Between two worlds

The quantum boundary Rk,p separates the manifest from the unmanifest world. Our manifested world is quantum limited in the yellow area enclosed between the quantum boundaries. The ball lightning occurs in a region that is beyond the boundaries of known material substance (p1) – in the quantum event domain, where all the laws and principles of physics follow a different logic and order.

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• In this state the globular lightning is “hidden”, it cannot contact the surrounding deterministic world. To avoid its isolation by keeping its matter density unchanged, the lightning exits at the quantum lower boundary Rk,p at point p2. But this return to the deterministic world involves additional energy ΔE, which is not taken from the deterministic world, but is a pure gift from the Vacuum.

With this brief explanation, Dr. Kiril Chukanov prepares us for the understanding of the quantum mechanism and sends us into the territory of qualitative changes , where a new object appears to us in all its growth, violating the known physical laws of our known existence. We call it a “quantum object”. It appears as if from “nothing” and again in “nothingness” hides. However, for the time it exists ….its influence is remarkable.

Immediately we must say that we are all first graders in the new Quantum School and let us, as first graders, repeat:

  • When does the quantum object appear – of course when the necessary conditions for entering the quantum frontiers are created.
  • When does the quantum object “disappear” – when the previous conditions are removed and mother nature restores the old equilibrium.
Kiril chukanov
Kiril Chukanov

Dr. Kiril Chukanov is an important scientific author in the field of quantum science, with a specialization in free energy from orbital lightning.


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And so, little by little, we begin to allow for the existence of phenomena and objects between two worlds – THE MANIFESTED and THE UNmanifested !!! And again in this direction we notice kinetic manifestations and events which without fully understanding – we can use to do useful work.
Moreover, when we start measurements we come to the conclusion that if we observe certain ratios (levels) – in practice the energy at the start of the process – can return a value greater than the input. This is because if a quantum with an energy lower than the minimum quantum level for the space in question enters a finite space, it is automatically increased to the minimum energy level, since lower energy values are impossible.

During his endless experiments, Dr. Chukanov has succeeded in practically demonstrating to us in an inimitable manner the propulsion of a magnet located in a quartz tube connected directly to a vacuum chamber continuously irradiated by microwaves. Even though the tube eventually breaks – all this opens up a new era in energy. In fact, it led to an epoch-making discovery, worthy of a Nobel Prize in physics, that has yet to enter formal science.

But let us suggest what this is about:

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Initial state

The quartz chamber is filled with air and the pressure inside is equal to that with the environment. The solenoid valve is open, the vacuum gauge has zero reading.


You draw air out of the quartz chamber to about – 875 millibars (this value also depends on the altitude you are at). You turn on microwaves with which you irradiate the chamber with sufficient power and a plasma of violet color appears.
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Quantum object

You remove the vacuum pump and leave the electrovalve open ….ambient air comes in and is ionized as much as possible by the microwaves. A quantum object arises in the chamber. The vacuum gauge shows zero readings. But the quantum object on arrival has pushed out a certain volume of air.
You close the solenoid valve thereby cutting off the interior space of the chamber along with the quantum object and TURN OFF THE MICROWAVES. The quantum object leaves our world and the vacuum gauge goes in the direction – vacuum. Dilute air is produced in the chamber.


5 1

Everything written so far allows us to invent generators on an incredible principle. The birth and death of a quantum object in a chamber is connected with the pulsation of the pressure inside it. Imagine a slightly modified chamber, like the one below the text – in which a piston moves, connected by a stok to a neodymium magnet. The piston would be automatically reciprocating for the following reasons.


When the quantum object appears, the pressure in the chamber will increase and push the piston to the right…


But as the piston moves to the right, there comes a point at which the pressure in the chamber changes in the direction of creating a quantum plasma and the quantum object suddenly disappears. This automatically creates a vacuum and the piston goes to the left until the quantum object suddenly appears again and the process repeats ad infinitum.


During all the movements, the magnetic lines of force of the neodymium magnet cross the coil wires and an alternating voltage is induced in the coil.

And now let us present you Variant 1 of the so-called Generator between two worlds:


When we synchronize the operation of two such generators in counter-current – we can double the output electrical power and arrive at Variant 2: