The Bulgarian Discoverers


 There is hardly a nation with a sadder fate than the Bulgarian one.  From the height of its splendor of its creation by Asparuh, through the greatness of the reign of Simeon the Great, Bulgaria on three seas, falling into two miserable slavery, the forcible seizure of entire territories from our country, etc., Europe will never be able to pay the huge its debt to the Bulgarians.

     Bulgarians are a great people, descendants of an ancient culture, nurtured with a military spirit, with their writing and culture.

      The Bulgarian people have made their worthy contribution to the development of mankind. Without Bulgarian inventions, today it will be difficult for us to imagine the Internet, social networks, road safety, breakfast, nuclear safety, the work of special services, setting up a computer calendar, and much more. We can rightly call these discoveries great because they have completely changed the world and human life for the better. Their list is long, but we will mention some: 

-The Cyrillic alphabet created by the holy brothers Cyril and Methodius, spread not only among our southern and eastern Slavic peoples, but also among the non-Slavic peoples of Russia and some republics of the former USSR;

-Yogurt by Dr. Stamen Grigorov;

-The computer invented by John Atanasov;

-The electronic watch, invented by Petar Dimitrov Petrov;

-The farthest planet from the Sun discovered by Prof. Dimitar Sasselov;

-The printer, invented by Prof. Georgi Yordanov;

– Nivalin by Prof. Dimitar Paskov;
-The passenger plane, the airbags, the answering machine were invented by Asen Yordanov;

      Most Bulgarian inventors have worked abroad, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be proud of them. They are Bulgarians and are part of our Bulgarian nation. At the moment, many Bulgarian young professionals, ousted from the “democratic transition”, work in various authoritative and prosperous institutes and companies and contribute to their prosperity. Unfortunately, most of these inventions were made in countries other than Bulgaria, to the detriment of our country. This shows the disastrous policy of the Bulgarian rulers, without creating conditions, without an elementary view of economic development and ensuring a better life for the people. Such inventions can only bring production of products competing on the world market, jobs for Bulgarians, a rich and stable country. But this shows another side of the problem, the ability of the Bulgarian to survive alone, to put his own, personal, before his obligations to the homeland, to the society where he came from, where he received education to become a specialist, and to apply the acquired knowledge. and skills for their country. Selfishness, gaining the freedom of a “pan”, prosperity and the role of society are some of the reasons for the hardships and sufferings of Bulgaria. The collective style and method of work, of life, are foreign to most of us Bulgarians.

The list does not end here, but we will talk about the invention that will change the world and give a new restart to life on our planet. This is the discovery of ball lightning as a source of free quantum energy by the Bulgarian Dr. Eng. Kiril Borisov Chukanov.

      Significantly, it falls into the field of discoveries such as nuclear energy. But nuclear power, as powerful as it is, is just as dangerous. Spherical lightning, when received and skillfully and technically competent use and application, can become a major source of energy, replace all conventional natural ones without emitting harmful emissions and not causing any dangerous to human life and nature, consequences.

      In his developments and research during these 30 years in the USA, Canada, China and Bulgaria, Dr. Eng. Kiril Chukanov has worked alone and with the cooperation of Eng. Evgeni Beev. At the beginning he used his own funds, later there were investors willing to invest, but he refused for various reasons.

        People like him, inventors, innovators, are organized with different thinking, different temperament. In their quest to achieve the result they are looking for at any cost, they want to achieve it at any cost and on their own. It is very difficult to admit outsiders to them, for fear of stealing the invention, mania for greatness and superiority to others. Such an invention, with such wide possibilities for applications, is impossible in the strength and capabilities of a person, no matter how ingenious he may be. This is a project for different teams of specialists who have to work together to create separate prototypes and models for different applications of this new energy source. This discovery contradicts some laws of science, many scientists and specialists do not accept these developments, which further complicates normal work. On the other hand, this project disrupts the business of some of the largest corporations in the world. This is the other reason why so far there is no completed prototype with application in some industry, the quantum generator, as a source of energy.

        During the whole thirty years of exceptional work, Dr. Eng. Kiril Chukanov, in addition to fighting to prove the effect of his discovery, he also fought with himself, he wanted to prove himself theoretically and experimentally the possibilities of the globular lightning. The experiments of the prototypes made in the USA, Canada, China and Bulgaria, together with eng. Evgeni Beev, prove results with unimaginable great possibilities. But here arises the problem of the applications of such generators in energy, transport, and all other fields of industry. Here we can no longer continue without the involvement of specialists, designers, technologists to develop projects in these areas. Our idea is to use the existing technological complexes and units using energy as consumers of this energy.

          For Bulgaria there is an incredible opportunity to develop a new industry, to become a center of quantum energy, to attract leading companies and companies, to provide jobs for many young and qualified professionals. This invention and the developments around it must remain in Bulgaria, with all its intellectual property, providing all the necessary conditions for development, production and skillful planning and management of processes.

Bulgaria needs a new, different restart in its development.  


Kiril Chukanov

Kiril Chukanov

Bulgarian scientist and innovator in the field of quantum energy with Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees. Founder of General Energy International and Chukanov Quantum Energy, LLC. Author of three books and holder of two patents in the field of quantum energy.