The Secrets of Time

by D-r Kiril Chukanov, Bulgarian-American November, 2021, Salt lake City, Utah, USA

Времето – what is it? Whether the contemporary official science is able to give correct answer of this very fundamental question/problem? No, absolutely not! Because this outdated science is based on wrong general dogmas. Namely:

  1. inanimate matter is primary, animate matter is secondary – byproduct (not necessary for its existence) of inanimate matter;
  2. our inanimate universe started with bigbang explosion some 13.8 billion years ago.

I will not mention in this article some philosophical and physical ideas about the essence of time. I will attack the problem directly in the face. And this without using complicated useless words and complicated mathematics like contemporary academic scientists do in order to falsely convince scientific and general public how smart they are and how people (interested in this problem) must believe in their “reliable, scientific” explanations. Or, to mention pristine (useless in this case) ideas of ancient Greek philosophers about time.

Our world (everything real, everything existing) is a two-faced Reality (according to the basic philosophical Principle of Duality) in different aspects:

  1. Our unique World/Universe is a quantum unit of two internal elements that overlap each other: inanimate universe (all inanimate things in the universe: atoms, …, sand grains, rocks, asteroids, planets, stars, galaxies, galaxy clusters, the whole universe) and animate universe (life on planet Earth). Both elements cannot exist separately each without other. They are in constant eternal cooperation and contradiction. They are entangled each with another.
  2. Our World exists in two faces (images):
    • common unique quantum face
    • face of individual things.

There exists no relativistic time, as the proclaimed as “the greatest physicist of all times” A. Einstein claims in his purely mathematical theories. This man was mathematician (actually, not the best in his time) and had no idea about philosophy and symmetries governing the structure and behavior of our unique universe.

Experimental (or by observations) facts about oldest inanimate and animate things on Earth and other cosmic bodies

The beginning of the universe cannot be found in the far Cosmos with the help of JWST – in the time of the false (not existing) Big Bang. The real beginning of the universe can be found with the help of the “Time-telescope” – Paleontology and its inanimate counterpart Geology, on the unique celestial body with life in the whole universe – the planet Earth.

The oldest to date minerals were discovered in Western Australia. Zircons has been dated 4.4 billion years! This time is a “geological time” of existence of the whole universe.

The “light age” of the “proton matter universe” is:

Тun,p=Tgeol Xn=4.4 bill.yrs.X3.14=13.82 bill.yrs.

This age is the estimated age of the universe! See Figure 1.

Lune sample 67215, obtained by the moon astronauts, has been dated

4.46 billion years. The accuracy of these estimations is subject of scientific debate.

In 2017, scientists found (in Quebec, Canada) fossils of tube-like microscopic bacteria on hematite ore that are currently believed to be the oldest fossils in the world – 4.2 billion years. Again – this is very close to the geological age of the universe!

4.2 x 3.14 = 13.2 billion years light age!


Fig. 1

Conclusion: Life existed (on planet Earth only) at the very beginning (in Time) of the inanimate universe! In other words, inanimate and animate (life) universe have common beginning in time. Life is not a byproduct of inanimate matter.

Dialectical principles govern the existing, structure, and behavior of the Reality in the universe. Dialectical principles are part of the elements of the Constitution of the World/Universe. These elements cannot be violated!

As it was mentioned before, “Space and Time are the framework of existence of Reality”. Material bodies (inanimate and animate) exist in space. That’s obvious. How about time?

Special Relativity eliminates the concept of absolute simultaneously and a universal present: observers in different frames of reference can have different measurements of whether a given pair of events happened at the same time, or at different times. That’s a pure mathematics, there is no philosophy in this wrong theory. Time is an attribute only of animate universe. All events in inanimate and animate universes happen in the frame of Absolute Time of animate universe – Life on the planet Earth! The concept of absolute simultaneously of events – no matter in the universe of inanimate matter or in the universe of animate matter (life) is a correct concept! The physical cloaks show the same time on Earth and in the cosmos. The paradox of twins is wrong. The beginning of inanimate universe (atoms, molecules, sand grains, …, planets, stars, galaxies, clusters of galaxies, the whole universe) and beginning of life are simultaneous events!

Why the progress of evolution of animate universe is accelerated toward the end of the cycle of the universe? Because, like in the inanimate universe, in the universe of life (especially in its spiritual form) there are some quantum minimum “constants spirit” (measured in some unknown yet measuring system for spirit), which are accumulated during the advance of time in straight direction (only) towards the End of the Cycle! Backward development of absolute time is forbidden! Backward development of absolute time (towards the past) is impossible! Because, the quanta min time is positive (in direction of the End), and it is the same for every quantum step of evolution of the Absolute Time.

Also, Времето, has a quanta minimum acceleration (world constant time acceleration) measured in s/s2. So, the motion (development) in time toward the End of the Cycle goes faster and faster. There is a shrinkage of time toward the End. Therefore, the processes of evolution of animate nature are accelerated. We see that at the final period of evolution of spiritual form of life (civilized man) is very much fast. The evolution of animate nature/universe in time is a process continuous, uninterrupted, unstoppable, irreversible, appropriate (with predetermined goals), and directed towards the final End of Times. See Fig.2.

Fig. 2

Below are presented some simple formulae about our unique universe (see my books and articles).

2. 5

In my previous publications of General Theory of the World I’ve had explained that the items of the Constitution of the World (quantum laws, quantum world constants, basic philosophical principles, basic symmetries) are absolutely observed by material bodies in the universe. While physical laws can be violated when they are in contradiction with some item of the World Constitution.

The basic philosophical principle Negation of Negation is such a mandatory principle in the evolution / development of time. Negation is a process which, while preserving the essence of what existed, abolish the form, sometimes the quality of the essence (in the knots of the Quantum Wave of Life Evolution) of what was.

Everything passes. All things are finite, everything is moving towards its end. Everything has its spring and summer (happy periods of birth and flourishing). Everything declines into autumn and dies in the frigid cold of winter. Such is the inexorable logic of life. The time of evolution of human life is the same. The wisdom reminds us that without negation of the old there could be no beginning (birth), no maturing of the higher (in quality) and fuller forces of the new and, therefore, no process of development, no progress.

The development/evolution of the basic features defining the essence of material (or spiritual) objects moves in cycles. Every cycle consists of three stages: the initial moment of development, the transformation of the phenomena or objects into their opposites, that is to say, the negation of negation. The interrupted chain of negations of the Life in general is not chaotic, it has predetermined final purpose and it follows the requirements of the Quantum Wave of Life Evolution.

The concept of development of life in time is characterized by continuity, consistency, direction, irreversibility, transformation of quality, and the preservation of achieved results for the time been. Without purpose in the development of life, processes would have no necessary duration, every animate thing would remain in the present; there would be no continuation of the past in the present, and no development into future.

The new which negates and replaces the old as a result of self­ development and external influence (impact of the environment and the influence of the mandatory for every living thing Quantum Wave of Life), constantly preserves the connection with the old, absorbs from it everything obsolete, everything that holds up the predetermined final goal of life. The emerged new cannot affirm itself without negation, nor can it do so without of negation.

Progressive development is the basic mandatory and predetermined direction in evolution of Animate Reality!

As was mentioned above, in the inanimate universe there is no purpose and no progress in development. Our inanimate universe appears into existence (when “observed” by the Animate Observer life on Earth) in ready state form and tries to preserve its original state during the time of the coexistence with its counterpart “Animate Observer”! Only some changes due to the action of physical laws are possible in the Inanimate Universe. Without any final purpose. Entropy destroys any act of progressive development.

JWST will not see the beginning of the inanimate universe. It will not see the Bing Bang explosion, formation of first stars and galaxies, no pristine luminous objects at the furthest point B (from us) in the universe – 13.8 billion light years ago from our present. See Fig.1. Because, there is no beginning in the space and time; the inanimate universe exists on the 2-D quantum surface aun,p (manifold). Point B is the furthest point in space (from Earth) on the 2-D manifold aun,p. This point is not the beginning of time. All points on the space- 2D manifold are equal in respect of time because this manifold is a quantum closed contour without special points of reference. JWST will observe the inanimate universe, including the farthest zones from Earth, at the time of existing of the most advanced form of spirit – God Himself! The vision and understandings of Animate Observer will be the best for whole history of life. JWST will see material bodies at p. B, and around it, similar to cosmic bodies (stars and galaxies) as it can see them in the close environment of the Milky Way Galaxy. No pristine cosmic material objects. The same picture everywhere in the universe!

There is another possibility for explanation of time: light photons (massless particles) move/exist on the 2-D quantum surface aun,p (see figure 1); while protons {basic elementary particle with mass) move and exist on the 3-D space I. Absolute Time of the universe Tun,p is attribute of the Animate Matter only. So, it develops/evaluates in the orthogonal (by respect to aun,p) 3- D space I. Distances between Earth and galaxies measured by the light radiated by galaxies are real {1.57 times bigger than in I-space), while distances measured directly in the I-space are absolutely real. it is wrong thing to determinate the age of the galaxies by calculating this time as ration between distance and speed of light. On the 2-D space-manifold aun,p there is no development of time because this surface is a quantum space-manifold without distinguished time-points of reference! And, because absolute time is attribute only of the world of individual things I. In aun,p there is no development of time. All possible events there are projected in the 3-D space I as zero-points. More precisely, as quanta minimum time. Understands?

Absolute Time develops only in I-space! And, because the Animate Universe (life) and the Universe of Spirits (including the Superior Spirit God) exist on the planet Earth, the determination of the age of inanimate material objects (rocks, for example) and fossils of plants and animals is REAL!

Therefore, we must look for the beginning of the universe’s cycle in the bowels of the Earth!!! FANTASTIC!

From experimental quantum micro-mechanics, we know that when a real proton is observed and measured by alive scientist-experimentalist it (the proton) possesses definite values of its parameters and place in space and time. When not observed, it is not there, not existing.

Proton and its biggest counterpart the proton matter universe are two extreme opposites of one quantum unit. See Fig.3.

The proton (p+) is the smallest quantum object in our Proton Matter World/Universe. The Proton Matter Universe is the biggest. They are located on the two extremes on the Great Quantum Circle of the inanimate world – p.1 and p.19. They coincide each with other. The evolution in quality at this extreme point is interrupted. Further evolution in quality (in mass) in the same direction (to the right) continues) as quantum leap from the biggest to the smallest. The Proton Matter Universe becomes proton. In the opposite direction of evolution – from the smaller to the bigger (counter clockwise) the proton becomes Proton Matter Universe. See Fig. 3,A.

3 1
Fig. 3

On another hand, the proton and the Proton Matter Universe being two neighboring elements on the chain of quantum evolution of the quality of inanimate matter form a quantum unit. See Fig.3,B. They are internal opposite elements of one and the same unit. In this unit they are closely correlated, entangled. They can exchange information, action, similar behavior. This exchange is “hidden” from the outside world of individual things; this exchange is quantum, without material carriers, and not limited by the speed of light.

Like in the case of proton, Proton Matter Universe cannot exist as a real material object if not “observed” by the biggest in the world Alive Observer (God)- located on the planet Earth. But, likewise the proton, the Alive Observer cannot see the Неодушевена Вселена if this universe is “not there” in the time of observation. However, this scenario is impossible because Animate Universe (the Alive Observer) cannot exist without Inanimate Universe. The sub-

elements of life (atoms, molecules) are built by inanimate materials. After death, an animate creature’s body is destroyed back to dust.

Proton is a proton during all the time of its existence. The proton isa stable particle. No change of its parameters and behavior. The same is valid for its quantum counterpart the Proton Matter Universe. No change of its essence in the development of time. The JWST will see the same picture (stars, galaxies) in all areas of the universe – close or far away from it (p.B).

The Time is a characteristic ONLY of the Animate World. There exists only one time – the Absolute Времето of Animate Reality! The Absolute Time is perceived by the spirits of the Animate Reality! Inanimate machinery of JWST helps the spirits of humans-astronomers to perceive and understand the messages from this very sophisticated inanimate machine.

“Relative times” are just mathematical illusions invented by A. Einstein. The paradox of twins brothers is a theoretical interpretation of this false “relativity of time”. The Special Theory of Relativity is a wrong theory!

Human individual spirit (human soul) is the smallest quanta unit in the Universe of Spirits. God’s superior spirit is the greatest spirit in this universe. Human soul and God’s Soul coincide in the extreme point on the Great Circle of Spirits: p.1 and p.19. See Fig.4,A.

Fig. 4
Fig. 5

The quantum influence from the most superior spirit in the universe – God’s Spirit – over all levels of human spirit is much, much stronger and efficient than from human individual spirits/souls to the God’s Spirit. Our human pray to God is not certain to reach His “ears” and to be answered by Him. On a contrary, God’s Spirit can easily reach and influence our individual human souls. Of course, if God wants that. God is not what Christians think about Him – loving all His kids (humans and all alive things), compassionate, ready to answer any our pray directed to Him, invisible guardian angel, etc. In fact, God is a General Protector of the World (mostly of Life), He protects the life on planet Earth throughout the Anthropic Principle, He chooses some gifted smart peoples (His prophets) at the quantum knots of the Квантовата вълна на еволюцията на живота with the goal to promote the quantum progressive changes in the evolution of life. God reveals to them very important information and helps them (in a quantum way) to organize the human masses to fight successfully the old social order, the old fashioned science, and other old human activities. Total change of the current official paradigm!!!

Knowing the duality of the world we can explain many mysteries in the relations between objects (material and spiritual) in our unique world-universe. These relations are “hidden” for the eyes of conventional scientists; these

relations are “quantum relations” – instantaneous, without material carriers. Every objet of Реалността possesses two “hidden” internal images which are in perpetual contradiction and cooperation. On Fig.6 is shown dual internal composition of the inanimate universe/world. During the time of its existence the two elements of the unit M1 and M2 exchange their positions – left to right and right to left. However, because “left” and “right” are equal, not distinguished one from another in our visible world of determined orientation, we cannot perceive with our senses this quantum oscillation. From “outside” individual material and spiritual objects look like ONE inseparable unit.

Fig. 6

Mun,1 is a matter. Mun,2 is an antimatter. They exchange their places every cycle. That is the secret why our universe is not balanced about both matter and antimatter. Tand fare time and antitime; / and l are 3-D space and anti­ space. When the time-cycle of the universe is exhausted (T = Tun,p), both Ahidden (internal) elements of the inanimate universe Mun,p,1 and Mun,p,2 collide each with other (matter and antimatter) and tremendous annihilation happens!!! B-0-0-0-M!!! Something like tremendous Big Bang! That’s the Край and the BEGINNING of the world!!! See Figure 7.

Fig. 7

The SUPER-MIND of the universe (GOD) dies when this super-explosion happens. This event happens out of the time of the universe of individual things. And, God’s Spirit resurrects for life again. Because there is no such thing as Nothingness. Nothing real can emerge from Nothingness, nothing real can disappear into Nothingness! If our world exists now, it will exist forever, created by nothing or nobody. and vid versa: nothing, or nobody (God including) can destroy the world.

Time in the universe of individual things starts again, that’s the BEGINNING of the universe of inanimate and animate REALITY! This quantum process is eternal, continuous, without beginning and no end. Nothing, nobody, created inanimate and animate things in the universe!!! I suppose this reality is very difficult to understand by conventional scientists, and non­ scientists also, who are trained by the old, wrong, basic scientific dogmas. Our unique world-universe exists in interrupted cycles equal in quality and equal in the smallest details.

How the Animate Observer (God) influences processes (changes) in the inanimate nature on Earth and in the cosmic zones accessible for the human activities? The planet Earth is the God’s eternal residence. The moon (mostly), the planets, and other cosmic bodies in the Solar System, are the inanimate objects of human activities (research) too. But these activities are not strong enough.

Research conducted by paleontologists, climatologists, and geologists, shows very strong correlation between processes of evolution in animate nature on Earth and processes in inanimate nature objects (which belong to the Earth) during all the time of existing of the Earth. First: the so-called Anthropic Principle works in full scale only on our planet. Second, the Anthropic Principle in the Solar system works too (with much smaller power): protective role of Jupiter to deviate dangerous asteroids and comets moving in close distances from Earth; for the time of all existence of Earth no one dangerous (for the life) asteroid hit our planet; Earth’s orbit creates perfect conditions for stable existence for life. Etc.

The very strong correlation between evolution of life and processes in the inanimate nature on planet Earth was explained by me in my articles and books (all published in my site:, especially in the article “Quantum Wave of Life Evolution (2009)”, which I consider as the best theoretical explanation of this quantum law of life’s evolution.

Fundamental changes of life (changes of commanding species) happen in the time of natureI disasters such as sever tectonic activities, periods of sever earthquakes and volcanos, global glaciations, global warmings, global floods, global drought, hits by massive asteroids, etc. The flourishing of life happens in times of very favorable climatic conditions for existence of life.

On the moon, on the closest to us planet Mars, and the asteroids hitting the surface on the Earth – all bodies in the Solar System from which we can get material samples or investigate them with the help of cosmic probes – we cannot find any traces of geological activity correlated with the life evolution on Earth. What happened at the beginning of the cycle of our universe we can find only in the bowels of the Earth!

On Figure 4 we see that the quantum unit of the most advanced in spiritual quality is composed by two internal elements Human Soul and the Soul of God. Extreme positions of the Great Circle of Spirits “1-19” is occupied by the Spirit of civilized man and the Spirit of God. They represent quantumunit with two internal elements which have similar evolution in time. See my article “Quantum Wave of Life Evolution 2009”.

Both elements of quantum unit exchange their places – left to right, right to left. They are strongly entangled. The cycle of the Life finish at the most advanced form of life – God. This life period is the shortest – about 6,000 years. The quantum cycle of human life starts with the shortest period and develops in direction of longer periods (see figures in chapter “Quantum Wave of Man’s Evolution). First periods in evolution of human’s life are short (baby’s periods); adult periods are much longer. Contrary to the evolution of Inanimate Nature. The newborn baby possesses very unclear (if any), smeared, blunt, perception of the environment world. That’s the beginning of his existing as human being. Gradually, his vision (perception) improves following the Quantum Wave of Life Evolution. The beginning of the human consciousness is not a determined event in time. The same is valid for his counterpart in the unit – Animate Alive Observer (Life on the planet Earth). The birth of Life on Earth is not a determined event in time. In the bowels of the Earth we cannot unearth clear traces of the beginning of life. And, of course, the oldest (first in time) pristine materials on Earth (rocks, for example). Because both elements of the unit “inanimate – animate” universe exist only together.

The End of the Cycle of the Universe (the end of the world) will happen very soon – around 2068 A.O. – when the quantum time of God (His age) will expire. God is dead, everything in the universe will die simultaneously with God! No one thing (inanimate or alive) will survive after God’s death. There will be no further generations human beings to suffer about the premature death of their parents, kids, close relatives and friends! No tears, no graves!

And again: the universe of inanimate and animate things will start a new, and will develop in time the same absolute way like for all cycles. Actually, the cycle of the universe is unique because there is no time out of the quantum unit of “inanimate-animate” universe.

There is another quantum unit “perishable and eternal”: human life is limited in time (perishable) of the individual human cycle (about 80 years or so), and eternal because there is no absolute end of the cycles of the universe.


Кирил Чуканов

Кирил Чуканов

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