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Generation of Free Quantum Energy from Superdense Quantum Plasma

SDQP( – Super Dense Quantum Plasma (SDQP)) is the energy source of our sun, stars, all shiny objects in the universe. And the internal energy of our planet is also super dense quantum plasma (SDQP). Dr. Chukanov is building a device (in Kazanlak, Bulgaria) to create SDQP. It is top secret for now.


The immense pressure , which is created on the sun results in a super dense quantum plasma, which generates the solar heat.

Here we offer a flash animation.

For this, download the archive forever_energy.rar – from this link.

The password for the archive is quantum

After unzipping, run it in a way that suits you – either using the flash player presented there or simply running the file with the *.exe extension. In interactive mode you could explain all processes to yourself.

Kiril chukanov
Kiril Chukanov

Dr. Kirill Chukanov is an important scientific author in the field of quantum science, with a specialization in free energy from ball lightning.

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Generation of Free Quantum Energy(heat)
from super dense quantum plasma - Phase 1

You see two connected chambers – one is the orbital lightning chamber and the other is the superdense quantum plasma chamber. In the first one you have an insulated electrode, and in the lower one a special electromechanical valve. The idea is to close the lower chamber with the superdense quantum plasma. The pressure in the lower one must be kept constant after the valve is closed. And when this happens – the two chambers can separate, but in the lower one the processes continue to work. And this continues – as long as there is high pressure ….. i.e. for a long time – but on one condition – IMMEDIATE COOLING STARTED……It is a question of maximizing efficient cooling.

We will mention in advance that the huge high voltage current created by the ball lightning is combined with the action of the electrovalve and acts simultaneously with it – this gives another advantage to achieve a denser plasma.

Here the first phase of the processes is shown – Creating the globular lightning – by discharging a powerful capacitor bank in salt sea water (electrolyte). This is done through a special switch 4. The ball lightning occurs in chamber 1. An enormous pressure is generated, which is transferred through a Laval nozzle into the second chamber 2.

2. Sdqp2
Phase 2: Here a strong reverse current develops, a merit of the globular lightning -reverse of the one that creates it. Both currents are controlled in such a way as to assist the solenoid valve 13, increasing its strength and quick action -this valve being started in such a way as to close the lower chamber just as the maximum possible pressure of enormous value occurs.
3. Sdqp3

Phase 3:

Starts after the creation of overpressure, creating a super dense quantum plasma in chamber 2. This moment is extreme and causes the temperature in chamber 2 to rise sharply – several thousand degrees. A rapid transfer of temperature outwards is required and this is done by heat exchange with liquid sodium. This thermal energy must be consumed immediately by secondary heat exchangers – 7.
4. Sdqp4
Phase 4: The residual water-electrolyte in chamber 1 is strongly stretched by the resulting vacuum as the quantum object leaves chamber 1. The so-called Brownian gas is produced, which is not needed in this case and is simply the result of the last phase.
5. Sdqp5

Phase 5:

Due to the enormous and constant high pressure in the closed chamber 2, a constant high temperature is maintained and this will continue forever (extended time).

6. Sdqp6

Phase 6: This process is also identical when artificially creating globular lightning and compressing it with high pressure.

7. Sdqp7

Phase 7:

This system can be transported as needed to future consumers.