of “artificial energy generators” – “PLASMOSPHERE” for small and medium capacities to satisfy individual and small local users. With this application, we will be able to use the available power plants for another long period, without fuel, without any harmful emissions. Obtaining electricity directly from this type of generators is quite possible and can be realized in the near future. Such huge investments in the construction of power plants will not be necessary, and expensive power grids and systems may be eliminated in the future. It is true that huge investments in experiments, in the construction of such facilities enable large corporations to receive huge orders, a handful of people to get rich, to gain power, influence and control of the world, but at the expense of the remaining 99% of humanity. It is high time for many physicists and power engineers to stop supporting conventional ideas and developments that have been operating and ruling for centuries, and to start getting involved and adapting to new technologies and innovations. To start accepting the theoretical and experimental developments of Dr. Eng. Kiril Chukanov and Eng. Evgeni Beev, to improve them and together to get out of the rigid theories, in most cases which do not serve progress, for the good of mankind, but rather serve corporate interests. “Where doubt ends, science ends,” “When theory coincides with experiment, it is not a discovery, but a closure,” said the great Russian scientist Pyotr Kapitsa.

“The worst monopoly is the patents.”

Nikola Tesla


Kiril Chukanov

Kiril Chukanov

Bulgarian scientist and innovator in the field of quantum energy with Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees. Founder of General Energy International and Chukanov Quantum Energy, LLC. Author of three books and holder of two patents in the field of quantum energy.