What Is God? What Can He Do, and How?



By Kiril Chukanov September 2023, Salt Lake City

(This article was written by me 20 months after I suffered a stroke)

God is located on the very top of the GREAT CIRCLE OF REALITY! God is the most evolved, the most sophisticated, and the most powerful power in reality in our unique ‘world—the universe’. What we know about His essence, how He controls and makes our world stable, save, self-sufficient, comfortable to live in, what means He uses to impose His Spirit over the world, was He created by some superior force, and will He die and when, etc. Social science knows nothing about that, even though it rejects the idea of His existence. Religions claim that God exists, but they don’t know what God is. All religions are based on faith, not science. Different religions describe, in different ways, in a primary way, without any proof, the essence and powers of the Supreme Leader of our world. However, contemporary intelligent people need scientific explanations and proofs.

As was explained before, individual human soul is a ‘minimum quanta’ in the sector of spiritual form of Reality, God is a ‘maximum quanta’. See figure 1.

What is god what can he do and how picture 1

On the other hand, God is located in the last (superior) quantum position in the quantum circle of reality. Nothing is left in position 19. God cannot be multiplied by numerous gods; God is one and unique. God is a “max quantum spirit.”

Dear Reader, I suppose that it is very difficult for you to understand and accept as a truth such a reality. If you do so, this will be a huge leap in your outlook on our world. And you’ll understand that contemporary political science is wrong, that NASA is wasting the money of US taxpayers on its senseless, useless mega-projects, and why Russia and its great president Vladimir Putin will win war against the conservative West. Because Russia and its smart president Vladimir Putin are working hard in direction of great changes in the world’s political, social, and economic paradigm (according to the Spirit of the Super Mind of the Universe Quantum Wave of Life’s Evolution),. Can the Conservative West, USA, Joe Biden (according to their accepted as eternal and most efficient model of human society, free market capitalism) fight successfully against the Great Changes (during the Great Tribulation) that are currently going on in our world? Can they stop the progress of our civilization (in political, social, and economic terms)? No, of course not! Because of that, Russia and Vladimir Putin will win the war against the West, and this will happen at the end of the current Great Tribulation (circa 2040 AD). Russia and President Putin are on the right side of history; they are doing God’s job! God help Russia!

Human spirits of higher levels (family spirit, city spirit, country spirit, whole civilized world spirit) can change its inanimate environment in bigger scale than the spirit of individual human being (min quantum human spirit).

God puts in motion tectonic and climate changes, other processes in inanimate matter on Earth, pandemics and other biological and social processes that accelerate the evolution (biological and social) of animate matter on Earth, and human-induced disasters (like wars and accidents) when it is needed for accomplishing revolutionary changes in His mind, ‘Quantum Wave of Life’s Evolution’. And this happens by observing all existing natural laws and quantum limitations and using all available material resources on the planet. However, if needed for His plan, God can violate, for short, and on a very limited scale, those natural laws.

Human spirit (soul) occupies the same quantum level as human biological organism 10, in the great circle of animate matter. They are the two ‘internal’ faces of one quantum unit (a human being)—Figure 2.

What is god what can he do and how picture 2

They are entangled each with other. So, in their ‘outside’ (in the real world) manifesta5ons they present their double nature at the same time– they are human spirit and biological forma5on (the whole organism) at the same time. If, for example, some ‘wish-decision’ appears in the human consciousness (soul), say, to move the finger on the left hand, the finger (biological element of human body) obeys this spiritual order without using some material mediators/carriers (electrical currents, chemical, or mechanical, processes issued from the material brains) and immediately, not limited by the speed of light. On another hand, human soul can influence/change close inanimate material environment at its wish. For example, to rearrange furniture in its apartment. In this case human soul uses the elements of his biological body (hands, legs,) and some inanimate material tools. In other words, elements of lower quantum levels of reality The human soul can organize or change the material environment at its wish, violating entropy, which is valid for inanimate matter only in the absence of spiritual influence. Because our planet Earth is the home-residence of God, His influence over material things is most significant for the zone at the Earth surface and less significant for the zones close to the Earth (moon, solar system). Distant cosmic objects are not influenced enough by God’s Spirit; they don’t change qualitatively in me; for them, entropy is the main factor of existence. They are the same (no qualitative change) from the ‘5me zero’ to the ‘end of 5me’ of the inanimate universe. This is the main cause of the lack of a ‘big bang’ at the beginning of the universe. The universe of inanimate material things is infinite; it was not created. The universe of animate things (life on planet Earth is the whole animate universe), in contrast, evolves in 5 minutes; it is not created from inanimate matter; it appears (at the beginning of 5 minutes) in its simplest form (prokaryote cells and blue-green weed cells) and continues to evolve according to God’s Spirit’s “Quantum Wave of Life’s Evolution.”.

God, the superior spirit in our world or universe, occupies the top quantum level in the Great Circle of Reality. God is unique, one; there is no multiplicity of God in multiple gods, because at point 19, finishes further qualita5ve evolu5on of it finishes. On the quantum level 19, thequantum human spiritual organism of our human civilization (all human souls of all human beings who lived, are living now, and will live during the quantum 5 years of human civilization—approximately 6,000 years) is transformed into a new kind of spiritual reality: God’s Spirit! God’s Spirit is a new quality of spirit, totally different from human spirit, with new potentials for influence over reality in the whole world. God’s human spiritual body is the quantum face of all human individual spirits. God occupies the orthogonal 2-D surface alfa, and individual human spirits occupy the 3-D space l. Figure 3.

What is god what can he do and how picture 4

The quantum face of the universe of inanimate matter (from the 2-D quantum surface alfa) exercises gravity pulling on all individual objects with mass in rest from 3-D space without using some material mediators (gravitons, for example) because they occupy two mutually orthogonal space systems and are, at the same time, two internal elements of one quantum unit. See the same figure 3.

The same is valid for God’s Spirit (from 2-D quantum surface alfa) and all individual human spirits, including the highest quantum level ‘human spirit’ (19) (from 3-D space l). Also, quantum human spirits of lower levels (levels 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18) can influence individual human spirits without some material mediators and immediately, not limited by the speed of light. See the same figure 3.

Tree-dimensional space “l” is smooth and homogenic at every point (more precisely, at every’min quantum spatial cell delta l); it is a spiritual continuum; there exist no fixed (preferable in some aspect) orthogonal directions x, y, z in this space. In this 3-D spiritual confluence are submerged individual spirits. The orthogonal 2-D space “alfa” (to l space) is also smooth, homogenic, and spiritual, without defined points, directions, or areas. Because alfa 2-d space is a quantum object—manifold. “l-space and alfa-space” are different but connected to each other. “alfa-space” is projected at EVERY POINT (every minimum quantum spatial cell delta l) of 3-D space “l”. They are in touch at any “min quanta cell delta”I” of the space “l.”. It is impossible to exchange material particles or material fields between both spaces!!! The point of contact represents “zero-point space” for “l” space. Nothing material can go through this “zero space.” Our world or universe exists in both spaces “l” and “alfa” at the same time. See Figure 2.

The two internal elements of this quantum unit, “Space of the World,” are different from each other, but they cannot exist without each other; they are constantly in contact at any “zero-point delta l,” and they are in eternal contradiction  and cooperation. ‘Space of the World’ represents “double-faced Janus”.

The inferior (to human spirits) spirits of animals, plants, and bacteria are also controlled by higher quantum levels of spirits. People call this phenomenon “instinct,” without knowing the truth about it. Individual honeybees exist in 3-D space l, while the quantum spirit of the honeybee hive exists in orthogonal 2-D space alfa. From quantum space, alfa’s ‘quantum honeybee spirit’ controls the behavior of all individual honeybees instantly, without the use of material mediators. The same happens with any compact society of animals and plants: they are under immediate, and without the use of material mediators, control of the superior quantum spirit of this society.

The counterpart of God in inanimate reality is the quantum face of our universe. Figure 4.

What is god what can he do and how picture 3

In the animate universe, the counterpart of gravity (mutual attraction between material bodies with mass in rest) is the universal love (attraction) between the souls of human beings.

God’s Spirit and God’s human spiritual body are the two internal, ‘hidden’, elements of the quantum unit ‘God’. See Figure 5.

What is god what can he do and how picture 5

The two ‘internal’ elements of the quantum unit ‘God’ are entangled with each other. ‘Outside’ (in our real world), God is manifested as a double-faced Yanus: He can manifest Himself as ‘Human Spiritual Organism of Human Civilization’, and, at the same time, as ‘God’s Spirit’. The two faces of God occupy position 19 in the great circle of animate matter. See Figure 1.

Like it is for the individual human spirit of a human being, God’s Spirit can start some actions (changes) in the whole spiritual organism of human civilization, or in some of its elements, without the use of some material mediators (like biological fields). Immediately, not limited by the speed of light. Such quantum effects (changes) can be elements of God’s Spirit. Because God’s Spirit is a ‘quantum unit’, it has no separate elements (composition)  and no structure. The quantum wave of life’s evolution is the main spiritual property of God. Biological and spiritual (social) evolution of life’s forms and of human civilization is a doing of God’s Spirit. No material tools (like materials or biological fields) are involved. The Bible says, “God can do it; only He knows how He does it.” It is true, but civilized humans want to know how. That’s a science.

God’s Spirit activates(in a spiritual way) the components of the material environment of the spiritual organism of human civilization on planet Earth (oceans, mountains, atmosphere, bowels of Earth, rivers, etc.). And that without the use of material mediators (some material fields, for example), instantly, not limited by the speed of light. At some periods of calm, slow evolution of the spiritual form of reality, God’s Spirit creates favorable conditions for life (without, or minimum, natural disasters, a comfortable climate, abundant food, water, etc.). At some periods of fast evolution, God’s Spirit creates very dangerous environmental conditions in order to destroy quickly and effectively the old species (or old social order) doomed to disappear from the face of Earth. God’s Spirit uses natural and human-induced disasters for that. God’s Spirit triggers all of these disasters by observing all natural and biological laws and sources available in the environment. God’s Spirit could involve even the energy of the sun, transferring it to the earth in a quantum way. Or freezes the Earth, diminishing the generation of internal quantum energy in Earth. All tools are in the hands of God’s Spirit to manipulate energy generation and distribution on the Earth. Possible are some violations of natural laws (due to quantum boundaries of the world and quantum constants).

Lately in the world, there has been too much speculation about ‘climate changes due to human activity’. In fact, these changes in climate are due not to human activities but to the quantum wave of life’s evolution. God’s Spirit is the sublime energizer of the animate and inanimate universes! Not the blind chaos of natural forces. Climate activists want to create a miserable life on Earth because of their ignorance about processes influencing climate on our planet. Instead of limiting the use of fossil fuels and trying to take greenhouse gases from the atmosphere on a large scale to limit the deforestation of the planet, our civilization must work on projects to save as many human beings as possible in the event of catastrophic disasters. Also, to stop wasting money and human labor on useless mega-projects (like the Artemis Project, ITER, and all other NASA projects in the Solar System.). As a result of the catastrophic destruction of industry, roads, food supply, logistics, and communication, our civilization will be on the edge of collapse and on the non-return point to normal. The strategy of survival must be “not to stop or not to limit the use of fossil fuels and wood, but, on the contrary, to use them fully accessible to our civilization’s resources on the planet.” And create temporary movable ‘homes on wheels’ equipped with independent sources for survival (fuelless energy generation type “Chukanov’s free energy generators from super-dense quantum plasma”, simple energy efficient water purification systems, basic food supply, seeds, arms, transport without use of external energy sources, etc.).

Individual human souls represent’min’quanta’ in the 3-D world of individual souls. In order to distinguish itself from other human souls, an individual human soul must have an understanding of his individual status quo (self-consciousness), that he is a quantum unit, and that his soul cannot be divided into many individual souls. Also, because he (the human soul) lives in a material environment of inanimate and animate things, he must be able to detect their presence and characteristics. This is very important for his successful life and survival in this environment. Organs of the senses (ear, eyes, tongue, nose, and skin) are those material sensors that transfer information about these characteristics to the soul. The physical and biological characteristics of the material environment are transformed in the brains as elements of the soul. Feelings (love, hatred, envie, etc.)) and emotions (joy, fear, sadness, disgust, anger) are elements of the soul in connection with another individual soul. Memory, dreams, fantasy, etc. are the soul’s connection to time. The ability to calculate, analyze events, and create future projects are other spiritual powers of the soul to create and change the environment for his needs and security. Is that all?

Human spirits on higher quantum levels of human spirit (family, city, country, whole civilization) don’t need to have material senses for their safe and efficient functioning. Instead, for them, there are more important spiritual characteristics: a right analysis of the economic and political situation in a country and adequate decisions for them to take, for example. On the main quantum level of human spirit 19, it is an accomplished quantum leap from ‘human spirit form of reality’ to supreme spirit reality, God’s Spirit!” “God’s Spirit in One, Unique! God’s Spirit is one of the main ‘internal’ elements of the Quantum Unit “World of Reality”. See figure 1. The second element is ‘the universe of inanimate material things. Both elements are inseparable from each other; they cannot exist one without the other; they determine each other; they are in eternal helpful unity and struggle. God’s Spirit doesn’t need to have self-consciousness’, because He is unique, One; there is nothing to compare Himself with something equal to Him in importance (other gods). Only two characteristics of God’s Spirit are: 1) the quantum wave of life’s evolution; and 2) how to implement (1) in the real world of individual things.

The way of thinking of contemporary people is shaped by the philosophy of materialism: everything in the real world is matter (including our thoughts, which are functions of our brains, like functions of computers); inanimate matter is primary; animate matter is secondary—a byproduct of inanimate matter (not necessary in the cosmos); all actions in the universe are triggered by natural causes and are under control of natural laws; every material thing, or event, has its beginning and its end; every material thing, or event, is caused by some previously existing material thing or event; tools used for these transformations of material things or events (including their birth) are material. Impossible is to move a material object by the power of thought, for example. Or, to run a computer by the wish, mental order, or thought of the human soul of the computer user (man).

However, for the world of spirits, such a reality is possible. The human individual spirit (soul) can order a biological organism (animate biological mafer) to move some of its elements by just a mental wish (thought) without the use of material mediators (carriers) and without being limited or controlled by the physical laws of ordinary inanimate mafer. The spirit of the higher quantum level of reality can energize (put in mo5on, in ac5on) elements of the lower quantum level; the opposite is impossible.

Officially accepted science is created by scientists belonging to previous generations of scientists. This social science is more or less truthful, close but not enough, to the point of absolute truth. Science of spiritual form of Reality is not created yet. We have only 45 years left at our disposal until the end of time (2068 AD) to create it. At the end of time, God will reveal the full truth about our unique universe. At the “end of time,” God will die, and with Him, the whole universe will die.

This small article is the beginning of the creation and acceptance (by all human society) of the “Science of Absolute Truth”!

Good luck and best wishes to all citizens of the planet Earth! “На здраве”, my Bulgarian compatriots!



Kiril Chukanov

Kiril Chukanov

Bulgarian scientist and innovator in the field of quantum energy with Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees. Founder of General Energy International and Chukanov Quantum Energy, LLC. Author of three books and holder of two patents in the field of quantum energy.