OipContemporary physics knows and deals (in its theoretical models) only with one side of reality: material objects are considered as individuals, obeying natural laws, they interact between themselves with help of intermediate carriers of information, action, energy, or material substance. Transfer of interactions between separate individual objects is limited by the speed of light. Noting is told about spiritual form of reality. Only between material microparticles, such as photons, electrons, others, was considered and investigated the double nature of their state of presentation – as an individual (corpuscles) and as a wave (common state of multiple identic individuals). However, the real world is different from what is thought by conventional scientists. Beside their individual images-presentations, all material objects are members of some higher level (in the hierarchy of material world) quantum objects. For example, our planet is member (part) of the quantum system Solar System. The term “part” is not the right term in this sentence, however, because quantum objects have no parts and no internal structure. Our planet is just the Solar System itself when its common face is considered. In its common face our planet behaves and interacts with other individual members of the Solar System, as a one quantum unit. Every member of the Solar System (Sun, planets, asteroids, comets) behaves and interacts in its common face proportionally to its own mass.

Our planet is multi-faced object when considered as part of higher quantum level (than the solar system) in the hierarchy of the whole universe (the Milky Way Galaxy, the Coma galaxy cluster, the whole universe). Stronger are quantum connections with closer (in the hierarchy of masses) quantum common faces. Beside ‘regular’ (between individual material objects) ways of interaction, energy transfer through radiation for example, our sun could transfer considerable amounts of energy and action to our planet through quantum way from the common body (the whole solar system) to the individual body – planet Earth. Obviously, the Sun is the strongest energizer in the quantum unit “solar system” due to its enormous mass compared with much smaller mass of other bodies in the solar system (planets, asteroids, comets,).

As we know from “ The Death of the Nuclear; Viva Quantum Free Energy”, and other my publications, SUPER DENSE QUANTUM PLASMA (SDQP) is the main source of energy of  stars, galaxies,…, and our planet. SDQP depends, beside the mass of the cosmic object, also by the strength of its gravity attraction. For Sun this energy is tremendous, for our planet SDQP free energy is significantly bigger than energy generated by the decay of radio-active elements in its bowels. On the surface of Earth (and below it) we see traces of very powerful tectonic activity and other too powerful natural disasters in the past: destructions and formations of new continents, formation of giant mountain chains (like Himalaya), powerful eruptions of volcanos, powerful earthquakes, apocalypse style floods. It is Impossible the internal energy of Earth to be the sole energy source of such powerful natural phenomena. Far not enough!  

Then what caused these giants in energy and power natural phenomena? The answer could be ONLY: the energy transferred in a quantum way from Sun to our planet at the moments of great changes in the evolution of life. As it is mentioned before in my publications of Quantum Wave of Life’s Evolution, the great transformations of life’s quality need great transformations in natural media (Earth).

         These, below, my words could seem to some readers as an excuse for not so good English I’ve used in this very important for final variant of ‘fundamental science’ article, but, in fact, I have indeed a real excuse for that, because my health deteriorated too much lately. Good English is important, of course, but not so important in this case. The content is important, which is of great significance for the ‘final variant of ‘fundamental science’ of our world.

         Let’s start.

Kiril chukanov
Kiril Chukanov

Dr. Kiril Chukanov is an important scientific author in the field of quantum science, with a specialization in free energy from orbital lightning.


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Inanimate Universe


‘Wave–particle’ duality is the concept in quantum mechanics that quantum entities exhibit particle or wave properties according to the experimental circumstances.  It expresses the inability of the classical concepts such as particle or wave to fully describe the behavior of quantum objects.  During the 19th and early 20th centuries, light was found to behave as a wave, and then, later, discovered to have a particle character, whereas electrons were found to act as particles, and then later discovered to have wavelike aspects.

Electrons behaving as wave and as particle. The electron double slit experiment is a textbook demonstration of wave-particle duality. Electrons from the source hit a wall with two thin slits. A mask behind the slits can expose either one or open to expose both slits. The results for high electron intensity are shown on the right, first for each slit individually, then with both slits open. With either slit open there is a smooth intensity variation due to diffraction. When both slits are open the intensity oscillates, characteristic of wave interference.

This “contradiction” can be explained by double nature of behavior of “individual” and “common.”


The problem of the so-called “cold fusion”

At the end of 1990, in my lab in Silicon Valley, California, I discovered by pure chance (or most likely this was revelation from God) that SmCo5 alloy absorbs like crazy sponge hydrogen gas under small pressure (about 10 atm). Almost immediately after beginning of the saturation (with H2 gas) temperature of the sample SmCo5 rises quickly (to 50 60 oC). After opposite process of vacuum the temperature of the saturated already sample drops quickly to very low values (below zero -20, -30 oC). One professional false expert told my investors that the rise of temperature is due to chemical reactions (hydration) of the alloy SmCo5. I was not so sure. This man skipped my question why the temperature of the sample SmCo5 drops considerably below zero after vacuum. Anyway, my investors believed this ‘professional’ and I was forced to stop my R&D process. On the conference of Cold Fusion in Maui, Hawaii, 1993, in my scientific report I explained that this phenomena is due to a quantum process of influence of quantum boundary Rk,p , unknown by conventional physicists. See Fig.1.

Fig. 1 quantum-bonds
Fig. 1 Quantum-Bonds

Also, I demonstrated this phenomenon in my rented tent with the equipment which I sent from Salt Lake City via airplane. Many of participants in the conference were very impressed by my demonstration, among them was one of the inventors of “cold fusion” Englishman Fleishman.

Many years later I renew my R&D with neodymium magnets (demagnetized). In my private lab in my house in Sofia, Bulgaria (2021), and later (in 2022) in my lab in Bulgarian town Kazanluk I performed series of experiments. The main goal of these experiments was stability of the samples saturated with H2 gas. All samples were destroyed by the huge internal pressure in the alloy. I understood that this method of generating free quantum energy (SDQP -heat) is impossible to work continuously (without destruction of the media ‘solid body’). And I moved SDQP to some better perspective.

Now let explain what happen. Hydrogen when penetrates the metal lattice of SmCo5 gives its only electron to the cloud of free electrons in the metal. Metal alloys for very strong magnets (SmCo5 and Neodymium magnets – Nd2Fe14B) have very special internal structure which allows them to absorb big amount of hydrogen. They are produced from very fine nanoparticles and this fine powder is not heated to a liquid state by casting like most metals, instead this very fine powder is compressed on very strong presses to form very strong compact metal. Method of ‘powder metallurgy’ is used for their production. Magnetism has nothing to do with the effect of generation of quantum free energy in those alloys. Better to use them before magnetization.

Hydrogen gas saturates the sample SmCo5 gradually. Better to use extra pressure to facilitate the process of saturation. The complex (assembly) of hydrogen nuclei behaves like ordinaire plasma until the moment when density of this assembly becomes critical. ‘Critical’ means: the distance between two neighbor hydrogen nuclei becomes small enough for assembly to start feel quantum boundary Rk,p (See Fig.1). This state of plasma I call “quantum plasma” (p.1 – p.2). Since this moment (this density) the assembly of hydrogen nuclei (plasma) is under control of quantum laws. Further saturation with hydrogen diminishes further distance between two neighbor hydrogen nuclei (bigger density) and temperature of the assembly of hydrogen nuclei (and the alloy SmCo5) increases considerably according to Rk,p. Law of energy conservation is violated, quantum free energy (heat) is generated. And so on.

In this case “individuals” are individual hydrogen nuclei, “common” is the assembly of hydrogen nuclei (quantum plasma). Unlike regular plasma, or flow of photons/ electrons in     experiment, the “reason/mind/intelligence” is variable, not constant. The “Reason” of the quantum plasma is a quantum boundary Rk,p! It changes its value with density of quantum plasma. Can you imagine what will happen with “double-slit photon/electron experiment” if Planck’s constant, or speed of light, or both, change their values during the experiment?

Theory of probability

Well, but this kind of things happen not only in the micro-world where quantum mechanics reigns. When playing dice (dice is a macro-object) we observe that the probability of appearance (if we throw the dice many times) of all six numbers is equal – 1/6. Looks logical, but who is this hidden demon (smart mysterious material manager) who counts how many times different numbers appear and gives advice to the dice how to play? The same is valid for all phenomena with probabilistic outcome. Unable to explain how such phenomenon work, conventional science prefers to be silent on this issue. Instead, scientists created mathematical theory of probability and do not care too much to explain the hidden messenger-mechanism behind these probabilistic processes. Again, quantum unity of “individual” and “common” are the hidden demons-mechanisms of these probabilistic processes.

Mega-world material formations

 Galaxies are “elementary particles” in the mega-world, while the whole universe is the max “common”.  What are the laws of their collective structure and behavior? How galaxies behave as ‘corpuscles’ and as a “common” – the whole universe? What means their double nature? Difficult question, because we cannot make on Earth experiments with them. The elements (laws) of their “common image” are quantum boundaries of the world, quantum sequence of masses, others.. . See: “GQM – IV, Fig.VI-1”, and VI-14”.

Animate Universe

Every “individual” living creature belongs to some “common” (“community”). “Community” plays stabilizing role in the life of every individual living creature; without “common/community” individual living creature cannot exist for longtime.

Life exists ONLY on the planet Earth in the whole universe.

When “common” is close to extinction “individuals” are not protected enough. They are vulnerable about everything, they can exist short time and finally die, all of them. Many species of animals were extinct last century. When some “individuals” leave the “zone of life” (surface on the planet Earth, +- some small distance from Earth’ surface) they could live some short period of time without assistance of “common”, and then they will degenerate fast biologically and mentally, and finally die. For example, Apollo astronauts spent short time on Moon (just several hours) and then they returned to Earth. Humans (another living creatures too) cannot live for longer period (I don’t know now how much longer) without to start in their bodies processes of biological and mental destruction. Mega NASA project Artemis is terrible madness that will costs to America a lot of money, labor of tens of thousands very good specialists, and life of astronauts, if this crazy project will be realized. Some people will say: “Some astronauts on ISS spent 1 year, and more, and they are still alive”. Yes, but ISS is on orbit close to Earth (248 miles). At this distance from the Earth’s surface stabilizing role of the “zone of Life” still works, though very weakly.

         “Commons” (“communities”) can be big agglomerations of living creations (class, family, species, races, population, whole life on Earth), also small compact agglomerations as a:  hives of honeybees, flock of birds, pack of wolves, termites (colony), compact colony of fish or other sea animals, etc. Different type of settlements (village, town, city, country, whole civilization) are human “commons” also.  

Same for plants.

The most elementary “individual” particle in animate universe (Life on Earth) is living cell. Life on planet Earth is the biggest “Common” (“community” of Life). Everything else is between.



Ants communities

Ants are social insects. They live in organized communities, work cooperatively and efficiently, create a clear division of labor, wage war, and occasionally capture slaves. Individual ant is “brainless” (it possesses a little reason/intelligence), it receives signal what to do, how to be useful for community and how to defend it, from collective reason of the compact community to which it belongs. Transfer of collective reason/intelligence from “common” to “individual” is performed without the help of intermediary material substance or material fields, and instantly, not limited by speed of light.

The same is true for other compact communities of “low reason” living creatures like honeybees, fish, …


Individual human beings and human “commons”

During its formation, growing to a mature organism, and its further existence, every living organism stays close to the quantum common type of population, race, species, family, and class. The parameter values of individual specimen and its behavior are synchronized in a quantum way with those of the common quantum type of the population, race, species, family, class, which guaranties orthogenetic repetition and stability of the individual specimen. Unlike inanimate universe, animate universe evolves in time, it changes its parameters and quality. Quantum common type organism evolves in time according to Quantum Wave of Life’s Evolution. At some point of evolution of Life, quantum common type disappears from the scene of Life, with him disappear all individual specimens of this type. Like neanderthals, for example. This living system reminds me mechanical system of pendulums hung on the common axis. Each of individual pendulums that is not in resonance with the rest of pendulums, due to some external disturbance, is quickly forced into resonance again, or will drop from the axis. For individual specimen of given common type organism the interaction between common type and individual specimen is performed without use of material mediators (material substance or material fields). And this happens only in the zone of existing of the common type of organism. For the common type of human species this zone is the surface of planet Earth (plus or minus some small distance above and in depth of Earth). Further from the Earth’ surface the stabilizing role of common type over individual human beings diminishes considerably and for some distance disappears totally. Panet Mars is out of the zone of human “common”, every living creation (from Earth) will die on Mars.

In my previous publications (last my articles) I pointed out that inanimate matter doesn’t change qualitatively in Time, while animate matter (life on planet Earth) change according to the Quantum Wave of Life’s Evolution. That means that the “wave – particle” duality is the same at any moment of history of the universe, i.e., experiments with photons, electrons, other microparticles, will show the same results based on unchanged laws and values of parameters of micro-particles of micro-quantum mechanics. Also, experiments with some big enough group of connected events with inanimate objects will show the same probability of appearance of events. The hidden “demon” doesn’t change his nature in Time.

Animate matter’s objects, however, ‘feels’ the course of Time – the “hidden demon” changes his quality in Time.

“Quality of mysterious demon” is, in fact, the reason of this “demon”. We can call it further simply “reason of the common type”. “Reason” of the common type of bio-human organism” is Quantum Wave of Human Evolution (see article “Quantum Wave of Life Evolution”, 2009 AD, This “reason”, unlike the “reason” of common type of group of inanimate objects changes its quality in Time. Big difference indeed!!!

Embryony cell is an “elementary particle” in quantum unit “human bio-organism”, while the whole human bio-organism is the “common”. See Fig. 4. During the grow of human being his “common” changes qualitatively in Time. “Quantum wave of human being evolution” is the “reason” of human evolution. This quantum wave is the main and unique “energizer” in human biological organism. All individual human beings follow one and the same plan of grow (evolution).

In the quantum unit of “human spirits” single human spirit (human soul) is an individual, while the whole spiritual organism of Human Civilization is the “common”. Human Civilization is totality of all civilized human beings who lived, live, and will live during the time of Human Civilization – 6,000 years. The same: “Quantum Wave of Life Evolution” is the “mind/intelligence” of “spiritual evolution” of Humanity. This quantum wave is the main and unique “Energizer” in spiritual evolution of Humanity. All individual human beings follow one and same plan of evolution of spiritual form of reality.

Inanimate universe doesn’t change qualitatively in Time out of the zone of existence of the Super Mind of Universe (GOD). In this zone (and close environment to it), however, it changes following (helping) the execution of the Quantum Wave of Life’s Evolution. Some conventional scientists call it “Anthropic Principle”. At the moments of crucial changes in quality-of-Life Energizer involves all forces of nature (inanimate and animate) to assists the execution of the main plan of evolution. Nothing, nobody, can avoid this plan to happen. President Biden, big money, big armies, cannot fight successfully against Big Changes of Human Civilization. Current Great Tribulation just started. And these great changes (revolutions) happen with VIOLENCE (wars, natural and human initiated disasters, pandemics…). Winners in these revolutions will be those political leaders and political movements (governments, social classes, organizations) who are on the right side of evolution of life. Putin and Russia are on the right side, Biden and West are on the wrong side of evolution of human civilization.

Individual human soul is “elementary particle” of human spiritual quantum unit “Human Civilization”. Now, 45 years before the End of World Cycle, on Earth live a little bit more 8 billion human souls. During the time of Human Civilization (6,000 years) on Earth lived approx. 75 billion of civilized human beings. The totality of all human souls (75 billion human souls) is the “common” of Human Civilization’s Spirit. This “common” is like human spiritual body of something very much intelligent, extreme intelligent in our world/universe, much different from individual human soul, with much bigger powers and potentials for influence on individual human souls. The Super Mind of the Universe. GOD! Fig. 4.

Fig. 4 MindUniverse

The top position 19 of the Create Circle (pos.19) of Reality is occupied by “common human spiritual body” of God. At this position ‘’common” changes its quality – it becomes God’s Spirit. Both internal elements of God are two entangled images of God. They overlap each other and present themselves sometimes as God’ s human spiritual body, sometimes as God’s spirit. In the image of God’s human spiritual body God regulates parameters of Human Civilization: size of communities, for example, in the image of God’s Spirit He can directly order to individual human souls or groups of human souls to perform some actions. God is a quantum unit; He exists on the quantum 2-D manifold alfa. God is in contact with every individual human soul, every human soul is in contact with God. God can order any to any human soul what to do, the opposite is impossible. God’s Spirit changes itself qualitatively in Time according to His “reason/or mind/or intelligence “which is Quantum Wave of Life’s Evolution! Complicated? In time of great changes of the world paradigm (revolutions in political/social/economical/scientific/…systems and activities) God’s Spirit energizes big parts of individual human souls, possibly all human souls, to take part in these revolutionary changes. The processes of energizing human souls happen without use of material mediators, instantly, no limited by speed of light.

Some Philosophy

         “Common” of some assembly of individual things (material or spiritual) occupies two-dimensional quantum surface “alfa” (not necessarily “alfa” to be geometrical surface). This surface is a quantum closed surface – manifold. There are no distinguished points, areas, spots, on this quantum unit. All parts of “alfa” are equal. If one touches one spot – one (he) touches every spot of “alfa”. If one individual is with contact with one spot on alfa, all individuals are in contact with this spot and with every spot-on alfa. “Individual” is on the axis “I”, which is 3-dimesional and is orthogonal to “alfa”. The 3-dimensional space “l” is not a quantum space. Transfer of reason/intelligence from “alfa reason” to “l reason” is instantaneous, without material mediators, and not limited by speed of light. See Fig.2.

Fig. 2 God

         In another aspect, “individual” and “common” are two elements on one unit. See Fig. 3.

Individual vs common
Fig. 1 individual Vs Common

“Common” can transfer reason/intelligence to “individual” in a quantum way. “Common” and “individual” are entangled each with other. Stronger is entanglement from closer quantum levels of Reality.

The structure and behavior of the elements of REALITY in our unique universe are based on principles of philosophy and symmetries, not on the rules of mathematics as contemporary official science believes. The years of old fundamental science are numbered, no more a decade since now this old fundamental science (world paradigm) will be replaced by new science. Science revealed to me by God. And this fundamental change of world paradigm (in social life, economy, politics, morality, science, technology…) will happen not peacefully, it will happen with VIOLENCE! Humans, be prepared for the hard time of Great Tribulation. Remember: big part of you will survive after the end of current Great Tribulation which will end around 2040 AD.