Strategy of the Future Consortium

The project

The consortium must be a structure and organization of individuals, companies, firms and legal entities that have dealt with and given their knowledge, skills, experience and interests to solve the cardinal problem of our time – cheap, safe, environmentally friendly and inexhaustible energy source. The consortium must be registered in the Republic of Bulgaria, with headquarters and strategic, scientific, technical and technological center, also in the Republic of Bulgaria.

The projects that will be researched, developed and implemented by the consortium, indicated and described in the concept, are for humanity and the countries of the world. These projects cannot be a priority of just one country, of one country. These projects cannot be implemented by the actions of individuals, individual companies and companies, as well as individual countries. It will be necessary to include and organize a huge scientific and technical resource, as well as to provide targeted financial resources. It will be necessary for these projects to be one of the main priorities in the development of sustainable development programs of the countries.

The main and obligatory priorities of the consortium, which must be set in the regulations, the subject of activity and obligations, related to all participants in it are:

All issued patents will be the property of the consortium;

All pilot plants, prototypes and research indicators and results will be the property of the consortium. This will be his intellectual property;

Intellectual property cannot and should not be sold. Intellectual property will be provided on mutually beneficial terms to participants and parties;

Decisions should not be allowed in the consortium of investors – individuals or legal entities, who with their investment proposal, claim, or try to acquire rights aimed at appropriating the management or change the concept;

With all legal or natural persons who have expressed interest and desire to implement the developments of the consortium, in accordance with the adopted concept for the application of quantum energy, “Brown Gas” and related technological processes, joint ventures will be established, with a specific subject of activity, with estimated benefits for both parties of the product that will be produced by the joint venture. The production and sale of this product will be decided on mutually beneficial terms;

The consortium reserves the right to manufacture the main components, combustion devices, installations and units, on the principle of control of ball lightning and the release of free quantum energy, as well as Brown gas generators. The production of these basic elements will be organized with priority in the Republic of Bulgaria;

The consortium will have to organize the production of the necessary materials, details and elements for the assembly of all combustion devices in the Republic of Bulgaria, as in negotiations in other countries and established leading companies;

Each final product, which will be produced by the joint venture, will be developed technically, constructively and technologically by joint teams on the basis of pre-agreed conditions;

The final product will be manufactured, tested and legalized in the product manufacturer and partner in the joint venture. The consortium will supply, guarantee and legalize the company’s product – quantum fuel devices;

The consortium will be financed by European innovation funds, by legal or natural persons direct participants in the consortium, by the created joint ventures with the leading companies for production of different products according to the concept, as well as by different sources and by the consortium participants.

The provision of highly qualified staff will be approached very precisely, and a competition and testing will be held for each person. The main source of staff will be the Technical Universities, Vocational Technical High Schools, and some of them will be involved in the Consortium. Contacts will also be made with some leading universities from other developed countries in order to attract promising students who have shown the necessary qualities. This project, this concept will not be only for the Republic of Bulgaria. It should be for all countries that will accept joint action. The implementation of this project and this concept needs young professionals, unencumbered by the old ruling theories and the use of natural energy resources. This is a new kind of energy that must be mastered and introduced into industry, everyday life and our lives. The implementation of this project will be accompanied by the resistance of huge and powerful economic and financial structures, which will make efforts to maintain the current status quo.

For the successful development of the concept and strategy, the Consortium will establish an investment fund in accordance with international financial regulations and regulations.


This investment fund will be registered in accordance with the regulations, will be managed by financial experts, and will be part of the activities of the Consortium. The registration must be on a shareholder basis, will work with financial instruments, as will seek and provide funds from various programs, contributions from legal entities and individuals who may be members of the consortium, or only participate with their assets, trade in financial tools. The main goal of this fund will be to finance the projects of the consortium program, to finance new technologies and their implementation, to train and train staff with different qualifications, as well as for cultural and educational events. The shareholder principle and the provision of dividends will be a priority for the development and implementation of the projects of the consortium program. The investment fund will be part of the consortium’s management and will report to its management. This will provide financial comfort to the consortium and opportunities to develop new technologies, innovations and investments in social, educational and cultural events.   


Kiril Chukanov

Kiril Chukanov

Bulgarian scientist and innovator in the field of quantum energy with Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees. Founder of General Energy International and Chukanov Quantum Energy, LLC. Author of three books and holder of two patents in the field of quantum energy.