The Universe of Life

By Kiril Chukanov, 2015, Tianjin, China

I. The ultimate (final) variant of the Quantum Wave of Life

Our Universe’s ‘divine’ design is not a random order created by the blind forces existing after the Big Bang explosion. The Big Bang explosion itself is just a theoretical utopia invented by official academic science in order to save its face as the superior investigator and teacher of Fundamental Science and to keep its lavish life funded by governments and private investors for as long as possible. The Big Bang Theory is a child of ignorance about the real nature of our universe.

The basic truths in the universe are simple, harmonic, and beautiful, as are their theoretical models. The ‘divine’ design of our unique universe is based on philosophical principles and basic symmetries. Such as:

The universe of life picture 1

Complex mathematical models explaining some fundamental phenomena and calculations of values of parameters with their help just give approximate picture of reality and very often they are wrong! A good example for such overuse of complex mathematics is the A. Einstein’s “General Relativity”. This happens not only because of ignorance of official science, but because this science is plagued by the viruses of national and professional chauvinism, corruption, plagiarism, greed for money, huge very expansive advertisement, discrimination about scientists from ‘outside of our circle of interests’, etc. It’s not a surprise that almost all Nobel Prize winners are Americans. It’s not a surprise that they don’t see us and don’t quote us in their scientific and laic publications. We are just an invisible scientific background for those western peacocks, a nuisance for them.

Our universe’s ‘divine’ design allows for a stable and comfortable existence of life on planet Earth -­‐ unique place of life in the whole universe. All world constants, parameter values of the celestial bodies, natural laws, protecting life forces, are so well ‘chosen’ and precisely tuned that a little shift from this incredible balance of forces and parameter values can make life impossible on the planet Earth. What, or Who, is this omnipotent regulator and safeguard of life? God? Maybe God is this superior mind and protector of the world of inanimate and animate things in our universe. That’s true, but God is not a Creator and Destroyer of the world. The ‘divine’ design of our universe is eternal, never created by something, or somebody, never can be changed or destroyed. Universe based on this ‘divine’ design is also never created and can never be destroyed.

God, whose residence is on the surface of our planet, regulates climate, tectonic activity, natural and human related disasters, all phenomenon which could influence life on earth (including on celestial bodies situated far from our little planet), in order to assure safe and continuous evolution of life on our planet according to the great “Quantum Wave of Life Evolution”. We call this God’s job as “Anthropic Principle”.

The Living Observer (Human Civilization and its Superior Spirit -­‐ God) ‘calibrates’ nature with its own standards. The evolution of Life goes through qualitatively different quantum life periods. These time-­‐periods are governed by natural symmetries and quantum coefficients of proportionality. Transition from one period to the next one following in the chain of time is accompanied by the increasing complexity of the Life’s features (properties) which undergo qualitative changes: new kind of dominating plants and animal species make their appearance. The organization of the universe of animate matter (life on Earth) is governed by the basic proportionality coefficients. In this variant of the “Quantum Wave of Life Evolution” I’m proposing (as more reliable) the coefficients based on the ratio of the masses of the elementary building bricks of the universe: the proton and the electron.

Coefficients of proportionality:

The universe of life picture 2

The quantum transformation of times in the chain of life evolution is also governed by the same proportionality coefficients. In order to build the life evolution chain besides the quantum proportionality coefficients, we must know some reference points in this chain. Such reference points are some very important moments in the evolution of life: some milestone events. The milestone events are located in the main quantum knots (maximums on the diagram of the “Quantum Wave of Life Evolution”). On the same diagram “I” means the intensity of manifestation of the main properties of the controlling quantum animate object at the considered moment of evolution of life (number of sub-­‐species, amount of individual taxometric units, stability, activity, etc.). Maximums are the moments of ‘blossoming’ of the controlling species.

The catastrophic moments (the minimums on the diagram) are located somewhere between two neighbor maximums. The time of these catastrophes cannot be calculated precisely because they are not ‘fixed’ quantum knots on the diagram. They are ‘blurred’ times. The time of catastrophes could be calculated (with different probability) as a medium between two maximums. However, this approximation could be very wrong sometimes.

Time started some 4.395 billion years ago. After the “blurred” beginning of the cycle of the universe the earth was inhabited by primitive unicellular organisms. Traces of prokaryote bacteria (animals) and blue-­‐green seaweed (plants) were found in Greenland dating from 3.8 billion years ago. About 2.5 billion ago, the first catastrophe of the First Period of Life occurred. See Figure I-­‐1.

The universe of life picture 3

A considerable part of prokaryotes and blue-­‐green seaweeds were replaced by ‘eukaryotes’. These are the modern cells; almost all living organisms of today are built of the eukaryote cells. Later multi-­‐cellular organisms replaced the unicellular ones. Multi-­‐cellular invertebrate organisms are more progressive: the round worm Spriggina, different kinds of jelly-­‐fish, some kinds of corals, pseudo mollusks, etc. Paleontological investigations show that at the time of the first blossoming of the period a great variety of animals and seaweeds exploded in the world’s oceans: seaweeds, antipodes, brachiopods, fungi, corals, sea anemones, worms, starfish, trilobites, etc.

At the second catastrophe of the First Period of Life, which occurred about 470 million years ago, big amount of species and individual living things disappeared from the world’s oceans. They were replaced by the next in the evolution of living things: fish, amphibians, and insects. Then about 200 million years ago occurred was the third catastrophe of the First Period of Life. Within a relatively brief period of time (about several million years), more than half of the aquatic invertebrates who had dominated the first sub-­‐period of the First Period of Life disappeared. Gone were the trilobites, the corals, and many others. Biologically speaking, it was a disaster. Only two hundreds species out of approximately 30,000 survived. Life moved to land.

Reptiles were the first to appear. During the transition period “200 million years -­‐ 60 million years” the largest animals in the history of life inhabited (as dominant species) our planet -­‐ the dinosaurs. They flourished at about 100 million years ago (the maximum of the transition period). The majority of fossilized skeletons and species date back from this time. In compliance with the world symmetries the dinosaurs disappeared from the face of earth 60-­‐65 million ago. See Figure I-­‐2.

Towards the end of their reign, the dinosaurs handed the torch of evolution to the more progressive and practical animals -­‐ the mammals. At the beginning these were small mammals: insect eaters, rodents, saccate animals. Later the mammals developed into two main groups: the forerunners of the ungulates, or hoofed herbivores (candylathres), and the forerunners of the predators (creodonts). The mammals flourished at about 15-­‐16 million years ago. Primates came next. The long-­‐soled primates are small predatory mammals, living in the trees. About 11 million years ago the earth climate became very severe (much colder). This time coincides quite normally with the second catastrophe of the Second Period of Life. Swept away were more than 75 % of the species of mammals.

Next in the evolution of life were the Humanoids. The quick disappearance of forests at the time of the second catastrophe of the Second Period of Life (about 11 million years ago) made the greatest part of Driopithecus (primate mammals) climb down in order to survive. They underwent an evolution on the land and became Humanoids. The main representatives of the Humanoids were: Rhamapithecus. It is assumed that they walked erectly and used primitive tools. A later form of Humanoids were the Australopithecus. They made use of primitive tools and fire. Humanoids disappeared about 4 million years ago in the stomachs of the Homo Habillis who appeared during the time of third catastrophe of the Second Period of Life. There was great difference between the Australopithecus and Homo Habillis mostly because, for the first time in the history of life, an animate being made its own tools. This is a characteristic of conscious human being. The skull measurement of Homo Habillis is 800 cm3 – much bigger than the brain of Australopithecus. Homo Erectus was later form of Homo Habillis in the transition sub-­‐period. Every sub-­‐period has two dominant forms of specie. Both Homo Habillis and Homo Erectus shared the destiny of their predecessors: about 1.5 million years ago they disappeared in the stomachs of the new hunter -­‐ Pithecanthropus. This happened at the time of the first catastrophe of the Third Period of Life. See Figure I-­‐3.

The universe of life picture 4
The universe of life picture 5

Second representative of the first sub-­‐period was the Sinanthropus. An important phenomenon was the appearance of spoken language -­‐ a powerful tool on the road of progress. The Pithecanthropus and Sinanthropus started exchanging information with those of their kind using sound signals. They disappeared at the time of second catastrophe of the Third Period of Life (about 260 thousand years ago). Next in the rawness of evolution were the so-­‐called Early Neanderthals. The oldest traces of them have been found in France near the town of Nice. There, 260 thousands years ago, they built their houses. There is one problem relating Neanderthals which is still unsolved. Early Neanderthals are too different from the Late Neanderthals to be considered as one and the same species. In compliance with the symmetries of quantum wave of evolution there should have been two types of Neanderthals. Neanderthals were ‘doomed’ to leave the stage of life about 30-­‐40 thousand years ago -­‐ at the time of the first catastrophe of the Fourth Period of Life. See Figure I-­‐4.

The executor of the verdict could have been the next one in the evolution -­‐ the Cro-­‐ Magnon Man, as it had happened with the Neanderthal predecessors. The Cro-­‐Magnon Man, however, was a reasonable man (Homo Sapiens) and he could not have allowed himself to eat his direct parents the Neanderthals. Mother Nature resorted to another execution -­‐ degeneration and self-­‐destruction of the Neanderthal. The brain of the Late Neanderthal (living closer to the first catastrophe of IV Period of Life) had undeveloped bill-­‐like front parts, a sign of degeneration. They were gradually losing their social features; their communities grew unstable. Neanderthals disappeared in a social way.

The universe of life picture 6

The appearance of Homo Sapiens occurred about 30-­‐40 thousand years ago. Its first representative was the Cro-­‐Magnon Man. In the Fourth Period of Life the biological evolution was replaced by the social evolution. Pre-­‐historical Man is second representative of the first sub-­‐period of life of the Fourth Period of Life. The first religious beliefs date from this period, supported by the fact that 20 thousands years ago man started to bury his dead relatives. The first forms of art were born. The first cave drawings also date from that period. The Cro-­‐ Magnon Man disappeared in a social way -­‐ he was transformed into the Pre-­‐Historical Man. The second sub-­‐period of the Fourth Period of Life was the time of first human civilization. The beginning of the Human Civilization is the time of the second catastrophe of the Fourth Period of Life -­‐ some 6 thousand years ago. Before trying to pin-­‐point the time of the beginning of the human civilization there is question which demands an answer. What is a human civilization? Archeological excavations have discovered considerable progress at the end of the Paleolithic
Period, when Homo Sapiens began to reign. The Mesolithic Age witnessed the appearance of cattle breeding and farming; the Neolithic Age is the age of the first devices of polished stone, weaving and pottery. Yet, even the most developed Neolithic communities inhabiting North Africa, the Near East, and the Middle East, did not reach the level of one civilization. It is natural to assume that the beginning of Human Civilization (Civilized Man) was related to some kind of qualitative leap in the field of labor and culture. Most probably the moment of the reclamation of the fertile land along the three great rivers (Nile, Euphrates, and the Indus) by cattle breeders and tillers was the beginning of human civilization. This qualitative leap is also linked with construction of an irrigation system which led to a rapid increase in labor productivity. Indeed, productivity and corresponding economic relations are at the very basis of the qualitative differences between the different periods of human civilization. These relations are social, a qualitatively new form of the Alive Observer’s reason, or the social consciousness of mankind. All six stages of social consciousness (political, juridical, morals, esthetical consciousness, religion, and scientific consciousness) are subjected to the economical relations of production and consumption.

The first traces of an irrigation system were found back as far as the beginning of the IVth millennium B.C. This moment coincides with the second catastrophe of the IVth Period of Life (Figure I-­‐4.)

The increased labor productivity led to a decrease of the number of people involved in the production of food and appearance of craftsmen: weavers, potters, shoemakers, ship-­‐ builders, etc. Society was differentiating, and the class of exploiters appeared. The qualitative changes in the manner of production affected the spiritual life of people. The religious temples became the center of spiritual life. These were rich economies and their management and trade required a writing system. Cuneiform writing appeared circa 3,500 B.C. in Sumeria (Mesopotamia).

Still scientists are not clear as to which is the first human civilization in the world: was it the Egyptian civilization or the Mesopotamian? The priority, however, is usually given to the one that inhabited the lands along Nile. Archaeological excavations show that the natives led sedate lives in the VIth -­‐IVth millennium B.C. They raised cattle and farmed but were still afraid of subjecting the great river to their needs. It seems that at the beginning of the IVth millennium B.C. the population of Egypt constructed first irrigation systems and received tenfold increase in their crops. Toward the middle of the IVth millennium B.C., the merging of the two states, Upper and Lower Egypt, took place.

It is worth mentioning that in 1970’s funeral of so-­‐called Varna Necropolis (Varna is city in contemporary Bulgaria) there were found 6 kg of gold peaces and it was proven that this is the oldest known processed gold in the world, ever. Only an advanced civilization can create such fine art objects. The funeral was dated independently by Japanese, German, Russian, and Bulgarian experts as old as 4,500 B.C., which makes it a bit older than the oldest found treasures of Egypt and Sumerian civilizations.

Another fact is that Ancient Thrace (located mostly on the territory of contemporary Bulgaria) has been producing wine since 8,000 years B.C. According to some experts, the first wines in the world were selected, grown locally, and preserved as sorts in what is now southern Bulgaria. The first wines in the world were produced along the Maritza River, near the Bulgarian city Plovdiv. Bulgarian red wine Mavrud is recognized by specialists of many countries to be the oldest sort of wine in the world. This kind of wine is still produced (only) in Bulgaria. Which is, then, the first human civilization in the world?

Human Civilization’s creation was marked by the appearance of two competing units from the very beginning. That was the age (or perhaps a bit earlier) when the Egypt writing system was born -­‐ the hieroglyphics.

Proceeding from the information offered above, one could draw the following conclusion: the beginning of Human Civilization (Homo Civilized) occurred circa 4,000 B.C. The second sub-­‐period of the Fourth Period of Life was the era of slave-­‐holding states: Egypt, Lower Mesopotamia, the Hetite state, Mycenae, Middle Asyria, Aheyan state, Greek city-­‐states, Roman empire, the Carthaginian North African empire, Persia, Macedonia of Alexander the Great. The slave-­‐holding states were replaced by first early feudal states after the third catastrophe of the Fourth Period of Life. In 395 A.D. Roman Empire was divided into a western and an eastern empire. Eastern Empire (Byzantium) was no more slave-­‐holding state.

The universe of life picture 7

Western Roman Empire fell under the pressure of Visgothes in 410 A.D. At the beginning of the transition sub-­‐period (252 B.C. to 1316 A.D.) all slave-­‐hold empires and states were destroyed. New feudal states of closed type replaced them. Shortly after the blossoming (maximum) of this transition sub-­‐period Carolingian feudal state in France collapsed. The dynasty of Capetians governed France during the second half of the transition sub-­‐period (987 to 1328 A.D.). This time was associated also with the Muslim conquests which facilitated the establishment of strong feudal rule. The Middle Ages (764 to 1316 A.D.) was an époque of stagnation in the evolution of science, culture, technology. Greek and Roman science, literature, sculpture, and architecture were forgotten. The unique civilizing force of the Middle Ages was the Catholic Church. There were, however, some achievements in architecture, notably the great cathedrals.

At the beginning of 14th century, an enormous interest in science, culture, and technology erupted in Europe. The Renaissance started in Italy. Some great achievements and names of this époque are: Giotto (painter, 1266 -­‐ 1337 A.D.), Leonardo da Vinci (painter and inventor, 1452 -­‐ 1519), Rafael (painter and architect, 1483 -­‐ 1520), Michelangelo (painter and sculpture, 1475 -­‐ 1564), Dante Alighieri (poet, 1265 -­‐ 1321),….. , many others.

The first catastrophe of the Vth Life Period occurred at about the middle of the 14th century. The ‘black death’ (bubonic plague) reduced the population in Europe. Every third Europian died from this cruel disease. In Europe and Asia, the plague killed 75 million people in only three years. Europe was also devastated continuously by wars (the Hundreds Years War -­‐ 1337 -­‐ 1453; Muslim Invasion of Europe in particular; Mongolian emperor Genghis Khan devastated Asia and East Europe (13th century); the Mongolian conquest tradition was continued by Tamerlane (14th century).

The main productive force of the classical feudal states was peasants who tilled the soil and raised cattle. They were private property of the king or rich feudal. Toward the end of the transition sub-­‐period, the craftsmen (free people) became the main productive force in addition to the peasants. Craftsmen had already made use of better work devices.

The beginning of the first sub-­‐period of the Fifth Period of Life marked the formation of powerful feudal empires: Spanish, Portuguese, Mongolian, English, French, Inca, Aztecs, Ottoman, etc. Those were absolute feudal monarchies, with the monarch holding all power. The decline of the absolute feudal monarchies started before the first blossoming of the Fifth Period of Life. They were gradually destroyed by the victories of the first anti-­‐feudal uprising in Netherlands (1609 A.D.), England (1649 A.D.), China (1644 A.D.), etc. In Russia Peter the Great abolished old feudal rules and created modern country (1700 -­‐ 1721).

The evolution of the second part of the first sub-­‐period (1869 -­‐ 1929) was dominated by the creation of parliamentary monarchies and republics. Machine production appeared just before the first blossoming of the first sub-­‐period (in 1737 A.D.), marking the start of Industrial Revolution in Europe. Feudal relations were replaced by the capitalist system of production. This time (by 1929 A.D.) was époque of classical capitalism. The second catastrophe of the Fifth Period of Life was marked mostly by the ‘great depression’ in 1929 A.D. The Second World War broke out soon after (1939).

The universe of life picture 8

Second sub-­‐period of the Fifth Period of Life was (already is finishing) the époque of modern capitalism (free market capitalism). The transition period 2014 A.D. – 2048 A.D. will be a time of destruction of the old dominant social/economical/political order of capitalism. The western capitalist empire (EU, or EU + USA) will be weakened too much by the pressure of primitive social forces – Islamic radical terrorists (ISIS or other radical organizations), and by the pressure of the street (anti-­‐capitalist movements like ‘occupy wall street movement’) in their own empire. Possibly natural and human related disasters will help the process of destruction of the capitalist system. It is obvious for almost everybody today that there is something very wrong in this system last decade – it became very selfish, very exploitive, inefficient economically, huge unemployment, economical gap between rich and middle + poor class, between developed and underdeveloped countries, widens too much, unjustified wars for dominance (economical and political) against countries which do not belong to this ‘super-­‐ power empire’. It’s time for great changes (revolutions) – destruction of the System of Capitalism! Normal civilized people consider terror against innocent people morally unjustified – ‘it’s not the God’s way’, they think. Or it is, when it is necessary for God’s job to be done at the right time (time of revolutions) in the evolution of our human civilization? According to our contemporary Christian moral only political methods are acceptable for some changes in the system of capitalism. But western ruling rich class doesn’t think this way when their money interests and political power are in jeopardy.

Jesus Christ I (around 0 A.D.) was, and still is, the moral idol of the exploitive systems of feudalism and capitalism. His miracles, his own resurrection from the death, the triple nature of God, are dogmas cooked by religious scholars (at the middle of the 4th century A.D.) in order to create new religious (Christianity) based on the divine nature of his supreme idol (Jesus Christ). Christian religious was powerful ideological tool for oppression in the hands of the ruling classes (nobles -­‐ aristocrats and rich capitalists) over regular working people. In fact, Jesus Christ I was a teacher, regular human being, to whom God revealed the New Global Social Moral in the Human Society – equality of all people on Earth. According to the global symmetries new Jesus Christ II will be born and will teach again the Word of God at the beginning of the transition sub-­‐period (2014 A.D. – 2048 A.D.). It’s the ‘Second Coming of Messiah’, as predicted by Jesus Christ I Himself. This new Messiah will be regular human being, great prophet of God to whom God will reveal the eternal, final, truths about our world. World symmetries determine another Muslim acute activity during this transition sub-­‐period (2014-­‐2048 A.D.).  New aggression against Europe and possibly against USA can be expected. Be prepared for that. Keep Turkey and ISIS on check. No more comments. Great social/economical/political/scientific/technological/cultural changes are knocking on the doors, guys! Be prepared for them.

Individual man is the ‘elementary particle’ of the quantum unit “Human Civilization” (the intelligent nucleus of the Life). Man’s individual life also goes through several quantum periods. See Figures I-­‐7,8,9.

In the case of man’s life evolution, the direction of time T is inversed. It is difficult to explain the reason for this change of direction. It looks like the ‘quantum wave of life of human civilization’ is reflected back when it reaches the end of its existence (the End of the World at 2068 A.D.). The End of the Human Civilization (the end of the universe also) is the beginning (the moment of birth) for individual man’s life. There is another curiosity here: the life-­‐span of the Human Civilization encompasses two and a half quantum life periods. The same is for the life-­‐span of man’s individual life. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Life starts at the death, death occurs at the birth.

The universe of life picture 9
The universe of life picture 10
The universe of life picture 11

In this Article I will not comment the Quantum Wave of Man’s Evolution. I did it before.

What is certain is: no medical gimmicks or any other device could make man live past the quantum limits of life, much less to make humans immortal. This is possible only for contemporary official science and in science fiction novels where man’s biological immortality is a sheer product of fantasy and ignorance.

II. Some Unknown Secrets of Life

As I explained before in GQM, our planet is the ONLY spot of Life in the whole universe of inanimate matter. There are no animate (alive) things living out of the surface of Earth! And this happens in principle, according to the basic symmetries governing our universe! The Alive Observer is UNIQUE in the whole universe of inanimate matter (the ‘greater world’). The place of the Alive Observer is central in both “Proton Matter” universe and in the “Electron Matter” universe. See Figures II-­‐1 and II-­‐2.

The universe of life picture 12

Mx is probably the mass of the human bio-­‐cell.

Now in the “Proton Matter” universe:

The universe of life picture 13

Let’s consider now internal stability of the Alive Observer. See Figure II-­‐3.

The universe of life picture 14

Internal Stability:

The universe of life picture 15

So, the internal spatial dimension of the Alive Observer is exactly equal to the spatial ‘caliber’ (quantum minimum spatial dimension) in the 3-­‐D ‘electron matter’ space “l”-­‐ the ‘classical spatial dimension’ of the electron Re  = 2.82 x 10-13  cm . “Electron matter” space (a material continuum) separates individual “proton matter” bodies each from another and makes them ‘individuals’.

Let’s calculate now the spatial dimension of the habitat (zone of safe and sustainable existence) of the Human Civilization RH.C. .

The universe of life picture 16

See Figure II-­‐4.

The universe of life picture 17

The Alive Observer (Human Civilization) is the ‘intelligent nucleus’ of the Life on Earth. As we know already, the Superior Spirit of the Human Civilization is God Himself! God’s superior spirit inhabits this particular zone. And because His ‘internal spatial’ dimension RObs.Int. = Re is the ‘caliber’ of the 3-­‐D space “l” of individual things (inanimate and animate), and because in the 2-­‐D space of the quantum manifold of the universe there are no distinguished elements/individual bodies, then, God’s Spirit is omnipresent and omnipotent in every single material object and spatial spot in the universe. God’s Spirit controls everything in our world! Below is shown theoretical model of the “Reality” (the whole world in all its elements and all its aspects). See Figure II-­‐5.

The universe of life picture 18

The bio-­‐cell is the elementary building block in the Universe of Life. Life starts on the level of the bio-­‐cell. Viruses, DNA and RNA, are not independent forms of life. They work only in the bio-­‐cells; they cannot reproduce themselves out of the bio-­‐cells.   See Figure II-­‐6.

The universe of life picture 19

The complex of all bio-­‐cells in the human body represent “broken” 3-­‐D image of the unique 2-­‐D quantum image of the human organism.  The bio‐cells are ‘3-­‐D individuals’, while the whole organism is a quantum 2-­‐D bio-­‐unit (bio-­‐continuum). This bio-­‐continuum contains the whole bio-­‐information about: sizes in the human organism, time-­‐intervals in the human’s being’s evolution, the structure, etc.  The bio-­‐information is ‘printed’ out in the DNA of all 3-­‐D “broken” elements of the human organism – the human bio-­‐cells.

All bio‐cells in the human body are mutually interconnected not only as individuals, but also as one quantum unit. Quantum interactions between individual bio-­‐cells are instantaneous (not limited by speed of light) and without the help of material carriers. Stronger are quantum ties between bio-­‐cells that belong to the same quantum level in the quantum hierarchy of Life in the human organism.  Strongest are quantum ties between bio-­‐cells of the same kind. See Figure II-­‐7.

The universe of life picture 20

Bio-­‐cells are the smallest (quanta) unit of life that can replicate independently; they are often called “building blocks of life”. Bio-­‐cells consist of cytoplasm enclosed within a membrane, and nucleus (Figure II-­‐6.) Genetic material (DNA and RNA) is located in the nucleus. Nucleus is the “intelligent” center of the bio-­‐cell.

How big is the global mass of all living creatures in the Universe of Life? Or, how big is the bio-­‐mass on Earth?


The universe of life picture 21

Apart from bacteria, the total/global biomass has been estimated at about 560 billion tons (5.6 x 10 17, g). Some researchers believe that the total biomass of bacteria exceeds several times the total mass of all plants and animals. We see that both estimations (theoretical and those made by observation) are pretty close.

The Alive Observer (civilized human beings) inhabits the surface of our planet (the land). For safe and sustainable life Alive Observer needs some natural resources: water, food, air, mineral resources. These resources are distributed randomly, all around the globe, not just in some particular privileged areas. Hence, the “intelligent nucleus” of Life cannot be concentrated just in one spot (giant mega-­‐city) on the land. Because of that, the “intelligent nucleus” of Life (civilized human beings) is “broken” into many sub-­‐nuclei (human settlements) – bigger or smaller. See Figure II-­‐8.

The universe of life picture 22

Every single human being, or human being’s conglomeration, have its own safe/comfortable zone of existence. For a single man this zone is:

The universe of life picture 23

For an average man the zone of safe/comfortable existence is a zone with surface at about 8 m2. A room?

For one million people city this zone is:

The universe of life picture 24

Some cities (like Hong Kong) are overpopulated. Such cities create uncomfortable conditions of life for their citizen. Human beings who live, or stay for some short period of time, in closed area smaller than the minimum quantum comfortable area (zone) could experience the effect of claustrophobia.

Sustainable and safe existence of different forms of life

Living organisms and their structural elements (genes, cells, tissues, and organs) are like antenna which establishe a quantum resonance (contact) with a corresponding transmitter, which is the quantum common type of the specie. The organism (and its structural elements) receive information (in a quantum way, instantaneously, and without material carriers) from the common quantum type o the specie and apply it. The transmission radius, however, is not unlimited. For all living organisms this radius is the radius of Earth, for civilized man this radius is the radius of the Alive Observer (RObs = 1.372 x 108 cm). On surpassing this radius of quantum contact, the animate organism degenerates and die.

As very highly organized (ordered) system, the human bio-­‐organism and its spirit (soul) are very much vulnerable to the effects of entropy – gradual decline in disorder (deterioration, degeneration). It usually refers to the idea that everything in the universe eventually moves from order to disorder, and entropy is the measurement of that change.

The parameter values (sizes, time-­‐intervals, others) of the specimen and its behavior are perfectly synchronized in a quantum way with those of the common quantum type of specie, family, class, etc., life on earth. The quantum living system reminds me a mechanical system of pendulums hung on one common axis. Each of them which is temporarily not in resonance with the rest, due to some external reason (illness, injury, for example), is quickly forced into resonance again. Any deviation outside limiting boundaries, caused by an accidental influence, ensures a loss of the positive, stabilizing quantum influence of the common quantum type of the living organism. It is clear now that any form of living organism cannot exist for a long enough time to live out of the quantum zone of life (surface of the planet Earth). The idea of colonizing the cosmos by Human Kind is a very, very wrong idea. An impossible idea for realization, in fact!  Unfortunately, scientists from NASA do not understand that and waste huge amounts of money from the pockets of taxpayers. Instead of preparing (financing) manned flights to the planet Mars, NASA must send unmanned probe to Mars with containers with simple living creatures on board and to see what will happen with them after some short period of time (far from the zone of existing of life – surface of Earth). No doubt for me – all living organisms on board will die when exposed to the destructive forces of the cosmos far away from the zone of life.

The Beginning of the World

The problem of understanding how the universe/world started is still not enough clear. Does the ‘beginning’ of the world happen at some fixed date in the past or at some ‘blurred’ (not determined) time in the past? Our world exists as ‘Reality’ ONLY thanks to the mutual coexistence and mutual correlation between the Universe of Inanimate Matter and the Universe of Animate Matter (more precisely the Alive Observer – the Human Civilization). Human Civilization (and its Superior Spirit -­‐ God) determines our world as Reality. Human Civilization (and God) must be presented always in such determined (real) world. See Figure II-­‐10.

The universe of life picture 25

It is not logical to suggest that the beginning of the Real World started at some fixed moment in the “blurred” beginning of Time. All six periods of life have very different durations of time: the First Period of Life – 4.39 billion years, the Sixth Period of Life – just 6,000 years. Absolute Time is accelerated exponentially toward the end of the world. Also, the civilized man and God must be there at any moment in the Real World. I think the Bible is right to suggest that the Real World started some 6,000 years ago. Everything else that looks as real material objects or real events before the beginning of the Human Civilization are just ‘quantum time-­‐ ghosts’ of Quantum Wave of Life Evolution. These ‘time-­‐ghosts’ take real shape only during the quantum time-­‐period of the Human Civilization (6,000 years).

Human Civilization and its Superior Spirit (God) are the “intelligent nucleus” of the Real World. In this nucleus is located the “DNA” (the reason of the universe and all potentials for its evolution according to the quantum rules of the universe). More precisely, the Spirit of God is the “DNA” of the Life on Earth. The Real World is real because we (the civilized human beings) and God make this world real. This can happen ONLY if the beginnings of all periods of life started at different points (dates) of Time in the “blurred” beginning of the world. Time of all events in the history of life must be measured starting some reference point (date) in the determined zone of time (time of existing of Human Civilization) -­‐ in retrograde (inverse) direction. The present moment is the only reliable moment (reference time-­‐ point) on the 1-­‐D line of closed curved Absolute Time. The times of all other past or future events are measured from this reference time-­‐point of observation. Every life period is a ‘blurred’ beginning for the next ones in the chain of evolution.

There is another possibility too. All Life periods started at the same ‘beginning’ and finish at the same ‘end’. However, in this scenario, the speeds of time evolution are different for all periods. Speed of time is measured in sec/sec. Evolution of life is speeding up in the direction of time. This idea is presented in Volume I of GQM. You see that the problem of the Beginning and the End of the World is not so easy to be solved by simple logic using contemporary accepted scientific dogmas and accepted conventional reasoning. The understanding of this problem needs a lot of philosophy and little mathematics. The Big Bang beginning of the universe is just utopia created by conventional physicists who don’t know (or understand) the philosophy of the World!

What is the Nature of God?

On the quantum structural level of the whole human bio-­‐organism quantum leap in the quality of ‘Reality’ happens: the human soul appears. This is quantum leap from one kind of quality of ‘Reality’ to another one. The human soul is not a material substance, it is a ‘human kind of spirit’ -­‐ higher form of ‘Reality’ with regard to matter. Every individual human soul occupies a quantum zone determined by the quantum density of the proton – the standard quantum density in the “proton matter” universe. See figure II-­‐10.

The 2-­‐D face of the assembly of all individual human beings who live, were living, and will live during the quantum period of Human Civilization represents a quantum unit with its own independent ‘human kind of spirit’ (the highest quantum level in the zone of human kinds of spirit). On this highest quantum level a qualitative change /leap/ in the ‘Reality’ happens: New kind of spirit appears – the Spirit of the Super Mind of the Universe – the God’s kind of spirit!!! The spirit of God is Unique in the “universe of life” and unique in the whole “proton matter” universe. There is no more multiplication of this spirit (many little gods) because here, on this quantum level, is the boundary (the end) of the ‘universe of life’.

The most elementary (smallest possible) ‘building block’ of the Alive Observer is the individual human being. Because of the inexhaustibility of the ‘Reality’ next step in the evolution of spirit is the quantum leap from the most complicated spirit (God’s spirit) to the simplest form of spirit – the human spirit (soul). We understand that all individual human souls have common root – the spirit of God. All human beings are kids of God! In the 2-­‐D manifold of human spirits there are no distinguished human souls – it is continuum of ‘dissolved’ (lost their individuality) human souls. This 2-­‐D manifold of souls represents a ‘paradise’ where our human souls find a refuge after our death and from where our souls reappear and occupy our material baby-­‐body after our birth. This happens ONLY once (for individual human being) in the Cycle of Existence of the “proton matter” universe – once in 4.39 billion of years. You must understand that: we, the individual human beings, are like elementary cells in the body of God! Maybe some cells (human souls) are smarter or more capable than others and they could be chosen as ‘prophets’ of God in the quantum knots in the evolution of Human Civilization. Jesus Christ was not the only ‘son of God’, or, God Himself incorporated temporarily in the body of a simple human being.

When back to the ‘2-­‐D paradise of souls’ (after death of a regular human being) the individual human soul is dissolved in the continuum of human souls and loses its individuality. It becomes the ‘2-­‐D whole manifold’, i.e. it becomes the God Himself! The God’s Unique Spirit acquires again the status of an individual human soul at the birth of a regular individual human being. At the moments of death and birth there is qualitative leap from elementary kind of spirit (the human being’s soul) to the superior kind of spirit (the Spirit of God), and vice versa – from the superior kind of spirit (God’s spirit) to the elementary kind of spirit (the human soul). These two extreme kinds of spirit are totally different each from another in quality (potentials, power, etc.).

God is in every body of ours (individual human beings) and we all are in God. Our combined human souls, with the regulating help of world symmetries and philosophical principles governing the world, build up what is called God – The Super Mind of the Universe! God is living permanently in our human souls, we don’t need to go to religious temples to look for him. We don’t need the Roman Pope or other religious officials to contact us with the spirit of God. Whether God hears our prays and answer to them the way we want, is another problem which we cannot solve by our simple human logic. Does our human soul ‘hears’ and reacts to the complaints coming from elementary bio-­‐spirits of our bio-­‐cells? I very doubt that, but the human soul feels and reacts to the complains (pain, for example) coming from big assemblies of bio-­‐cells (heart, for example). Complains (or prays) coming from big assemblies of human beings must be noticed by God also. God must react to them if He cares about us – individual human beings. However, God’s reaction is limited by the great Quantum Wave of Life Evolution. God cannot violate at wish this great quantum law of nature. When needed, God can destroy the whole human kind – this happens only once in the history of the Human Civilization: at the End of the World (which is approx. at 2068 A.D.).

All mathematical ‘theories of everything’ which ignore the most powerful factor in the composition and structure of the universe, and its behavior, are just fake theories.


This Article was written by me in China at the beginning of 2015. Because of computer problems and very busy with my QFE project, I was able to post it in my site in February 2016.

Dr Kiril Chukanov -­‐ Bulgarian in origin, proud citizen of the whole civilized world, regular human being, scientific/technological prophet of God (one of many other prophets during the evolution of the Human Civilization).


Kiril Chukanov

Kiril Chukanov

Bulgarian scientist and innovator in the field of quantum energy with Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees. Founder of General Energy International and Chukanov Quantum Energy, LLC. Author of three books and holder of two patents in the field of quantum energy.