Negative Quantum Energy from Ball Lightning

Written by Dr Kiril Chukanov on March 05, 2010 Calgary, Canada

For the last 25 years, ball lightning has become my love, my suffering, my fate, and my only hope for my family‟s survival. Every single one of God‟s days I‟m constantly running my experimental set-ups and quantum free energy technological generators to create this unusual macro-quantum object. This beautiful shiny fireball burns my eyes, damages my hearing, its dense UV rays are penetrating my body and are destroying my living cells. I know that someday this quantum two-dimensional monster can possibly kill me, but my love and passionate attachment to it is so great that I cannot bring myself to close the sight glass and not observe its beauty and unusual quantum behavior.

I came to America 20 years ago with the only goal and wish to introduce America to this fantastic macro quantum phenomenon and to try to harness it for practical use, on behalf of the American people. I have respected America so much; I have loved so much America‟s incredible, unique, kind and generous people. But after 16 years of hard work, I got a farewell kick in the ass by this country and my family and I ended up immigrating to Canada. The same kick in the ass was also received many decades ago to a different immigrant from a Southern European Slavic nation: Nicola Tesla. The great Serbian-American inventor died in extreme poverty at age 86 in N.Y. cheap hotel, forgotten and abandoned by those whom he made multi-millionaires (Thomas Edison including) and by this great ungrateful nation.

I am now so close to building the first commercial quantum free energy generators. These need no fuel or any other material substance, do not damage the environment, they produce abundant, unlimited, inexpensive and affordable for all nations in the world energy! What else do we need? Is the controlled nuclear fusion what we really need? Are we certain that the $15 billion ITER tokomak will produce positive energy in the year 2018 after two decades of construction? How can we supply enough tritium for fusion nuclear power plants (1 kg tritium costs

$100, 000 US) if one nuclear plant produces only 2-3 kg of this substance a year? For your information: one fusion power plant will consume at least 1 kg tritium a week. Are we crazy to build up our hopes for controlled fusion?

I need only one million US dollars to build the first commercial quantum free energy generator and it will take me just 10 months to build it. This is a so small sum for harnessing for practical use such a revolutionary source of energy. Yet, for this small amount of money I have had to humiliate myself for more than one year demonstrating that this equipment actually works and eventually to receive this miserable one million (not yet received actually). Over and over again, I demonstrate and show generation of quantum free energy in my technological QFE generators to conventional experts who are not willing to understand and accept this new quantum reality. Every time when they measure substantial over- unity, they say “there is some „hidden factor‟ behind this.” What the Hell is this hidden factor; where the Hell is hidden this “hidden” factor?  Does my Slavic name complicate things? If my name was, say: William Bush or David Goldstein, there might not be a problem to get millions for my project. Alas, my name is Kiril Chukanov; and I don‟t want to change my name which my father gave me 65 years ago.

The problem is that “they” never give us a chance to succeed. The problem is that “they” always ignore us!

Yes, I believe there is still professional and national discrimination in America.

I just came from a demonstration of my technological equipment; this equipment was transferred to another city in another province. The results were very good and showed large over-unity. Two different independent methods of measurements showed positive results, but very different values of over-unity. The big discrepancy in both values has puzzled me a lot. What was the matter? I couldn‟t sleep the night after the last tests and was trying to solve the puzzle. In the morning a revelation came to me: Ball lightning can generate positive and negative quantum free energy!!! The Law of Energy Conservation in ball lightning can be violated in both directions: positive and negative!!!

I analyzed all cases of actively taking energy from ball lightning. Some technological tricks make energy output from ball lightning negative (smaller than the energy used to create and maintain ball lightning alive during a long period of time), some other technological tricks make the output energy several times bigger than the input energy. The loss of energy/power in the negative tests was about 30% (20-25 KW) of the input energy/power; the accuracy of measurement of power was 1 KW. Based on my theory of ball lightning, I explained this strange phenomenon. I‟m happy and proud of myself to be the first human being in the world to observe, to understand, and to know how to generate positive and negative quantum free energy from ball lightning.

If some well thermo-isolated volume of plasma (a non-quantum object) is heated by an external source of energy (for example, a microwave that can penetrate trough the thermo-isolation without energy losses) the temperature of the plasma increases continuously. However, not one thermo-isolation is perfect. That means that some amount of energy/power is leaking out of the volume of plasma. The balance of energies always obeys the Law of Energy Conservation. See Fig. 1.

Negative quantum energy from ball lightning picture 1

When ball lightning is in the game, crazy things happen. In some cases, depending on the construction of the container and the way of taking energy from ball lightning, the balance of energies is negative (ball lightning sucks considerable amounts of energy without any increase of its temperature). In other cases, ball lightning generates a lot of free positive quantum energy and shows big over-unity. Of course for practical use we need only positive energy over-unity. Now I know how to create the right conditions, by reconstructing the quantum free energy generators and the using the appropriate technology, in order to generate only big amounts of positive free quantum energy. See Figure 2,a,b.

  1. Case of Negative Quantum Free Energy
Negative quantum energy from ball lightning picture 2

b)Case of Positive Quantum Free Energy

Negative quantum energy from ball lightning picture 3

Our unique universe represents a dialectical unity of two opposite faces or elements: the World of individual material objects (cosmic radiation and dust, asteroids, planets, stars, galaxies, galaxy clusters), and the Unique Quantum 2-D Manifold-Universe (see GQM-IV, V). The 2-D Manifold-Universe possesses a constant quantum temperature equal to 2.73 °K. This temperature cannot be smaller or greater than this quantum value for the entire time of the existence of the universe. The “outside” thermo-isolation of the manifold-universe is absolutely perfect, because there exists no “outside” space. As a heated body, the manifold- universe continuously radiates electromagnetic radiation: the so-called “background radiation.” This radiation is wrongly considered (by conventional scientists-cosmologists) as “expanded” radiation left by the Big Band explosion. There exists an opposite negative free energy radiation of the manifold-universe: to maintain the quantum temperature of the manifold-universe constant (2.73 °K), the positive quantum free energy radiation is absorbed back into NOWHERE. The Law of Energy Conservation is violated in both directions: positive and negative. See Figure 3.

Negative quantum energy from ball lightning picture 4

As we know from GQM, the total energy of the universe is a constant value too. The positive energy continuously radiated by the energy sources in the universe (stars, galaxy nuclei, quasars, etc.) must be balanced (absorbed NOWHERE) by opposite negative energy processes in the universe.

My last experiments and theoretical revelations represent a revolutionary leap in the evolution of Fundamental Physical Science and Energy Technology! I don‟t expect applauds from Official Conventional Science or financial support from American business. I feel like a black sheep in their eyes. My ultimate goal and wish in harnessing quantum free energy for practical use is to make regular people around the world happy and protected from the destructive forces of Nature and the greed of Big Oil and Big Capital.

A few years ago a friend of mine from the US told me, “Kiril, why don‟t you want to describe in details how quantum free energy works and post this description on your website? Quantum Free Energy is a gift from God for all humans on our planet.” My answer is: That‟s right; Quantum Free Energy is given by God to all human beings, and not to make me or my business partners very rich people. The only reason I want to make some small money for myself is because without this project my family (six people without steady jobs) will become homeless and penniless in a short time after quitting this project. I worry that my teenager son may drop out of high school and never will be graduated from it, my daughter (former Miss Utah and third runner Miss USA 2009) will have no chance to go to a university for a masters degree, as she wish so much, my wife and I may have no chance to find even a simple low income job in this time of severe recession, my wife‟s older parents, who live with us, may die soon on the cold winter streets of Calgary or Salt Lake City. I fear that this may become reality. But I also have hope and confidence that this project is the destiny of our civilization. I am lucky to have the support of my family and some Canadian friends who believe in this. Now it is your turn to help our civilization reach its potential and survive in the coming energy crunch. We can do this, but I need your confidence, support, and belief in this. But who of you cares? I am not a beggar!

We don‟t complain, don‟t worry. We are one family among tens of millions other American families which are struggling for their survival and which are situated permanently at few monthly salaries from homeless life. Who cares? In any case these are not the selfish and arrogant financial sharks from Wall Street who are giving themselves multi-million dollar bonuses (robbed from regular Americans) at time when many millions working Americans are losing their jobs, their houses and their hopes to see their kids in the colleges. America, my beloved country, wake up and reform yourself! Americans, support President Obama! World, wake up and revolutionize yourself! You have no other chance if you want to survive for the Future! May God bless you and help you find your real nature and your place and role in this sinful (now) world!

Kiril Chukanov


Kiril Chukanov

Kiril Chukanov

Bulgarian scientist and innovator in the field of quantum energy with Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees. Founder of General Energy International and Chukanov Quantum Energy, LLC. Author of three books and holder of two patents in the field of quantum energy.